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january 13, 2007 (0052us)
a lull, and then it's taken off again
My blog turned out to suffer a lull.
There were three concomitants of that gap:
A tremendous amount of work, wearing, in late 2006,
A cold as much tremendous and wearing as the work,
A couln't-care-less time, if only temporary. My idea that sending men as a whole — all the publics who read this blog — my wishes for them to live the lives they would like to live in 2007 was stupid, given that their own wishes are mostly different from, if not conflicting with, mine.
Brother Michel April 2006
Why wish Saddam Hussein—my fellow human with all due respect to those who had loathed him—to mend his ways and become a much less hard man? He was hanged and all I can do for him now is mortify (Rev of Ares 33/32-34).
Why wish the Middel East peoples peace, as every people over there can't imagine peace but to the hurt of their rivals and opponents?
Why wish George W. Bush that his dearest wishes come true, as he sounds as if he kept on hoping for good but through war?
Why wish those standing for election to the French republic presidency, whatever ticket they're running on, that their wishes come true, as every one of them wishes but one thing: to be elected and see his or her opponents beaten?
Why in 2007 wish every man on earth love for the neighbor, the strength to forgive every wrong, global peace, absolute freedom? Actually men, apart from... say... 3%, do not wish anything but endless revenge (Rev of Ares 27/9) on those different or simply luckier, the humiliating defeat of those whom they do not like and more stringent law and less and less freedom for those whom they fear.
Why wish, et cetera, et cetera?
I got over my couldn't-care-less time as well as my cold and late 2006's heavy bulk of work.
As my faith has never disappeared and with good reason: I really saw and heard Jesus and then the Creator in 1974 and 1977 — this is without question — my great expectations have caught up with me.
Though I am just a man, an old man — this too is without question —, I'm keeping it up.

copyright 2007
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15Jan07 52usC1
Relieved to know it was nothing worse than a cold! Do, do, take care of yourself—We do not have an Elisha, do we?
No doubt but that you are right that Saddam, George Bush, the Israelis and the Palestinians have disagreed and will continue to disagree.
But so did the Jews and the Samaritans.
We can hardly help our feelings, but we can decide how we shall act. And we could decide to go to the aid of whomsoever is denied justice?
We do agree, do we not, that "there is a law above the king," we do not let the majority tell us what is right?
The peace of the Lord be always with you!

17Jan07 52usC2
We must maintain Hope, in spite of the centuries of our failure to live according to the Creator's Will.  I have Hope that I can change and that gives me Hope that others will also.

17Jan07 52usC3
All we want for the near future is a plausible strategy of Good and Happiness, but politicians have forever been explaining that this is unrealistic. Whatever the Ares Pilgrims and their eldest brother Mikal have been proclaiming from 1974 through 2007 has been called not seasonal and never to be seasonal any time. Just utopia, nothing but shangri-la!
According to all the polls eight out of ten people from Warsaw to San-Francisco disapprove of their governments' sanguineness, so I guess that if people were informed of The Revelation of Ares or at least a correct review of it most of them would burst out, "That's what we need! That's the only plausible way forward!"
The incredible mistakes made by our president has produced a chaos in the USA. I think of a chaos akin to that which used to follow the end of great historical eras or religions for milleniums, for instance the end of Ancient Egypt. It's no good persisting in denials of the Western (Christian and Jewish) world society's conditions, whether econonimal or merely social. We all have to change just as The Revelation of Ares says we have to change (28.7). Yes, The Revelation of Ares gives the only plausible realistic and pragmatic plan, what's more anointed by the Creator, but it will take generations to come true.
Melvin W. J.

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