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april 15, 2006 (0019us)
from heaven on high to elysium here below
The Revelation of Arès may have impressed France's president.
In ancient pagan times the elysium was the dwelling place of happy souls. A link might have been forged between Heaven of infinite hope and a small elysium of earthly hopes.
A short while ago, in Brussels, the European big shots met to confer on that cause of concern: energy worrying, isn't it just!
Ernest-Antoine Seillière, the French industry representative, stopped halfway through his address and said, "Now I continue in English," and then resumed his rhetoric in English. President Chirac rose from his chair and swept out of the committee room with the bewildered French ministries following.
No one caught on to the reason why Jacques Chirac had flown off the handle, because a man of the French delegation had suddenly taken to speaking English, because French was not a language understood by all of the audience.
The day before yesterday, a French senior civil servant not an Ares Pilgrim, but a sympathizer gave me this piece of information: "A few months or weeks ago, Président Chirac sent an assistant to a Paris bookstore to buy a copy of The Revelation of Ares. Apparently, he read it. At the very least, he read enough of it to be struck by the fact that a spiritual message of this caliber had been spoken in French to a French witness. Since then, the fact seems to have preyed on the president's subconscious. As proof of it, that hitch in Brussels, when Jacques Chirac, though a man of great broad-mindedness and top European expectations, was shocked, because a man of his suite had suddenly preferred speaking English to speaking French. French as the Maker's language after he has spoken Hebrew, Aramic, Greek and Arabic.
There is no way of being confirmed of the truthfulness or even the mere likelihood of what the senior civil servant said to me, but as the informer is a reliable sincere one, I have ended up considering the piece of information as, say, credible.
What can be inferred from it? That lowly apostles devoid of resources, who have had only the street and a few lecturing halls as platforms, virtually banned from any radio and television broadcasting and from the popular dailies, have managed to tell the world the news that the Maker has come back down to France, in Ares (Gironde), to prove that he exists and to correct some wrong ideas that have long gone around about his Word's meaning. The news has eventually ended up in the Elysee, the Paris presidential residence.
Here's a nice Easter present given to all of our fellow missionaries!

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19Apr06 19usC1
Reminds one of "You send the white wing to the paro (Rev of Ares XXV-6)."
Is it proper to observe that Ares was not only the first revelation in a Romance language, but also the first to a prophet who is not a Semite? Peace be with you!

Reply :
The Revelation of Ares may well be the first given to mankind in a Romance language, not to say in an Indo-European one apart from the revelation that Sarsushtratam (Zoroaster, Rev of Ares XVIII-3) might have spread in Persia about three centuries prior to Moses, and that has never reached us. On the other hand, I cannot assert that only Semites had conveyed a revelation before the Maker's messenger Jesus visited me in Ares, France, in 1974. Some exegetes, for instance, contend that prophet Daniel might be of non-Semitic stock. Just remember evangelist Luke, who was Greek, as well.

20Apr06 19usC2
Thank you for showing a different angle of this incident.
I had found it bewildering, wondered if M. Chirac was having an attack of nationalism and feared he was setting a poor example for our young people who we encourage to learn at least one other language, hoping to break down the barriers between people.

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