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march 22, 2007 (0056us)
the world's thinking upside down
What can I tell about news that are just uncertainties? To me everything on earth looks unfinished or vacillating, pending conclusions or firm directions. I'd like to comment on men or situations really unlikely to change once again this afternoon. Unfortunately I can't.
upside down the world!
Europe's economic rise has definitely halted, its economy might even have begun declining. The future economic power has appeared easy to read on the labels and tags tied to anything I buy: Made in China, made in Taiwan, made in India, made in Indonesia, made in Viet-Nam, made in Japan, until I can before long read made in Russia, made in Ukrainia, made in Bielorussia, made in Algeria, etc. Whatever was made here is now made there. In 1995, on the presidential election day, I voted for obscure Chaminade, because he had said the only important thing: "In France the industry is collapsing to the advantage of Asia's industry, that is rapidly developping. This is where the problem lies." Yesterday I heard an engineer with Airbus say, " By contract I have to train Chinese engineers for the Airbus technology... Let's bet that China will make its own A380 in a few years." At the same time nothing is certain; the relocation of the big activities of man to the other side of the earth may well not have the large size and scope that we are scared about. Meanwhile, the relocation is on its way, however. The thinking head, that has been in the West so far, is passing to the East or Far East.
I can't help but feel the world think upside down.
Speaking of presidential election, I've been for days listening to people running for office, who each seem to be doing a headstand, their brains stuck in the past, but their feet fidgetting in the air. So much willing to be elected they are so that they keep well alive people's illusion that France has had only one misfortune until now: It has been misgoverned, but (if you vote correctly) it's going to live a life of wealth and happiness "by three years... maybe four." The very platforms and words I've heard about uninterruptedly ever since my boyhood. Just parish or municipality platforms. Where is the expansive replanning, strong and spiritual, that our country has been in great need for a good while? In the USA, George W. Bush is also thinking upside down, holding against a whole people who have eventually started realizing that a war is going on in Iraq, a war that will end up resultless, and that has been devastating the whole poor nation with hardships much more painful than those which Saddam Hussein imposed on it. Here I stop listing all the things that are going along upside down and the wrong way; I could fill a hundred pages with them.
Yes, the world is going on its hands, but, just as Gribouille sought to escape a torrential rain by plunging into a creek and in a way escaped it, it may be that the mighty of the world like the pythia will sever they own heads in order to escape the worm (Rev of Arès XXXVIII/1) of the new hardships they are introducing into this big apple of a world currently.
And the next thing is I turn out amusing! At least, I've had this left.

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