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september 2, 2006 (0040us)
the moral of new orleans' story
New Orleans engulfed by the waves of sin (Rev of Ares 33/22), drowned like Noah's sons (2/7). Every one of us comes to the same end, no matter what sort of death, only much less trumpeted, and that's it. Atlantis was not rebuilt and New Orleans will be. It's no big deal! Just a question of era and technics. But what man has to do is rebuild himself good.
Marlon Jordan playing tapsNew Orleans is bound to live on dangerously under sea level just as the whole world has lived dangerously under sin (Rév d'Arès 30/2). On August 29, New Orleans mayor rang the bell that commemorates last year's leveebreach while Marlon Jordan blew the taps (photo) and then played for the thousands who had lost everything. These as always are the penniless who would have nothing to lose is they left and settled elsewhere in a place safer and even more beautiful, but very few are those that do not want to stay on.
This is what I set about mulling over on August 29. Why the global reluctance to change home like to change one's life (Rev of Ares 30/11)? Because for thousands of generations subjected to evil intelligence has dwindled to a dull candle end (Rev of Ares 32/5), the head has filled with the hot air from the system's bookish masters (doctors) (23/4), reason has fallen asleep, mankind has sinned so much and thereby grown so frail that it has ended up believing that misery and death are inevitable and the best life consists in living just as men have continuously lived. We Arès Pilgrims have to remind men that the Maker came back to Earth in 1974 and 1977 not to get incarnated and die on a cross, but to ask men to let Him blow into their blood and let their blood be running and running (Rev of Arès XVI/12) with penitence so as to rebuild good and happiness, which are worth thousand times as much as the most beautiful big city.
Why does man, who holds himself to be free, but who is not, behave like a big cat which at the time of going asleep turns around and around to find the best place, which ends up being virtually the same every night? That routine is like the cranky constancy of religion and of its offshoot politics. Unlike what religion and politics claim to be they are not the champions of the good in a continuous fight against antagonistic powers (which for their part claim to be so). They constitute nothing but a routine, but has anybody noticed it ever?
Unaware of the fact that they should look for the Good elsewhere, men fiercely maintain their religion—even atheists, counter to what they claim, do have a religion, the religion of their own ideas—, they maintain it so fiercely that our missionaries, who are liberators, find it incredibly hard to remind them they are badly in need of freeing themselves. Freeing themselves from evil, which has originated all of routines, especially religious routines which people regard as blocks to evil like secure strong citadels (Rev of Ares 13/7), whereas The Revelation of Arès regards the action to be taken as altogether different. It is not by taking up position, but it's by running like blood (Rev of Ares XVI/12) or the nimble foal (Rev of Ares 10/10) that men can set constructive faith and creative love going, which will conquer evil and misfortune, if men additionally put intelligence (32/5) into the action.
There is without question fodder for thought in the destruction of New Orleans and its reconstruction pending another destruction by the sea or any new fury of history or simply by time. New Orleans in which the whole world is mirrored, which has to be convinced of a single Truth: Change (Rev of Ares 28/7).

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