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october 31st, 2008 (0087us)
the only real crisis, the crisis of man

A lot of trouble and work takes up my time and seem to dull the attention I've paid to this blog so far.
They actually do no more than get me to slow down the blog, even though the news offer plenty of subjects.
Most of those subjets are not worth the great fuss made about them by newsmen, who are just sensationalists who sound like the fairground barkers in my childhood's days.
The economic crisis, for example. Any sensible person that had observed the world, at all, ever since 1975, has expected an economy based on indebtedness—and, which is worse, chain indebtedness: re-re-loans of re-loans of loans—to turn into hot air trade. It is or it would be necessary sooner or later to restore to every thing its real price, different from the one written in accounts and printed on tags, and to give back the loans (1,200 billions of Euros as far as the French government is concerned). This necessary rationalization is or would be to cost everybody a lot, but the situation is not so hopeless, since 4,000 billions of Euros to save the banks worldwide have been found within the space of a month, while 20 billions of Euros to save the starving humans have barely been found in the space of 10 years.
In any case, it is in no man's interest to see the banks head for disaster, just as it is in no man's interest to see his local baker or garage owner be bankrupt because of poor management. We all need these trades, even when they are at fault, just as they need us to survive. Whenever one of us has bought a washing machine, a car, an apartment, on credit, he or she has been a party to the banking system just as the state has been by borrowing 1,200 billions of Euros. As you can see, the matter is existential and enormous, but the real existential crisis is the crisis of man.

PaulKlee2569Economywise the worst is still in store, but we won't die from it.
The real economic crisis is to come, unbelievably cruel and aberrant, when the bark eats away its own tree, when the roosters kill the hens to rob from them the poor moss they have left, and when therefore man has to face up to the truth, that the falcon stands for (Rev of Arès xvi/15). Not only does the Maker's Word forecasts it, but it is patently obvious.
Let's be serene and strong in spirituall life then, just as Jesus prepared us to be 2,000 years ago: A man's life (or ha, Rev of Arès xxxix/5-11) is not made secure by what he owns (Luke 12/15).

But man can die from the spiritual crisis.
Before Jesus appeared and spoke to me, in 1974, I had believed that man was irreparably wicked or evil, doomed to eternal damnation, and could not be saved but by the holy mercy, that religion claims to be authorized to secure for him in return for his faithfulness to the creeds, the religious laws and (within some denominations) the sacraments.
Ever since 1974 The Revelation of Arès has every day shouted me from this error and to the direct opposite, and I have talked people out of this error and into the direct opposite, that is, I have taught that any human, whether a believer or an unbeliever, can be saved but only by himself or herself and merely and in any event by applying love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual freedom and intelligence, which The Revelation of Arès encompasses in one active word: penitence. Penitence that is no sadness or austerity or severity, but that is joy and festive mood (Rev of Arès 30/11). Unfortunately, manhood is not moving towards it. Hence the necessity of our mission.
This is what I have taught ever since 1974, and as no teaching may be really done in love if the teacher fails to learn from the experiences and thoughts of its audience, a permanent exchange has to be effected between them. Which is why this blog is useful.

The snag in a blog or its poorness are the very snag in the whole Internet (or in any publication), that is, it is just made of words and pictures.
Due to this, the Internet has not taken on the importance and efficiency usually and wrongly ascribed to it, because History—evolution, therefore— is not made of words and pictures, but it is made of facts and actions.
That's where we can find both a certainty and a lesson.
The certainty is that there's no cause for us, Arès Pilgrims—including the eldest (Rev of Arès 16/1), the most slandered one—, to remain excessively worried because we are blackened by denigration and fibs on the Internet or in publications. This is just the usual scribbling, mostly anonymous, of racism, prejudice, counter-propaganda, pettiness, sometimes hatred, in short, of pathetic people who avenge themselves for their stitched tongues (Rev of Arès xii/3) by mimicking the media kass (tinny piano) (xviii/6). Those people talk a lot of fuss — the noise — never borne out by facts. History will acknowledge that we are honest poeple, whose only mistake is, just as the minstrel used to sing, that they displease "ordinary people" who "hate anybody that takes a path different from theirs" ("La Mauvaise Réputation", in English "Bad Reputation", Georges Brassens).
The lesson that we, Arès Pilgrims, are given is that we absolutely have to emerge from the words, from which the disparagers cannot emerge, at all, and we have to develop action, which is the best way to deny their disparagement and slander.
This is why I am sorry that I can't escape from my solitude, I am bound to remain remote from my brothers. I regret the loneliness which keeps me from seeking and performing actions shoulder to shoulder with all of them. At least, I can through this blog encourage my brothers to switch from words to actions, because words, leaflets, posters, well-dressed windows, present the public with ideas, but never save anybody. Actions like penitence and the harvest of penitents  started off twenty-five years ago, which is great, but we have to develop practical incentive actions.

There are good reasons, like those shown by The Revelation of Arès, for men to be pessimistic about the future, but there are also limits to pessimism.
The world, mostly rationalistic, which due to the fact it is rationalistic is expected to be "realistic", I am stunned to see it become more pessimistic than we are. Just look at the environmentalists! Why can't they see that back in the days when dinosaurs reigned supreme over the planet there was every reason to be environmentalist and pessimistic about the future? However, the planet Earth, the home of man, the Creator's privileged creature, is still in existence et will remain so in spite of its new dinosaurs: carbon dioxide, insecticides and global warming. When faith and hope are lacking, reason is dwindling. The Revelation of Arès doesn't worry about the fast disappearing elephants and gorillas and the lack of environment-friendly potatoes, but it worries about the fast disappearing kindness and love. Love is needed to be salvaged!

We have to innovate in action.
We have to inspire man with actions he may feel like trying to take or copying from our own actions, actions likely to persuade him gradually that happiness and the future are produced from good, but not from evil. We have to demonstrate to man that faith and hope give strength and clearmindedness, and that love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual freedom and intelligence are the constituents of virtue, the only lucid process of making a success of life...and of changing the world (Rév of Arès 28/7).
The Revelation of Arès does not meet with approval from humanity, as long as it is circulated only in words. This is because, as scientist Jean Rostand said, "truth necessarily sounds like revenge."  The harsh words of truth put off a lot of people, except a few exceptional people, the rare ones capable of seeing truth beyond words. Now, the small remnant that the Father has sent us to bring together (Rev of Arès 24/1) is not made up of exceptional people; it is made up of poor chaps, dead losses and jerks like me and you. It is when the word "revenge", once used by Rostand, loses its meaning of reprisals—endless revenge (27/9—and has the meaning of denial demonstrated and proved, in short, of action and fact that lead to good and happiness, that our message gets through to the world.
It will be easier and easier to be understood by the world, because there exist less and less opposed human blocs. Society is becoming a patchwork. Races, educations, trades, etc. are being more and more mixed up in the world, which is great evolution, because prejudices and privileges are gradually vanishing at the same time. No one will ever be able to stop the mixing. Which gives us great expectations.


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