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may 7, 2007 (0058us)
a new black king in Paris
All of men, even the men that lose their way, are children of the Father (Rev of Arès 13/5). In his own image of a Creator he makes them all cocreators of themselves and of the world, which they can be masters of and subdue (Genesis 1/26-28). Some men sadly subdue the world so much that they subjugate their brothers. This just goes to explain why Heaven's dwellers aren't feasting today.
The loving Father (Rev of Arès 12/7), who has never weighed anybody down, even if it has meant being forgotten and letting atheism emerge, laments the fact that the ambitious man weighs heavy on his own brothers, so that the night lies on them (Rev of Arès I/7-8). He bemoans the system once created by Adam (Rév of Arès 2/1-5) based on religion and/or its profane imitator, politics. The white king (religion, ideology) and the black king (politics, law, money, industry) a one and the same thigh (Rev of Arès XXXVII/14). The Revelation of Arès tells men in substance, "As you've been able to create evil, you can re-create Good, but creating Good takes absolute freedom (10/10), love, forgiveness, peace, confidence, long-suffering, replacing the law of the rats (XIX/24) or the law that has been with the law that will be (28/8), the Word of love and truth, which requires no decreer, or judge, or power whatever: You shall not be a ruler over anybody (16/1).
Nicolas Sarkozy
I have been told that, a short while before the presidential election, former president Valery Giscard d'Estaing said to a newsman, "France is a house with the doors locked, where people discuss in separate groups ignoring the other groups and even more whatever happens in the world outside the shutters closed." But this is, I guess, the situation all over the world, particularly over the Field (5/5-7) to which The Revelation of Arès sends us to remind men of the necessity of changing (28/7). Enclosed partisanship has sadly remained a chronic evil. This may be why realistic Nicolas Sarkozy, on the evening of May 6, had an impulse to launch into an enthusiastic hymn to the expectations that great changes are opening up before France now, while in fact they are obviously not. Great changes will be opening up before France, I am very positive about it, when we Arès Pilgrims actively carry out its spiritual rearmament. Even an economic disaster, not really implausible as yet, will not bring about a spiritual renewal, unless we fulfil an ample harvest of souls.
Just a week before the 6th of May's final election we sadly saw half France curdle around Mrs Royal and half France curdle around Mr Sarkozy, notwithstanding events and speeches that for a few weeks earlier had brought us to think that a fresh, fluid, enriched milk, was likely to pep up this old French people hardened by their inner adversities. Their distinctive political identities had sounded like they had faded after the topics of pluralism and fraternizing were expanded by François Bayrou and echoed by Segolene Royal — unfortunately too abrupt an apparatchik in her conterspiritual manner to prompt us to vote for her — , and I felt intensely interested in this move, because it was proving to me that not everything had got lost and that the Father had reasonably come down back to earth, in Arès, to call on men to change. But the political hardening shortly before May 6 showed that the French would never regain brotherly love through political ways. They will regain it only if they are spiritually stirred. Mr Le Pen, as he was lamenting his defeat on April 22, said, "I thought that the French were unhappy. They are actually happy to be misgoverned, happy to be put into heavy debt..." But Mr Le Pen should have said, "...Happy, strangely, antinomically happy (the French are) to live in divisions which are just what politicians need, because politicians can't exist if they can't oppose other politicians, but which men do not need, because they will never gain happiness as long as they fail to gain love, forgiveness, social peace, spiritual freedom and intelligence.
So we have to grow more and more careful to all the events. In 2007, the legislative election is to be more important than the presidential election. François Bayrou, albeit a politician and albeit we Arès Pilgrims are not expecting any ultimate solution from politics, will give the opportunity to elect a third political force to all the men that have long understood that making it emerge in Parliament is a matter of urgency. I have never stopped stating that, had the French Parliament really mirrored the French people's pluralism, the law that, in 1996, created the "Parliamentary Observatory of Cults and Sects" could not be decreed. That third force, if we help it appear — which will be difficult due to our electoral system —, and if it acts as real complementarity, will be likely to urge the power to stop ignoring a number of currents of thought, of faith and of various expectations.
The Revelation of Arès states that politics cannot lead mankind to global happiness. Just take a look at contemporary history. This is corroborated: The 1914-1918 war. The cause of it? Politics! The 1917 Russian revolution and the tragical end of this 73-year experience. The cause of it? Politics! The 1938-1945 war. The cause of it? Politics. The attack against the New York World Trade Center, September 11, 2001, and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The cause of it? Politics! Of that I will remind every politician that regards politics as necessary and even providential.
Be that as it may, we know that it will take more than four generations to change everything, so we wish the new president of France a succesful future leading the country through the less unsettled ways possible, although we are aware that they will inevitably be unsettled. France's people will be in great need of all of the consciousnesses in the midst of them, notably the Arès Pilgrims' consciouscnesses, who are preaching "A Different Destiny" — The name of a spiritual mission of ours for non-politicized public life.

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14May07 58usC1
Relieved to see a new entry on your blog!
The one word "politics" doesn't quite tell us what is wrong, does it, in English? It seems to me that we object to POWER, as opposed to LIBERTY? The common law has a very precise prescription, NO PRIOR RESTRAINT. Because the common law is discovered purely a priori, it can never claim to know what will follow any action; one is free to act first, take the consequences after. So no-one feels oppressed . . . .
If, but only if, there is a law above the king, then no-one really minds who is the king.
The peace of the Lord be always with you!

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