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july 8, 2006 (0034us)
the price of ideological vainglory
On July 1st, the Britons remembered the enormous cost in human lives paid over the Somme district on July 1st, 1916, and I found myself pondering the exorbitant price of our sociopolitical struggles.
British Army into the attack
90 years ago, in the early hours, 13 British infantry divisions leapt over their trench parapets to attack the German frontline. Out in the open. They were to pay the heaviest cost ever paid by an army, all of wars taken together, in a single daytime: 40.000 soldiers wounded and 20.000 dead among whom only 30 officers dead—A lot has been said about such a disproportion—. But the damage brought about by our ideological vainglories: patriotism here, socialism and capitalism there, christianity, judaism and islamism, etc., does not only enlarge graveyards, but it enlarges economic problems, legislative measures, the hold every administration has over people, disappointments.
How many vainglories, sources of pains and problems, in the name of ideologies in -ism, are we going to contrive again? Even though the "35-hour week law", the big French socialist attack on the "labour front" has not caused any loss of lives, it has in a similar ideological spirit damaged our production tool and the prospects of creativity, of jobs, therefore— "to beat the employers" just as we meant "to beat the huns" (1916), "to beat the aristos" (Russia, 1917), "to beat the rich" (Paris, 1936 ), "to beat the jews" (Germany, 1937) and "to beat the yanks" (New York, 2001). None of those vain displays of glory, in the brutality of weapons and iron laws, whenever it has not just induced misdeeds, has never had beneficial effects which could not be brought about later in peace. The only real glory (Rev of Ares 37/9) will be that of Eden revisited, but not revisited through endless revenge (Rev of Ares 27/9), but revisited through love, forgiveness, intelligence and, let's never forget them, moderation, patience (Rev of Ares 35/7) and work (37/8).
"Yes, but we don't want any free market economy planned between the rich," some people, possibly altermondialists, said to me lately. I answered, " If you're impatient, if you can't wait for the world to change—necessarily at a slow pace: it'll take more than four generations, 24/2 —and thus doing to make free market planned between accomplices naturally disappear, your struggles will keep costing much more than benefitting. What did the rioting youth in Paris and other big cities suburbs gain through violence in November, 2005? Nothing but a brief outlet given them by a short while of madness (I when a youth experienced the same). They could have got the CPE (job law, see #0014us & #0015us), which was especially designed for them, but other youths, the students, who have no need of the CPE to get jobs, had it abolished. Madness leads to more madness." I added, "Just as the system was having all means of killing 20,000 and send to hospital 40,000 British soldiers in a daytime, on July 1st, 1916, not to mention the thousands of German soldiers who died or were wounded on that day, the system (through the street as well as bureaucracy) will continue having all means to break every too bold-looking change. This is why the Father through The Revelation of Ares gives us unbreakable weapons. Weapons which are not forged in steelworks, and which are never dealt with by arm dealers, and which are never wielded by any riot police, and which no law can implement: love, mercy, peace, intelligence, absolute spiritual freedom, given to man only in return for efforts of penitence (Rev of Ares 28/25). The happy future is forged in man's heart." Those who had been listening to me looked at me like at an old baboon delousing itself, and then they left to continue wandering about the empty world, all the spiritual and even moral springs of which have been broken save their own springs, they thought. As to me, I guess that they will be given an opportunity of thinking over what I said to them.

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13Jul06 34usC1
Your remark that only 30 commissioned officers were killed in such a bloody battle was astonishing  and very telling!
Peace be with you!

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