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may 24, 2006 (0028us)
waiting for godot or waiting for salvation
The afterlife salvation? In concrete terms, The Revelation of Ares says little or nothing about it. In spiritual terms, it is the strength to overcome darkness, fear (16/6), powerlessness of existence devoid of its corporeal scaffolding (17/2), while waiting for absolute salvation, which is to occur on the Day of re-creation and transfiguration of man pieced together again, flesh, mind and soul.
Among the whole Word that Abraham's descendants have been handed down only the Quran depicts the salvation of the just Paradise, a word never found in The Revelation of Ares , in a way past the stage of mere ideas like the idea given by Luke 16/23 (Poor Lazarus in Abraham's bosom). Nonetheless, the Quran's materiality of the depictions are allegories rather than realities, unless they are related to absolute salvation, that is, life after the resurrection Day (Rev of Ares 35/2-3).
Convalescing, April 2006
About the salvation immediately after death The Revelation of Ares concretely says almost nothing. It sets out death as the falling apart of man's three constituents: the flesh, the mind and the soul (Rev of Ares 17/7). She warns, recommending that the living mortify for the dead (Rev of Ares 33/32-34), that the time of death is a trial to all men even to the virtuous (Rev of Ares XL/15). Death is anomaly, since the flesh dies of the congenital plague, sin, inherited from Adam (Rev of Ares 2/1-5), that mankind will recover from only by agreeing to do penitence for generations (24/2).
When you die at the age of conscienceness (children and simple people do not have salvation problems, the Scripture suggests) either you have only the mind or you have the mind the soul left. The mind alone can act as nothing but a freezing shroud for you (17/7), a metaphor for spiritual sterility (the abyss) and suffering unconsciousness (17/5) of the specter (4/6-7). On the other hand, the soul, if you have made yourself a soul by acting with goodness (Rev of Ares vigils 17 & 18), love, forgiveness, peace, rejection of prejudices (freedom), with faith or religion as well as without any, the soul drives you out of the abyss like a sail driven by the spiritual wind, which you used to blow while you were alive. What you bring along with you is the strength you gave yourself on earth. The area the soul moves to is not described, probably because afterlife salvation is not the conclusion of spiritual life. The finality of spiritual life is absolute salvation, the one salvation described in The Revelation of Ares, the one bound to come later on after the Day has occurred (Rev of Ares 17/7, 31/8-12, 33/9, etc).
Let's mention the 2d of October, however, when I was propelled out of time and out of my own vulnerability throughout the universe. This trial may well give a concrete idea of the soul's way of life while waiting until the Day occurs. "Why," some people ask me, "do you balk at telling about that extraordinary trial?" I happen to reply, "Because on that day, like I was one of the two misfits in Waiting for Godot, Vladimir and Estragon, I learned for a few minutes that, as I was a man, I was a metaphysical animal—Ionesco used to say so about Samuel Becket's play—. It was not me, it was the Maker who depicted my own trial in The Revelation of Ares (VI/1-4), because none of men can describe his reunion with his own spiritual substance. That reunion can't be shared, it is as inconceivable as Godot, God himself, pretty much!"
I happen to tell some visitors, who are then disconcerted, "I don't know what God is, I have but experienced him just as you've read from The Revelation of Ares. From the experience no really informative description of him can be drawn, but, though poor, it is honestly true. Likewise, my idea of salvation is honestly true. I don't know much about it, but I'm aware that we do not die, and that what a human brings along with him or her is roughly all he or she has made good or bad, positive or negative, when he or she was corporeal."

Picture: I've got few photos. I have not much thought of myself. Just the same, here's a recent picture (April, 2006) together with my wife Christiane, taken by our daughter Sara.

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A joy to see you and Christiane looking so fit and happy!
The peace of the Lord be always with you!

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