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march 25, 2006 (0014us)
CPE (=Contract of First Employment with a two-year probation period, a new law that has filled the streets with an angry mob in France for weeks): Who's going to cure the bubo (the swelling, the bulge, Rev of Ares XXXIV/16-18)? The doctors that rule France or the doctors that are longing to rule it soon? I am bemoaning the latter, who in the hope of evicting the former have rashly endangered France's peace to arouse an uncontrollable monster racket Aren't French students easy to rouse to a racket? They are . The former I am bemoaning as well, because they hypocrites claim that only a dialogue will crack the nut. In fact, as the affair is mere politics, it's just a dialogue around a poker table. Reality lies elsewhere and is virtually irrelevant to the CPE.
protest against the CPE lawReality: Jobs = salaried employments, because these are easily controlled and taxed, as long as the world does not understand that it has to change (Rev of Ares 28/7), so that man may have a destiny worthy of man, but the thing is, jobs are not many enough for everybody, and there will even be less and less jobs.
Accordingly, any cure for joblessness is a cure for the bubo, that is, it cures society of nothing much. How could the CPE persuade employers to hire people they don't need, since they would have long hired them, if they would need them, as they are profitthirsty according to the leftists? But they are philanthropythirsthy, as well, and eager to hire all of youth, the rightists think. Leftists and rightists have it all wrong.
Then I tried to understand the pros and cons with mathematics, dispassionately. I filled a file with curves, graphs, ratings, statistics and (antithetical) conclusions by great experts. It would take several pages of this website to show them. Just believe the results of my study: There are as many pros as there are many cons. Impossible to tell who is right from who is wrong. I can't help but more and more bemoan the mess, which some adults, who have no problems but the end of their political careers to secure, have selfishly prompted among young people who have only basic problems of careers to start up. In any case, if young people (unanimously, the media say) do really not want the CPE? When hired, they each say, "I sign up nothing but a CDI (Contract of Permanent Employment)." The law to be is the will to be; no law that has been can resist it (Rev of Ares 28/8).
The Maker through his Revelation of Ares is right: Just as religion is, politics is to be replaced with love, intelligence and freedom which, when it becomes real freedom, is not the outburst of all sorts of passions, but a giant wave of wisdom, which the world has lacked so far.

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It's incredible the way the French stick to their guns as far as a leftist policy is concerned. They cling to everything they believe to such an extent they would rise up, bring about a revolution. Prime minister de Villepin is getting barbecued by a mob who don't give a damn about what he says. What matters is de Villepin abolishing his own law, no matter whether it is good or bad. We Americans have got difficulties understanding why the French are forever rejecting their administration [government]. They actually are all anarchistic, which following the global idea in The Revelation of Ares they could hold spiritual. I'd be interested in a development of the news. Regards
Perry S. T Jr.

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