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march 7, 2006 (0011us)
there is no absolute freedom but freedom to love
The great spiritual issues do not rest with faith, a word that can't be found in The Revelation of Ares. They rest with all that stands for the value of the son (any man, religious or not) just as it stands for the Father's value: Love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and, of course, spiritual freedom (or liberty). Sadly, these instruments of Good have not been discernible for millennia, because man, religious and/or political, has replaced them by different "values": law, ideology, force, customs and the much talked-about legitimity. What to do until spiritual consciousness reappears?
José BovéTake liberty, for example! I'm pondering a recent event when two "freedoms" confronted each other. In February, 2006, José Bové, an altermondialist, a scourge of American products and produces (in France he has vandalized a McDonald fast-food restaurant and dug out fields of transgenic corn) was turned back by the immigration police at Kennedy Airport, NY. Officially expected to give a lecture at Cornell University, NY, he was unofficially intended to take part in a few protests. José Bové was not refused a right of speech, even anti-american speech, however, but a right to leave part of his US immigration form blank. The US immigration form aks any non-american visitor if he has ever been sentenced to a penalty, whatever, in his own country. José Bové did not tick off the box.
Which "liberty" should have prevailed? The "legitimate liberty" of the USA to refuse a notorious anti-american fire ship admittance? José Bové's no less "legitimate liberty" to refuse to kneel in the US immigration police's confessional?
The liberty or freedom preached by The Revelation of Arès is unquestionably absolute. It is the freedom of the from the harness that doctors put on it (10/10, doctors of the law, of ethics, of the order, etc.), but it can be exerted in one tendendy of the heart, the tendendy to love, never to violence. Now, Uncle Sam and José Bové are violent beings who each claim to follow their "liberty" of violence. There's nothing spiritual, nothing true therefore, in the confrontation between two "liberties". The nimble foal may be free from the doctor's harness, but it is not "free" to trample the doctors underfoot. We are too much influenced by evil to be able to se the difference.
I think that José Bové should have refrained from going to exert his violence at the very source of his grievances, so that he could save the USA from refusing him admittance on their territory, which is violence likewise. Until it becomes always solvable, absolute freedom, whenever it is unsolvable, that is, under most of circumstances, can only have absolute substitutes. In this example, the substitute is absolute wisdom to avoid an unsolvable encounter.

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