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february 20, 2006 (0012us)
furor from lack of love
Democracy to Hell!
This slogan has been flaunted in a lot of Muslim protests against Muhammad cartoons published by a Danish paper Jyllands-Posten.
Democracy go to hellWe'd better get it right, though! This slogan means much more than anger toward the Muhammad cartoons. It means utter lack of understanding of our 'democratic' attitudes. It means there's an abyss between the Muslim main mass spirit and the Judaeo-Christian main mass spirit, and the bridge to cross it is not yet in the making.
Last week somebody told me, "Those Muslim protests against Muhammad cartoons are deeply shocking. We've got to reject mental backwardness and stand up for freedom of expression." I replied, "What about someone publishing a cartoon of you pulling down your old father's pants and by force ass-fucking him?" Immediately the man blushed, outraged, and said vehemently, raising his hand, "How offensive! How dare you a man of God think of rude things like that?! That's altogether different, anyway..." I cut him off, "No, it's not. The Muhammad cartoons shock our Muslim fellow humans so much as my offensive words just shocked you. That's by no means different. So they react the way you on the verge of violence have just reacted at my rudeness. Freedom of expression is not freedom of offense."
I added, "A Muslim isn't more backward than you a Christian. Only, just like you, he so far has failed to love his neighbor so much that he could stay impassive when faced with a strong vexation. A lack of inner peace denotes judgment. The judgment has leapt onto your tongue like a flea, unawares (Rev of Ares 36/16). Now, a man that loves his neighbor ought not to judge him, ever."

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