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april 1st, 2007 (0057us)
when we kill the sphinx
a penitent (Paul Klee)Penitence! In The Revelation of Ares this word refers to the festive enduring time a man spends changing his life (30/11) by loving, forgiving, making peace, setting himself and the world spiritually free, by viewing everything and everybody with spiritual intelligence. That's the way I've come to understand the myth of the sphinx.
I have understood that what the sphinx used to challenge the passers to see and they used to fail to see was lying, untruth. Œdipus saw it, so the sphinx in a pique jumped down from her mount and seemed to go extinct. The myth was just a prophecy, about which all of men would keep on forgetting until The Revelation of Ares appeared.
Lying is the worst sin, so much so that the catastrophe of the sphinx (Paul Klee)the Maker has not applied to anything but lying this paroxysmal phrase: the lie of all lies (the falsehood of falsehood, Rev of Ares 32/7), whereas he has never said the war of wars, the theft of thefts, the adultary of adultaries, the misfortune of misfortunes, because every war, every theft, every adultary and every misfortune has its origin in some lies.
The sphinx is still to be conquered. The Day of happiness will continuously be delayed until the sphinx is conquered. It only remains for man to understand that lying is not to be an endless evil, for which men should forever ask God and their kind to forgive them.
Ever since 1974, when The Revelation of Ares came to me, I understood that the new coat (Rev of Ares 1/1), that the new penitent was to put on, was no longer the piece of clothing of religious penitence, the robe of remorse and expiation, but the coat of Life (Rev of Ares 24/3-5), of self-re-creation, of the Light and Truth restored.
Truth, man has been unable to see it for ages, because he has been unable to see untruth, lies. Does this argue against itself? No, it doesn't. The blind man cannot see the night dark or the day light. But Truth will be growing more and more perceptible to the penitent man, as untruth goes on more and more perceptible to him.
There are lies everywhere, long made commonplace so much so men cannot see them anymore. Whenever men are told of lies, they act the stunned people, they reply that lies are the unavoidable circumstances, the normality therefore, of all of human affairs. A month ago, as I was talking with a pious catholic, I pointed out that the church's doctrine was just a bunch of arguable ideas, some of them gloomy (the atonement through the cross), some others fairylike (the works of the holy ghost),. He answered gravely, "You may be right, but if faith could not be expressed by something more or less intricate, she might become empty, become the gullible ones' simple faith. Is there anything more dangerous than emptiness?" I retorted, "Your answer sounds like you were unconscious of an alarming reality: The issue is not emptiness, but untruth, lies."
Currently in France, the electoral campaign for the presidency is being in full swing. Lying is named pledge. Although they all have participated in governements, the leading candidates unembarrassedly state that the great deal of pain France has suffered is just misgoverning. But all of those mistakes will be corrected, prosperity and happiness will be back, if people elect the right candidate, that is, the candidate now speaking.
"Alice" at the flexible pace of her bandy legs, in her huge flying crimson dress and blond wig , has promised people a dream rental system charge, combined TV, Internet and all that sort of thing? A number of "Alice" subscribers have paid the system charges for months and waited in vain for the hookup or a refund, but "Alice" keeps on crowing over herself as the best choice. "Nothing but some commercial lies," I can hear people say shrugging, "Insignificant lies!" To me there are no such things as insignificant lies; there are only lies.
a maiden with a flower (Paul Klee)As a penitent, a sinner therefore, I have been struggling against the lying reflex I've inherited from culture, which since immemorial time has made man heedless of the fact that the littlest piece of lying contains all of the organism—the mechanism—of the biggest lies just as a small butterfly contains all that made a tyrannosaurus and makes a venomous snake or a stinking cowardly hyena or an army of uniformed brutes invading a country so as to "bring its people democracy."
What will among mankind restore global happiness lost ever since Adam's days is love of Truth which goes together with love of the neighbor. Now, "only one thing separates man from Truth: lying, which is more worrisome than greed, which modern socialism considers as the ultimate evil, because if the greedy man never told lies, he could recover from greed sooner or later." (the peroration of the 1995 General Introduction, The Revelation of Arès).
Paul Klee entitled this work (3) "Empfindsame Jungfrau mit dem Massliebchen" (A sentimental virgin with a daisy, 1906). I have given it a different title, "Hesitation," because I seem to have constantly seen the girl, with her dangling right hand, still useless, on the verge of the cardinal decision of the human, who is about to come into adult life, telling herself, "Will I be true or a liar?" It does not matter what she is hesitating over; one is always hesitating before the true or before the false. The flower that she is staring at only helps her focus her thinking on the Core of the Cores (Rév d'Arès XXXIV/6).

(1) Paul Klee, Büsser, Penitent, 1935. I have given this ashy ethereal work another title, "Soul".
(2) Paul Klee, Katastrophe der Sphinx (The sphinx's catastrophe), 1937.
Paul Klee is one of my favorite painters because of his capacity to express the inexpressible, to change the matter and the light in deep thinking. There has been in Bern, Switzerland, a magnificient museum dedicated to Paul Klee for a short while. I do not have enough time to go there and visit the museum , but my Swiss sisters and brothers have given me an album of the museum. I am very touched by their thoughtful gesture.

copyright 2007
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01Apr07 57usC1
Do we think that – say – Sartre and Derrida were lying? Because if they saw such truths as Galileo's law of gravity and pretended not to see them, they were perverted?
Galileo discovered his law of gravity by pure reason. If a cannon ball falls faster than a musket ball, what would happen if I tied the two together? Would the musket ball slow the cannon ball down, or would the two fall faster? Reductio ad absurdum.
The post-modern so-called philosophers were just ignorant, but trying to find something new to say.
Hume, who started this there-are-no-absolutes stuff, never claimed to have proved it; he only said, "It seems to me." And he was talking only about theories of cause-and-effect, which indeed are never verified, only falsified.
(See, of course, Karl Raimund Popper, "Logic of Scientific Discovery.")
Brian F.

15Apr07 57usC2
"The gullible ones' simple faith" rejected by your pious catholic seems to me to be the faith to which Jesus exhorts us.
The clearer of conceited sciences you will make your head
under My Breath, in the Spirit's brightness,
the more discernible My Marvels will be to you ;
for this reason I said, "Be like children!" (The Revelation of Arès 33/8)
And he said: I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3, New International Version)

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