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march 8, 2006 (0009us)
PrBrother Michelaying according to The Revelation of Arès is not beseeching or glorifying God, but achieving the good
Do not beseech, because before you beseech, the Father he has his own idea about what you need, (which is not necessarily your own idea about it), Matthew 6/8.
The Father has an idea that you have to develop your kindness. As for the Father's glory, it's no use glorifying him, because his glory belongs on him like your head on your shoulders. Glory is his natural element; he need not be congratulated on it.
Why pray, then? Through The Revelation of Arès the Father says, Uttering my word in order to achieve it, this is true piety (35/6).
In order to achieve what? To achieve the good all your life, because nothing but the good will give man happiness.
Whenever you stop by the path to utter a few verses, you do not harp on the holy scripture, but you do so never to forget that the Creator's word has no purpose but to create, remind you that you have to create your own self and whole mankind good. In other words, as we are the Creator's images and likenesses (Genesis 1/27), we are co-creators of the universe, we have to love all of humans further every day, forgive all of offenses further every day, make peace further every day, be still freer from all that forces us to be mediocre, tell lies, act according to the animal habits and the laws of despiritualized man, but not according to our spiritual conscience.
It is not by praying in this or that way, but by acting good and true in everyday life, that we are saved and are going to save the world.

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