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june 26, 2006 (0032us)
my iraki brethen unknown
funeral in BaghdadEvery year at Pilgrimage time, I do not restrict my piety to its essential purpose — which all of Arès Pilgrims (see #0017us) share: going back to the Word's roots on the place where the Creator in person replanted them —. I add to it a mortification (Rev of Arès 33/26+) for our deceased brothers and sisters, whom I can feel in attendance invisible on this place where they used to pray together with us.
In 2006, I add on to it my alms to more dead people, a mortification for the Iraqi who ever since 2003 have died of war violence in loneliness without relatives or friends' weeping for them (33/34).
In the Baghdad morgue alone 49,137 people who had died a violent death (shot execution style, beaten to death, tortured, beheaded, etc.) were recorded from April 5 to June 1st, 2006. Let's note in passing that the number ought to be increased by the number, undisclosed, of the Iraqi military and police casualties. The province of Al-Anbar between Baghdad and Syria has been enduring disturbances (administration in a state of chaos, continual violence, telephone shortage) so that no statistics on war victims have been drawn up three years. Some Iraqi officials assess the Iraqi who have died of war violence at more than 100,000 since March 2003; other officials say the number may reach 200,000 or even more. In a 22-million population it is equivalent to 1%! In the same period 2,520 US troops were killed, which is significant, as it is, as regards an overequipped invader.
In short, while Saddam Hussein is currently taken to court over the execution of 148 Iraqi and likely to be condemned to death, we could, if we were not opponents of the death penalty and if we tended to have black humor, wonder what sort of punishment would be appropriate for the US administration, which ever since they attacked Iraq have been causing 1,000 times as many deaths as Saddam Hussein is being tried for.

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27Jun06 32usC1
It is nevertheless painful to realize we seem to have learned nothing after thousands of years and still think violence can change the world for the better.

Reply :
Altogether right you are, Sister Djd! Violence cannot but bring about violence. It is time men thought that love, only love, can change the world for the better. This is the Core of The Revelation of Arès.

27Jun06 32usC2
Your blog of today hammers the grim reality of this rotten war home.  And for which purpose does its conduct serve?  Whom does one believe? The American Administration waging it, the pundits commenting on it, or our own gut reactions to it?  The one I disbelieve the most is the perpertrator the American Administration.
The war [in Iraq] is not even a fight of Christian West versus Muslim East, it is all about power, money and "World Domination!"  Saddam Hussein wanted to trade Iraqi Oil for Euros rather than depreciating US dollars. This would further undermine the weakened and declining American Greenback. Arguments of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and atrocities were cover for the maintenance of US imperial power, and the New World Order!
All these people outlined in your blog died for this cause, and this alone! And where next?
The Iranians are proposing thir own Oil Bourse, trading in Euros also, the Russians are also interested in establishing their own Oil Trading Bourse, trading the Russian currency rather than the dollar.
Well, the overt strategy by the US against the Iranians is to concentrate on the Nuclear Enrichment issue, another Red Herring, albeit one which to their mind gives them credibility for a military strike!. [...]
Bravo for taking the position you do. For spiritual growth to expand, humanity must have real knowledge of the world and its many layers. For too long powerful interests often hiding behind religious causes have drawn humanity into battles and wars none really want. [...]
If the West want a humanitarian cause to test their military might on, hundreds of thousands of dead African folks in Darfur could had a bit of assistance over the last few years! Is it so hard to see?
Ever in hope
Greg, New Zealand.

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