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july 23, 2006 (0036us)
if there's such a place on earth where man has to change
Israel Army in the sand stormMiddle East: Acrid smells of gunpowder and distress! No hopes of enduring solution as long as the enemies do not make the slightest change in their perspectives.
Fights in Lebanon and Palestine will leave everything unresolved, except (with no certainty, though,) Ehud Olmert's political position and Mahmoud Amahdi-Najad's, because their respective electorates still trust in violence.
On the Isreali side, Sharon, gone old and much less spurred by political ambition, might have avoided launching such an extensive attack. On the Muslim side, Ahmadi-Najad, whose letter sent to Bush (see #0026us) demonstrated that he was open to a moral, peaceful solution, provided the White House was willing to discuss it, can't help but support Muslims.
So the situation has returned to the insoluble point of the problem, that David Ben Gurion—who would be appointed prime minister in Israel 30 years later—was clearly aware of in 1919 while already campaigning for Israel's revival, "There's no solution! There is a gulf and nobody can bridge it... We jews as a nation want this country, and the [muslim] Arabs as a nation want this country." We can't help but think of the Father's words, the nations will move back to Me (Rev of Ares 28/21), that is, they will disappear as religious and political divisions and then make up a one people, My People. We can't but think of the single Path that the Father points to to all of men: penitence, in order that they can reach love, forgiveness, peace, intelligent solutions, which will drive evil out of the planet.
Evil originated from the personal project—the system—which Adam's people as free creatures contrived and since then have pitted against their Creator's plan (Rev of Ares 2/1-5). This is why man originally immortal altered for mortality (the grave, 2/1), although for a long time he was enjoying a remarkable life expectancy—Methuselah (Mathusalem) lived for 969 years (Genesis 5/27)—. Unfortunately, man did not take the opportunity of long life to return to Eden. His life expectancy was dwindling away as evil was growing more rampant, which resulted in man being unable to resolve in a single process the terrible problems evil has brought about. Which explains why four generation will not be sufficient (Rev of Ares 24/2) to find the way to Eden, the Path, the solution remaining possible notwithstanding. The near caricature of a show which evil and the hardships that go with it are currently making in the Middle East might help mankind to hear The Revelation of Arès and begin achieving it.
In 1988, during a great public meeting in Cirque d'Hiver (Winter Circus) in Paris, I launched the idea of fitting out a new "Exodus", a potential ship bound to the Middle East, not to found a nation which could raise big problems in the area, but quite the contrary to found harmony or understanding there between the antagonistic dwellers of the land. It was not yet completely hopeless calling on the Israeli and Palestinians to take heed of The Revelation of Ares, but the Ares Pilgrims did lack the means of undertaking the venture then. In 2006, everywhere everyone seethe with rage in the Middle East, madness it seems has turned overwhelming. From the sole of the foot to the head there is nothing healthy (Isaiah 1/6) and only extreme pain will make the enraged men see reason over there. If there's such a place on earth where man has to change, but has grown to the utmost unable to change, it's definitely that one. I'm crying.

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29Jul06 36usC1
Can we not agree that the root of the problem today is what is called "democracy," i.e. majority domination?
"Hoi polloi" most people can see only whether they are better off or worse off RELATIVE TO other people: hence they erect fences (or even walls!) and collect tariffs. If they sought to be better off ABSOLUTELY, they would demand free trade and free travel.
The intellectual minority has understood this for almost two centuries, since Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage.
Obviously, this is what the parable about the Samaritan means!
The peace of the Lord be always with you!

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