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june 20, 2007 (0061us)
france seeks...theworld seeks to change
The French have changed nothing on June 17th.
The world has changed nothing so far, either.
"What's more, the world could explode at any moment," Abdullah of Arabia states.

In June the French are neutralizing the president that they elected in May. Apart from Alain Juppé [a former Premier and currently Ministre d'Etat] and a few others, the French re-elect the bulk of the French Parliament who, whether leftist or rightist, have so far done nothing really creative and decisive to transform a country in jeopardy, and it seems to me that nobody has realized it. The French keep on seeking for a policy which they will never find as long as the system keeps on being what it has been. Meanwhile, Abdullah of Arabia issues a statement which sounds to me like one of the utmost significance. He lets out a cry of alarm, which is a cry from the heart as well, about the tragic situation in the Middle East likely to spread all over the planet.
Abdallah of ArabiaAbdullah, currently on an official visit in Europe, says (according to newpapers), "I fear that the plights in my area degenerate into a global explosion… Instability is worsening in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine — not to mention Darfur —. Those may be the primers for instability in the whole world."
Although the events in France and those in the Middle East aren't alike, I draw a one and the same lesson from them. I figure that, based on the system mankind has maintained for millennia, it's no use searching for a change anyhow instrumental in giving the world peace and happiness. France has for years sought to escape socio-economic difficulties and dangers but ever since June 17th, despite the great expectations raised by rhetorics from March to June, 2007, it is even more likely to sink deeper into its difficult situation than get out of it. Outside France the entire world looks for exits to peace, progress and concord, but not only do the men who try to change the world for the better, like the Americans intervening in the Middle East, fail to change anything in the world, but they make poverty and tensions worse.
The warning, which The Revelation of Arès sent out to men in 1974 and 1977, has never been so significant, because both religion and politics are jobs done by rivals, so that they continually end up fighting each other.
As the world's big shots can never be prompted to get to good terms with each other based on love, forgiveness, willingness to listen to others, and not even be brought to some fresh general thinking without reservation, it's the small fry — me, you — who have to outflank them through personal inner action, which does not need any leader (Rev of Ares 16/1), or law, or money, or weapons. This action is just penitence, practiced on a humble individual scale. Penitence, when multiplied, is to have an unparalleled global effect, since it is to re-create the world. Through penitence alone the world will change (Rev of Ares 28/7)…change completely, says the Maker in substance.
Don't lose heart, brothers! You feel like you were nondescript antibodies in the world's sick big flesh, but if you never lose your peace and courage in vain thought and despondency (13/8), you will conquer evil. Not that being given the right faith from The Revelation of Ares is unimportant, but there is something even more important, it makes every one of the men who enter into penitence (33/13) a re-creator of the world.

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