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may 20, 2007 (0059us)
vulnerability of the metamorphosing crab
A motley of governement, but I don't laugh at it. Lately people said that Nicolas Sarkozy was a despot still in his cocoon, but people realize that as a politician he is not afraid of sharing power with others and even mixing them up. This I cannot dislike in days when France has got into the buffers on the economic, social and even ethical terminal. We have to reverse, switch to a new line and restart the train. If this is feasible, which no one knows for sure, what was Nicolas Sarkozy likely to do other than make up an administration both heterogenous and acceptable? This man is smart. He eclectic and openminded looks like he was the opposite of political integrism, accordingly the opposite of religious integrism. Which may give us Arès Pilgrims a chance to see our expectations of freedom of conscience unshackled by thei government's total respect for it or even by its prompting it, who knows? But let's not lose ourselves in daydreams.
Prime minister Fillon teamI've just watched the picture of the new rulers standing up on the stair to the Elysee palace. They look embarrassed like wedding guests who do not know each other. What has stricken me most: the women. Apart from Mrs Allio-Marie, that stands out thanks to a white café waiter jacket, you can't see the women at first glance, the complete opposite of wedding female guests. "There would be seven ladies?" I wondered first. My forefinger flowed over the picture slowly, and then I counted seven women. How discreet!
Outdated responses of the opposition parties. Mr Hollande "starts the proceedings to evict Mr. Kouchner from the Socialist Party..." In this party the concept of man has gone back to the concept of the regimented man.
Now all we can do is wait for the general election to be over (on June 17, 2007), because I doubt whether this administration can prove capable or incapable of setting metaphysics free before a new parliament take up their duties. The four late governments were afraid of metaphysics, because they used to think it posing a threat to both civil peace and the escap (Rev of Arès XXIII/4-5), that is, the beloved intellectual edifice, the reason in force, the "correct thinking." If Nicolas Sarkozy keeps his promises, the government are to show a right understanding that all of the forces of thinking and faith in this country are useful, and that discriminating against minorities, whatever, is harmful to the whole Creation, which has never ceased to create Itself through the Creator and through His image: the human co-creator. At any rate, to us Arès Pilgrims to believe is to create, which is why our faith is not deadlocked in a dogma, but is is forever evolving , just as The Revelation of Arès inspires evolution in us.
For the time being, the government are as vulnerable as a metamorphosing crab.

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