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november 5, 2006 (0049us)
barbarity is alive and kicking
He yells to the judges (photo), "Long live the people and death to their enemies! Long live the glorious nation, and death to its enemies! Allah is great!"

Allah is glorified any old how. So is Christ, whom Bush today at church thanks for punishing the tormentor of Iraq. And the system keeps going and invoking its gods, who are not our God, our Father who came back down to earth in Arès to call on man to love, forgive, live in peace and real justice that has never occurred in court.
Saddam is going to be hanged. We immediately understand why safety precautions were enhanced in all of the airports in the USA and Europe a few days ago. That sentence in Baghdad and its plausible outcome: an increase in violence in Iraq and the world, were being expected by all the Western governments.
We understand, as well, why Saddam's sentence takes place today, on the eve of public elections in USA. The Republican party, who are in no position to win, may be expecting some renewed esteem of the American people for George W. Bush's involvement in Iraq.
Saddam HusseinIn any case, no one on earth believes that Saddam Hussein's conviction could ever relieve Iraq of the hardships in which the war has thrown it into. What's more, as far as the Arès Pilgrims are concerned, they do not believe that any death sentence, whoever is under it, wherever it takes place, could be regarded as an act of justice. It is nothing but barbarity applied to a barbarian. Nothing likely to curb barbarity ever. Every execution is an obvious attack on Wisdom that sent out to man that solemn Plea, "You shall not kill (Exodus 20/13)!"
We are not supporters of Saddam Hussein, but we do not think that the gallows that he will die on will be anything but one more milestone on the grim long road to the endless revenge (Rev of Ares 27/9), which is a certainty to accelerate crime and murder much more than to restrain them.
Why has Saddam Hussein been convicted and sentenced to hang? In the current case—we are told that a new case is to come up soon, before he is hanged (what's the point of judging Saddam Hussein again?)— he is sentenced for having had 148 persons executed in 1982 after he had escaped an assassination attempt on him in Dajail. And to think of 600,000 Irali civilians dying because their country has been invaded by the US Army and their allies! One wonders what sort of sentence should be pronounced against the men answerable for the invasion.

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