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June 1st, 2006 (0029us)
the next edition of the revelation of arès in the making
Read no further if you dislike the way Brother Michel has edited The Revelation of Ares.
"Ugly... Too big... Too complicated... Not an easy-does-it approach of Working at my deskthe Event of Ares... Theological-looking (and even bigoted-looking and preachy-style) comments, etc."
But to me it's a work of love!
I've begun preparing the next French edition of this Word of the Father, and please don't think that I overlook the plentiful feedback I've got for years from a lot of people on my way of editing it. Unfortunatly, the remarks and suggestions were miscellanious, many in contradiction to each other, so much so that that I eventually felt neutralized, mentally drained, for a good while. At last, lately, I came to decide to excogitate and carry out the next edition by myself once again. I am giving lengthy consideration of the project, however, with a view to making the book clearer, more attractive and modern... Modern insofar as a material related to the Maker's eternal Word can be modern.
I hope that my brothers and sisters in faith as well as French-speaking people as a whole will like, or at least will not too much complain about, the edition currently in the making. In any case, it will once more be an honest work, even though it will be a hard long-drawn-out work, as I mean to edit it in a manner different from the previous ones. The main Word will have a different paragraphing, spaced out with short titles, so that the book will be both less big and less difficult to sort out in concepts. The comments, no more comments than those necessary for new readers, will be very short and bigger in font size.
Whatever form I've given the Father's Word, the work always has been an epiphany to me. That's why I say "a work of love." Not that I witness new appearances or manifestations of the Father or his messenger Jesus, but I get from this work a renewed perception of the salvatory essential nature of the Word, that is, Life.

Photo: As Sister Christiane had realized that the visitors to this blog would be pleased to see new pictures, she shot me in my study yesterday, May 31st. Being a servant of the Father as well as a cook, housewife and grand-mother much better than a photographer, her first shot was good (the next nine shots were not so happy, but digital cameras are marvels, you delete the pictures that haven't come out, so no waste of film). You can see me working on the next edition of The Revelation of Ares.

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01Jun06 29usC1
The idea of a bigger size of font for the Notes is very well taken!
The peace of the Lord be always with you!
Brian W. F.

Reply :
Brian, thank you. We you and I have poor eyes now, failing sights. But I'm only 77 while you are... Oh my! I dare not work out the years behind you. I like better to look at the years ahead of you with admiration. God has certainly blessed you, my brother and friend.

02Jun06 29usC2
You probably know the story of the man, the boy, and the donkey on their way to market, the moral of which is "You can please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time."
A large print version would be a good idea for those who have vision problems.
(I just noticed that that the post a comment element is only available on the main page, and not on the page where one can read the other comments.)[??????]

Reply :
I know a negative variant of the apothegm: "You can deceive some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time," but I don't know or I can't recall hearing the story of the man, the boy and the donkey. Please tell it, if it is not too long, so I could consider publishing it in very big font for Brian and me to be able to read it.
Incidentally, I don't catch on to what you wrote between brackets, hence the question marks... Please tell it too!

04Jun06 29usC3
I will try to write out the story as best as I remember it.
An old man and a young boy set off for the market with their donkey. Soon they passed through a village. The people observed them and said, "Why are you walking when that donkey could be carrying you, poor old man?" So the old man mounted the donkey and they went on their way.
Soon they arrived in another village. The people here said, "Why are you so selfish, old man, riding that donkey and making this little boy walk?" So the man got off, the boy mounted the donkey, and they continued on their way.
In the next village the people found it scandalous that the boy was riding and the old man walking. The two explained what had happened in the other villages. The people said, "Why don't you both ride the donkey?" So that is what they did.
They came to another village (this must have been a big market, worth the trip). The people said, "You people are horrible, both of you riding that poor beast! You should be carrying the donkey, instead." They devised a means with the donkey's feet tied to a stick which they carried over their shoulders and continued on.
Now here, I am not sure of the original story, but I believe there was a catastrophe, such as a bridge giving way due the weight of the three of them. Did they all end up in the river? Were they saved? Did they ever arrive at the market? I don't know. The moral of the story: You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all the people all the time.
[Postscript:] Concerning my remark on the functioning of the blog: I arrive on your main page. I check the index to see if there is a new article. If so, I click on the link in the index table. This takes me to the individual article with its comments. If I wish to add a comment, there is no link for that on this page; I must go to the main blog to find that link, loading all the previous articles. This is just a detail that I noticed because I like to read the other comments before making one myself, even though it is not meant to be a conversation between the readers.

Reply :
Thank you Dawnel very much. The pieces of advice heard by the old man and the boy (and probably the donkey, for donkeys I've been told are as good at understanding human languages as good at pretending not to understand them) from village to village sound like a great deal of advice I've been given whenever I've sought after some from my brothers.

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