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march 9, 2006 (0010us)
ocher-colored, materiel therefore, for all that an angel
Brother Michel on the beachThe Revelation of Arès,
the angel on the beach episode, October 8, 1977 (Bilingual edition, p.371). One among thousands of contradictors hints that that angel was nothing but an illusion, because "everything is just matter throughout", a pretty, very fashionable phrase. I reply, "I agree. Everything is matter. The Creator of matter is necessarily matter himself. As the angel that appeared to me on the beach was ocher-yellow from head to foot, and since matter alone can be colored, the angel was material.
I add, "Also material had Jesus been in 1974, when he had spoken to me and touched me. Likewise, material were the theophanies I witnessed in 1977, that loud voice out of a dazzling, well-nigh blinding stick of light."
The contradictor says, "Entirely imaginary things can be resounding, colored and even blinding." I say, "Moments ago you told me that even the mind is material. Therefore, when you hint at all I saw and heard in 1974 and 1977 as mere hallucination or fabrication, I can relate you back to your own materialism. My hallucinations and fabrications coudln't possibly be but mere matter, mere reality."
I add, "Mind you, I don't want to argue against you with a sophism. I only say that the materialistic theory is inadequate to demonstrate that the Arès supernatural events are untrue. On the other hand, I claim that a few great facts following those events argue against materialism." The contradictor asks, "What great facts?" I answer, "I did not love my neighbor more than most of men do conventionally. I did not forgive offenses. I did not act free from the cultural prejudices. I did not preach absolute peace. Just fancy what I've turned into! I wholeheartedly love my neighbor now. I forgive all of offenses. I am free from the cultural prejudices. I preach utter peace. A lot of Arès Pilgrims have changed likewise: they were wicked or mediocre, or liars, or violent men, but they have become good, truthful, peaceful. This is what Jesus meant 2,000 years ago, when he said, Look, the blind can see, the deaf can hear... The angel on the beach was ocher-yellow, material therefore, but for all that he was an angel. Only, in 1977, I was beginning to see what you cannot see yet."

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