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september 15, 2006 (0420us)
the splinter in your eye, the big log in my eye
In Germany the pope castigates islam for its violence.
He has to fly back to Rome hurriedly under an international flurry of protests.
Benedict XVI (1)If he had castigated every violence: the violence of christianity and that of judaism (Israel) as well as that of islam, his speech would have displeased everybody, but referred each religion to its own sins. Benedict XVI instead has proved himself the perfect illustration of the famous verse in the Sermon on the Mount, Why do you observe the splinter in your brother's eye? What about the big log in your own? ... Hypocrite!
The Revelation of Ares
reworks the warnings once launched by the Father in slightly different words, the weight of which is similar, though: But you shall not judge anyone either in public or in private; don't have the least judgement in the inmost recesses od you brain, because trapping a judgement is as impossible as trapping a flea; it will leap onto your tongue unawares (36/16).
The Ares Pilgrims are sinners among whole sinful mankind, but they, at least, are trying to love all of men, their brothers, trying to make their peace with them (Rev of Ares28/15), trying to refrain from violence, if only from verbal abuse, if only against their most violent disparagers: ADFI, MIVILUDES...and the Church, who ever since 1974 has blackened the Arès Pilgrims' name, especially their founder's name. I wish to hear that islam forgives the Church just as we forgive her. There is really no need to stir up grudges in the world.

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21Sep06 42usC1
There is really no need to stir up grudges in the world.
That is certainly true; we have enough to do just dealing with our everyday stuff, never mind stirring things up from the past.
If we are to stop the never-ending cycle of revenge, someone will have to let go and bear the weight of being wronged, each of us at one time or another.

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