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June 16, 2007 (0060us)
The Revelation of Arès...the surge of the existential
The Revelation of Ares is ridiculed or ignored by all the men who figure that mankind knows everything likely to be known.
But The Revelation of Ares is the force for whoever will recover Life (24/5) by reviving that desert world of ours with absolute spiritual love (7/5, 12/7, 32/3), intelligence (32/5) and freedom (10/10).
The Revelation of Ares is what inspires the Ares Pilgrims (see #0017us) with their specific faith and apostolate. That is both a truth and an understatement, though. The Revelation of Ares actually ought to be seen in its existential light.

Worry (sometimes dread), complaint (sometimes moaning), disappointment (sometimes despair), suffering (sometimes torture or death), are the thorn hedges and barren rockslides (14/1) which have hurt and killed man since Adam preferred his own system (2/1-5) to the creative Force (VII/5). The 21th century's man is more aware of his problems, suffers from them still more, though. The Revelation of Ares has given the solution to them. Not a book by a thinker, an essayist or a philosopher, but a book issued from the initial supreme Destiny of the universe, the very Destiny that gave man freedom of good and evil. A book to join the great spiritual body that the Veda, the Bible and the Quran had belonged in.
From the very moment when its first part was published, 1974, The Revelation of Ares showed the reasons why man's hardships have remained unconquered and been considered as inevitable and insolvable, which religion and her atheistic colleague politics, the powers and their laws, have nursed  whether intentionally or unintentionally. The solution to it is plain, but requires the rebirth of the soul (17) or ha (XXXIX/5-11), the refloating of a daring, creative, apostolic vessel (or ship) (17/3, 18/1-4) not launched or consecrated by some religion or politics, but by no more than man's own hope.
That vessel over the Sea that has for ages kept man parted from the happy world forgotten, to be rediscovered, The Revelation of Ares names after her crew, the small remnant. A small remnant of men and women (26/1, 29/2), believers or non-believers, who wilfully change their lives (30/11) by forcing themselves to be good, righteous, true, could possibly do without the system some day, regain inner absolute freedom, good, peace, intelligence, and then later on infinite extension of lifetime, which thus will become Life out of likeness to the Maker (Genesis 1/27-28). Living on within the world the small remnant, once they are many enough, will go as far as to change the world (28/7).
Brother Michel holding The Revelation of ArèsSo The Revelation of Ares brings back into the world the only possible recipe for victory over evil, essentially and inevitably a spiritual victory, by no means religious or political or scientific. Why, given this condition of necessity, has The Revelation of Ares stayed almost invisible to the world so far? There are many causes for it, on which a blog can't dwell, but here are the two main causes. First, the book has been supernaturally revealed in a society where supernatural stories trigger off laughter and shrugs of the shoulders. Second, it has appeared in a time of disparagement and smear, of zapping and impatience, of an endless pursuit of immediate effects and effortless results. The Revelation of Ares is no difficult reading, but it emerged profound in days of superficiality when man is used to cutting short everything, even his concern for his own fate.
When the mockers finish mocking, a fact will stay on, a once seen and heard physical fact, a fact that the pigheaded doubters, often religious people whose theologies will be thwarted, will forever keep unable to prove untrue. As I was the only witness they say I was under delusion, but had there been twenty witnesses, they would say they were under collective delusion, and had the supernatural fact been filmed, they would allude to special visual effects, and so on. In Ares (spelled with an e grave in French: Arès), a small town in coastal Gironde, southwestern France, from January 15 to April 13, 1974, I was visited by Jesus altogether unlooked-for and in a place no less unexpected: a house under repair. He gave me a long message from the Maker. And then, from September 17 to November 22, 1977, the Maker himself in a chapel close by was manifesting and giving me the continuation of the message in an utter continuity of meaning, but a completely different style. In 1982, after a five-year uneventful span of time, as it seemed to me likely that the supernatural fact was really over, I published my testimony under the title The Revelation of Ares. Thirty-three years after Jesus' first visit I am still unaware of the reason why a man like me of little merit, deprived of mysticity and deficient in personal abilities to spread such a message, was selected as the witness to that Call.
Among all of the Scriptures that have made up the Creator's huge revelation ever since Genesis only a few have an outstanding globality. The Revelation of Ares belongs among them. It can join the Veda, the Bible and the Quran; it can even, in a way, be placed above these millennia-old books, because it illuminates them with a long forgotten Light. Stating that it amends their interpetations would be beneath it, as it actually animates or rather reanimates them with the very strongest Life. The Revelation of Ares does not ruin anything; it makes Truth move ahead.
If you skim through The Revelation of Ares, you seem to be reading religious reiterations, but if you grow more alert, you begin discovering its amazing original and global sides. The reader passes through a forest of concepts, which are just so many mini-revelations, some of them fascinating when read apart, but the utmost meaning of the book is not understood until The Revelation of Ares has been read throughout. Salvation, personal and global, the solution to evil, is in the penitent's penitence and nowhere else.
Religion has distorted penitence into remorse and self-punishment, but The Revelation of Ares restores penitence, a word long gone forbidding, to its real meaning, a thrilling dynamic one: the quest for Good and happiness. Evil can be curbed and then eradicated (the Beast will lay dying 22/14), if absolute Good reappears gradually through love, forgiveness, peace, absolutely wanted and applied by every man and woman of the small remnant in his or her absolute freedom (10/10) also gained with a will, for without absolute freedom his or her absolute spiritual intelligence (32/5) cannot re-emerge. Each penitent is also a harvester, looks for and reaps every man sown (6/1, 14/1) in seed of Good and prompts him or her to be a penitent and harvester in his or her turn, and so on, little by little, the world will be changing (28/7). So The Revelation of Ares brings about an apostolate or prophetic mission active, creative, patient (it will take more than four generations 24/2). The process is likely to last centuries, but it secures light and warmth (33/32) and even glory (37/9) in the afterlife for every good man, whether a believer or a nonbeliever (28/11). So a world of free individuals may be gradually substituting for the world of the masses until the Day (31/8) when even death will be conquered.
The Revelation of Ares has inspired thousands to change their lives (30/11), become good men and new men, which religion or ethics could not make of them. On the other hand, like every Scripture, which keeps its mystery, The Revelation of Ares has inclined other people to misinterpret it, but even these mistakes have helped diffuse it through reductive conclusions and hodgepodges and innuendos about its witness's "unhingement" or misunstanding or "misuse of
his position." In every case, The Revelation of Ares has never left anybody heedless, it has always stirred men or things. Nobody officially mentions The Revelation of Ares in order to safeguard "the nature of things" and keep untouchable and revered the great monotheistic religions (judaism, christianity, islam) and  the great atheist humanistic and political trends. All the same, it has been 33 years influencing the way general expectations are stated, which have borrowed from it a lot of words and concepts that speeches and sermons are strewn with today.
The Revelation of Ares does not found a religion, at all. Contrary to its insincere critics' assertions, The Revelation of Ares does not say that only the people that get converted to it will be saved. All good men, even atheists, are saved and will help to change and save the world (28/7). It is not a book "interesting" in a sense of "pleasant," because it forever makes the mind think, but thereby makes man enjoy profundity again. Not only does it go against the press's rationalistic, simplistic statements, but it goes elsewhere, it is something altogether different, it takes us into another sphere of ideas and expectations. Albeit a spiritual Word, if ever, The Revelation of Ares does not use the word spiritual and it uses the word faith only once, not in a sense of adherence or membership, but in a sense of active, creative expectation.
The Revelation of Ares speaks to each man, to the individuality, which it divinizes, as it were, by freeing it from the mediocrity of generally accepted ideas and beliefs, which are mass ideas, and restoring a sense of free grandeur in each man (10/10). Hence the lies and untruths about The Revelation of Ares and its witness spread by those who hate it, or who hate its witness, or who hate both of them, and who are annoyed by its liberating strength. The Revelation of Ares tells man that he is completely free to sink deeper and deeper into evil or submission to evil or mediocrity, but that he'd better consider changing his life (30/11) and at the same time changing the world (28/7) before the sin of sins rains (38/2). The world is going all the more badly, the book reminds man, because the danger of evil has been disappearing under the idea that evil will be solved by science, law (which the book calls the law of the rats XIX/24). Evil will never be conquered but within each man's heart.
The Revelation of Ares has a supernatural origin, but it feels so realistic that it makes the reader forget about the supernatural. Whenever it reminds us of the prophets and the gospels, it does so in order to make us move toward the future. It disintegrates, disdogmatizes, dislegalizes. It offers a dialectic which will enable every man to recreate his own individuality in complete freedom by gaining love and respect for individualities of others. A man cannot really love his neighbor=whole mankind but by really finding his own self. In our time of concern and confusion, when we are sort of feeling the end of History, The Revelation of Ares starts off another History.

copyright 2007
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19Jun07 60C1
This a great photo - the prophet standing by his (His) message!
Thank you for this entry which clearly states the foundation and necessity of the Arès movement.

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