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april 16, 2006 (0020us)
Jesus is risen. We are to be risen alike
1st century tombPeople think, of all things, that we Ares Pilgrims do not believe in Jesus' resurrection. But no, we believe in Jesus' resurrection, even though it is not the cardinal point of our faith unlike Paul's faith (catholic saint-Paul's).
Here's why we believe in Jesus' resurrection:
First, Jesus who visited me in 1974 was not a ghost, but a man in the flesh. He was a resurrected man, therefore, and could not be anything else.
Second, The Revelation of Ares makes us perfectly understand the context of Jesus' resurrection. Not the rising again to life of a God allegedly incarnate would an eternal God's resurrection ever be miraculous? , but the big psychological stimulant that the resurrection of a mortal, who had been eliminated early on his prophetic mission by the religious and political powers, would have produced to his disciples. As the disciples had been inadequately trained and fear was getting the better of them, they were going to make mistakes (Rev of Ares 5/1-5), but all would have been even worse, if they had not witnessed resurrected Jesus coming and going at will; then they would have lost faith completely. Paul realized it: "Had he not been resurrected, we would not have any message or faith (1Corinthians 15/4)."
But these very words point out that Paul, and subsequently the Churches, considered Jesus' message as worth believing and preaching only if Jesus had resurrected, so that they placed Jesus' resurrection, or rather faith in Jesus' resurrection, above the Message. Unlike this doctrine, The Revelation of Ares restores the priority of the Message and, accordingly, the deeds which the Message urges man to achieve: Grow into penitents, that is to say, be good, and harvest more penitents, a lot of them, so that the world may change! That's why the Father does not regard Paul as one who conveys the Word (Rev of Ares 16/12, 3(/12).
Just as people think erroneously that we do not believe in Jesus' resurrection, they think that we are not Christian. Admittedly, we are no catholics, no protestants, no orthodoxes, but christians we are unquestionably. We strive to follow the sermon on the hill (Matthew ch.5 to 7).
Jesus has resurrected! We proclaim it today, on Easter Sunday, together with whole Christendom. But what we see most of all in Jesus' resurrection is the proof or demonstration that every one of us will really be resurrected on the Maker's Day (Rev of Ares 31/8-13), when penitence has adequately spread on earth, so that mankind can resolutely be in favor of Good.

Picture: This is not Jesus' tomb, the site of which has kept unknown. This is a double tomb of the time. Jesus was shrouded and laid and then rose from the dead in a similar cave.

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17Apr06 20usC1
People forget that the definition of a Christian is "one who follows Christ's teachings" rather than diverse religious doctrines.

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