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augusT 6, 2008 (0084us)

hey youth, get the world to feel and look young! (a meditation)

Hey youth, get the world to look and feel young! Get it to grow spiritual! Get it to give up its bourgeois spirit!
You don't give youth in years, but you give it in capability of loving, forgiving, making peace, being spiritually free and intelligent, the opposite of which, sociomaterialistic dependency, brings about the bourgeois spirit.
Every day, the world grows more bourgeois, grows older, decreases in spirituality, if there's any notable spirituality left.
Every day, The Revelation of Arès proves more emblematic of relief from the bourgeois spirit.

meditationThe bourgeois spirit is not the resul of a social plot; it is not a materialistic philosophy or a vice, either. It is a web of specific fears: fear of shortage, fear of misjudement, fear of rejection from the social mold, etc. Besides, taking the most of these fears of yours, politics, mass-media and religion can dominate you. Most of us, whether wealthy or destitute, have got the bourgeois spirit.
Which explains why the liberating Call, "Change!" came over from the unfathomable ends of the eternally young Creation, where there is no time or fear.
There is at least a rung of the insurgence (Le Pèlerin d'Arès 1989, p.236) ladder that any real believer had to reach, and that is his or her self-fulfilled relief from the bourgeois spirit. A kind of metamorphosis turned inside out, the return to the faith of the spiritual conqueror, who takes on his or her past youth again as well as gets inspired by the youths around.

No one has been born a bourgeois, ever. Poet Shelley mentioned the mother that seized her newborn, held it aloft and cried out, "Babe, speak! reveal your immortal truth!"  Doesn't the Creator remind man that he should forever believe in his native truth? He does. — Make yourself as young as this little child... (Matthew 18/4-5, 19/14), Do not store up securities on earth... but store up for yourselves security in Heaven... Don't worry about your life... Look at the birds in the sky... (Matthew 6/19-26) —. We are born true and would forever keep true, if not only sin or evil, but also their environment among which the bouregois spirit belongs were not continually smothering our wits or intelligence (Rev. of Arès 32/5). So everyone of us, getting soon old, turning soon into aweak candle, has to create for himself or herself a soul (Rev. of Arès 17/4) to survive.

Getting rid of the bourgeois spirit is not synonymous with giving up worldly life, pleasures and properties. This kind of abnegation is meaningless The clergy that take vows of celibacy and poverty have not changed the world for the better (Rev. of Arès 38/7-8).
Getting rid of the bourgeois spirit means getting rid of one's fear of shortage and of misjudment, rekindling within oneself the permanent festive spirit of youth (Rev. of Arès 30/11), being bold enough to fly off, hover over the citadel of the world (Rev of Arès 13/7-8), so as to get people to look up to the prophetic hawks (Rev. of Arès xLv/14-26).
Why can't a man with a bourgeois spirit be believed by other men with a bourgeois spirit but with big difficulties?
By calling on men to penitence he only incite them to be good, to forgive, to be peacemakers, and be spiritually free and intelligent. These values sound attractive, as they sound just ethical and non-materialistic, not leading to any social compromise, and filled with beauty (Rév d'Arès 12/3)... But there is a very faint tremor in the voice, and that's what the public perceive! The public don't detect one who has got rid of the bourgeois spirit in one's words or leaflets. They detect it in that whole made up of one's flesh, mind and soul (17/7), in short in the living good man, that is an uttermost living good man when young.
Let's regain youth!
Youth! Take the controls! Take them, because you will never be able to throw them out below the horizon together with the Beast (Rev. of Arès 22/14), if you can't take them first. A revolution? No. An insugence? Yes (Le Pèlerin d'Arès 1989, p.236).

The bourgeois spirit used to cocoon itself in the threads of religion and politics, religion's sister,. Today it cocoons itself in the threads of industrie and banking. That cocoon is already wrapping the Asians, who think that it will forever keep them warm and safe. The fears that spin the bourgeois spirit thread are spreading out. Notably, the fear of losing the energy and the
myriad little treats, the low prices of which have so far depended on the destitution of producers who, through imitation effect, are now gaining the bourgeois spirit. But, what's more, the fear that "Order" may disappear together with the good cash return from savings, the health and pensions organizations, which are regarded as "benefits" due to the social struggle or civilization — the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans of old has their own, which vanished ages ago —, but which are no more than godsends threatened with extinction by the instability of materialism, rough, unstable and volcanic by nature, never controlled by any earthly power, which History points up.

After the religious and political rivalries here are the rivalries that the industrial and banking world organizes nowadays, but what's at stake is still as uncertain. There never come out the right car, the right airplane, the right machine, the right policy, the right law, the right exchange rate, the right stock exchange quotation, so something new is forever required, which is always expected to be better, but which is still more costly and does not come up to anybody's expectations.
When  the race for impossible perfection.
As the impossible never turns into reality, it is the impossible that rules the world. There is no future, therefore, the horses of "progress" are galloping toward nothing, nothing, nothing. Only spiritual life can refine, strengthen, stabilize life, but we can't see but a few ripples, very scant or even unnoticed, of spiritual life, like those brought about by The Revelation of Arès.

Admittedly, in the midst of this world driven by the bourgeois spirit we can see some religious people praying and preaching, some humanists philosophizing, some environmentalists picketting, but they have met with defeat already, because it takes more than ideals to win, it takes some material strength to win against bourgeois materialism, the realism of which has overwhelmed everything — Do not the workers, the grassroots and furthermore the povertystricken third world dream of getting bourgeois privileges, real concrete ones? They do.
In practical terms, the sole way of conquering the bourgeois spirit, says The Revelation of Arès consists in getting every one of men to change his life objectively, really, in the facts of his life, so that he may discover in love, forgiveness, peace and spiritual freedom and intelligence higher causes of joy, festive spirit (Rev of Arès 30/11), happiness (37/9, xxvi/12) and even materialistic interest (26/8-9). Actual personal change of the penitents (=simply those who change for the better) will induce the change of the world (Rev of Arès 30/11, 28/7), which technologies, rhetorics, laws, treaties, agreements, have never managed to bring off.

The Creator's eternal Word alone, counterculture par excellence, picked up again by The Revelation of Arès, can, if achieved (35/6, 36/8), conquer the bourgeois spirit — our bourgeois spirit —, that may be the most pernicious form of evil
disguised as Good and Reason before it reemerges in a different form, the sin of sins (Rev. of Arès 38/2). Like a wedge into a rotting tree stump we have to penetrate the recent though already too old industrial culture, which, even if repeatedly disenchanted as former civilizations had been, will stay long deeply caught in the ground, because nothing convincing has ever come to dig it out.
Even if the next president of the USA is Barrack Obama, everybody on earth knows that he, his personal qualities notwithstanding, will be just one more politican and bourgeois, that is, one hope less for the world. Provisionally this is good, but idealistically this is just hovering and getting nowhere. We cannot expect any global justice, equality, wealth and health on earth, as long as a minority will be thriving on a majority sacrificed. No workable global ideal can be drawn on politics, which always results from partisanship. A global ideal can only be accomplished by the man of good,  whether a believer or a non-believer, all races taken together, all frontiers erased, all prejudices forgotten. These are the yardsticks for measuring the depth of the utopia that The Revelation of Arès expresses, which can only be originated from a Father whose limitless Universe (Rev. of Arès 12/4) is an utopia, which science still considered as impossible until lately, something with no size or end and yet definitely real. Telescopes prove that reality. Our souls are the infallible telescopes to see the infinite life (Rev. of Arès 17/3, 32/3).

In youth blossoms out the strongest hope! That hope — the hope that each man as well as the world of men are able to change —, the Father in person kindled it within me like a Fire in 1974 and 1977. It is the Fire that pilgrims come and take (Rev. of Arès xLi/7) every summer in Arès, and that all of good men on earth, every day, kindle in their hearts by pursuing Good.
Youth! The man that is addressing you is an old timer, to whom the Creator, out of kindness, has day by day given youth. One is not young by sacrificing what one has. One is young when one does not live in fear — typical bourgeois fear — of giving up what one has, which mostly is no more than one's reputation, rather than giving up what makes up mankind's glory (Rev. of Arès 34/2).
Youth! Call on the world to enter into penitence!
Hard? It is, indeed. And it is even awfully hard! But the world was not created for bourgeois people who have long failed to expect anything from an ideal, if only they have expected anything from themselves, ever. Within each bourgeois a counterbourgeois is sleeping. Wake him or her up!
Youth! Take to the streets and stand on the public squares to call on the world! Show your faces! Sing, declaim poems, write! In every way call on people to regain youth, become young together with you, make love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual freedom and intelligence reappear and develop!


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