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april 8, 2006 (0017us)
the Ares Pilgrims... what's that?
This blog closes its page 1. It's a first step in the right direction. This blog, I hope, will enable me to share the immense sublime Revelation of Ares (just pronounce e in Ares like e in "chess") with the very small world. I call it very small, because it seems very scarce in front of the screens: A daily audience between a few hundreds to a thousand or so. I should say that I've got a small number of E-Mail addresses in my notebook, so I' have notified few people of the birth of the blog.
Brother Michel_2004Through this unassuming blog I will be able to say and resay unflaggingly (Rev of Ares 27/8), under a lot of pretexts: news, meditations, etc.,that the Message of Ares calls on men to change the world (28/7). "It's just megalomania!" the greatest minds of the time exclaim. "A plan that foolish can't be achieved." Yes, it can, The Revelation of Ares replies in substance, it will only take a human now and then (a small remnant) who will become good (a penitent) and search for (harvest) men and women who in turn would agree to become good, so that the world will be gradually changing for the better. All in all, The Revelation of Ares reminds us that goodness is as infectious as evil is, so that the problem consists in no more than choosing the former and giving up the latter.
In a nutshell, this is what the Word especially the Gospel has advised men to do from time immemorial, but none of religions has ever achieved.
The Father of the universe (Rev of Ares 12/4) has never done theology, never published a catechism, never distinguished between religions and non-religions (Rev of Ares 25/6), is neither Christian, nor Jewish, nor Muslim, nor Buddhist, nor anything else. He has done nothing but come back to men, to all of men, to urge them to spiritual life merely made of love, forgiveness, peace, a free mind and intelligence. Spiritual life alone will produce global happiness, happiness never recovered yet after ancestor Adam's big mistake (2/1-5).
As this is not a religious issue, what do people call Ares Pilgrims then?
Numberless believers and nonbelievers, who have the sense to think that the Path to happiness is plain spiritual life, yearn for The Revelation of Ares without even being aware that it exists, while among that multitude the Ares Pilgrims are just those who know The Revelation of Ares, feed on it and spread its Light. In The Revelation of Ares they are called the small remnant or pious gens. Why Ares Pilgrims or Pilgrims to Ares, therefore? This phrase is in fact a nickname that was used from 1975 onwards by the locals whenever they talked to each other about the men and women who were spontaneous coming to the place where Jesus had appeared and spoken in 1974 Usual have been the popular nicknames given to uncommon believers: Methodists for John Wesley's protestant church, Quakers for the Friends, Mormons for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and so on.
In the beginning, as i was aware that the word Ares Pilgrims was a joke, I balked at using it. A little later on, the connection, absolutely contingent, with the pilgrim whose misery mollifies the (angry) Father (Rev of Ares 12/9) sounded all right to me. Also, I thought that officially adopting the word was the right way to make the joke totally meaningless.
Had not the word Ares Pilgrims come from the streets and its gossips, what would I have named the movement spontaneously emerging from The Revelation of Ares? At the time I hardly ever thought about it; I used to face much more burning issues then. Small remnant taken out of the context would sound abstruse to the public, who knew nothing of The Revelation of Ares. I thought to call my earlier brothers and sisters of faith the believers, but as the word had a totally global meaning, it was likely to cause all of the believers on earth to protest against it. To tell the truth, I do not know what I would have called our movement, which had started spontaneous and has since then stayed spontaneous. There has been no registered association of the Ares Pilgrims, no more than they have ever had any central log or filing system for them. An Ares Pilgrim is any human that, just as Jesus used to do 2,000 years ago, sets his (or her) steps in the footprints (Rev of Ares 2/12) of the Father that sounds much closer to men in The Revelation of Ares than he sounded in the Bible and the Quran.

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