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april 10, 2006 (0018us)
unending vengeance is going on
ThSamara (Iraq), a bombed mosquee wall falls down; they (will) rebuild the mas'jy (= the mosque, Rev of Ares XV/7).
Yes, they will, but what for?

This verse and all of The Revelation of Ares' chapter XV were about the war that the USSR was going to wage against traditional Afghanistan. In 1977, when I was given the message by the Maker, it was an absolute prophesy, because it has never occurred to anybody that such a war would break out. Ever since then, a lot of events have taken place throughout those countries. In Afghanistan the victory of the brothers of Muhammad (XV/3), who in the majority would be called talibans and impose a rule of intolerance on the country, which had always been more or less rampant there, anyway. Shortly afterwards, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US Army and the consequent chaos, because the governments set up by the invader do not have the natural authority, the charism very important to all Muslims.
On February 22, some sunnites explode the dome of the sacred shiite mosque in Samara, Iraq. Pathetic, just as any angry act is! People can pray elsewhere, anywhere. Sadly, vengeance is going to go on unending (Rev of Ares 27/9) and harder than ever between shiites and sunnites and even others. Believers will kill each other, just as they have done for millennia. The civil war every day is plunging Irakis into more sufferings and mournings. As a result, papers have a while been silent on the trial of Saddam Hussein who, albeit in a merciless way, had imposed peace and security in Iraq, and who had twenty-five years claimed less victims than the plight caused by George W. Bush has claimed for three years.
Oh no, I don't prefer the former to the latter. Every day I with anguish think and even have my eyes wet over my fellow humans, who keep on losing the right ways and suffering all over the earth. Who could still misunderstand that listening to The Revelation of Ares or merely the Sermon on the Mount not yet applied is a matter of emergency?

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10Apr06 18usC1
Can the Sunnis and the Shi'ites and the Kurds not agree that they want to defend their country against Turkey, against Iran, against Kuwait, etc?
Brian (Bronxville, NY)

Reply :
Iraq's Sunni, Shi'ites and Kurds (there are Sunnis, Shi'ites and Kurds elsewhere, notably in Iran, Turkey, etc.) may be unlikely to rally to the defense of Iraq, given their domestic quarrels. Just imagine that their quarrels have led Iraqi Sunnis and Shi'ites reciprocally to explode their mosques and slaughter each other! I wonder if Iraq has ever existed as a country. I recall being taught that the Brits had created Iraq from the Middle-eastern old wreks of the Ottoman empire, part of Mesopotamia, but not from a coherent Iraqi homeland.

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