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december 7, 2006 (0051us)
sparing the world spiritual death
There is some spiritual life left inside every man on earth. Otherwise, how could the Maker hope that the world can change (Rev of Ares 28/7)? The problem is that spirituality has been reducing more and more to invisibility and inactivity. Should the decline continue, spirituality would die. Our mission is more than necessary, it is vital.
I read and listened to all that Mrs Royal and her rivals put forward for the PS (French Socialist Party) primary election days. I did not hear anything spiritual or even metaphysical. I did not hear anything spiritual from Mr Sarkozy or others, either. Hearsay tradition has it that
Tempête solaireMachiavelli was the inventor and teacher of political trickery and lowness, but it is untrue; he only described them, he showed, just as some others had showed before him and some others would show after him, including the Maker in 1974 and 1977, that there is no such thing as hope that man's spiritual essence could ever triumph over evil through politics or its mother, religion.
Hiding political evil behind democracy and religious evil behind toleration cannot prevent man's complete despiritualization — the sin of sins (Rev of Ares 29/2) — from occurring any more than sunstorms (photo) (Rev of Ares XVII/13, XXII/12-13, etc.), which the mass media are careful not to mention, will not be prevented from destroying our communications network and power tranformers some day. You do not eradicate evil by hiding it. It will be eradicated by penitence performed by a sufficient number of good men the small remnant.
Our mission is essential, but it is going to become all the more difficult because people are becoming blinder to what lies in store for man's future: dehumanization, way more serious than the economic setbacks, omens of which have already become obvious. There are now health and pensions organizations, soup kitchens, shelters for the homeless, humanitarian associations, but they do not keep man from dehumanizing himself. Man dehumanizes himself, because he despiritualizes himself. He keeps on thinking that he can replace love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and spiritual freedom with laws and rules forever proved unfit to substitute for them. If man fails to be aware of what he is: a spiritual creature that owes his spiritual genius to nothing but his spiritual freedom, he is heading for a disaster, which none of political and sociological science will ever prevent.
How could politics and religion change the world for the better by managing it on a day to day basis? Politicians attend to their momentary business very badly as a rule, then let their successors bulldoze the enormous residual sludge and settle the big issues of the future, which they likewise will not do, and so on. Religion from day to day keeps the great metaphysical concerns and the pursuit of miracles active; the faithful have way too short lives to force it to correct its mistakes. So man has continuously despiritualized and he is now crossing a critical limit. This is what The Revelation of Ares tells the world. Those who ask, "A new revelation...What for?" have not understood much yet.
It's very hard to make it clear to the world that a great change is necessary and the Maker has put a small remnant of men and women who have no clout or power, but faith, in charge of that giants' prophetism (Rev of Ares 31/6). So they need giant faith! Let their faith increase in strength! They are not by themselves, anyhow, the Father stands behind them.
They will do it. Alleluia!

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