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september 24, 2006 (0044us)
god belongs in no religion
Dieu n'a pas de religion: a street missionIn Paris the Ares Pilgrims' new mission.
Brother Didier Br. lets me know that the mission has begun. A picture is attached to his eMail: "Paris this afternoon, here's Brother Alain M. bearing the banner DIEU N'A PAS DE RELIGION, which is not that easy to translate. Maybe GOD BELONGS IN NO RELIGION or GOD HASN'T RETIRED INTO RELIGION.
"Alain has told me he'd already written off to you about the mission. The snapshot is by Brother Christophe M. A very interesting picture shot next to a "Grand Corps Malade" poster (Sick Big Body, a singer's name), which reminds us of every man as a 'big body' sick with sin...
Brother Didier."
Right from its introduction The Revelation of Ares reminds that religion never stands for God, "It is easy [for religion] to speak in My Name when distant from Me... but [I have never hired any go-between, and a] man, even a man who has never heard My Word... knows who I am whenever I speak to him [directly] (1/8-9). "And at a later point in the revelation, "I have not given myself a mask, I have not set up a row of princes... and their subservient doctors [religions and clergy] in front of me to conceal My Face (3/4). "And even farther in the book, "For ages men have not recognized me by the masks [religions] that I have been put on (28/3)." Etc., etc. Let's note in passing that The Revelation of Ares from end to end considers religion and its lay or atheistic mirror: politics, as of one and the same nature. So the mission could be based on the following slogan, "God belongs in no religion or politics," but it might be too strong. The Word says, "Do not disregard people's huge weakness (36/5), doesn't it?

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