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february 16, 2006 (0007us)
a swordman or a man of home?
Ariel SharonAriel Sharon looks like he were definitely eliminated after a stroke from which he has not yet recovered, if he can recover from it ever. What's more, this sudden change in the political leadership in Israel has become complicated by the latest Palestinian elections and the political victory of the Hamas party. Although Mahmud Abbas (Fatah) is to remain the president for a good while, Hamas is going to grow more and more influential on the Palestinian policy and every talk with Israel.
For decades Sharon used to behave much more like a swordman than a politician aware of the human predicament at stake in the Middle East. He notably seemed rather unaware of the Palestinians' aspirations for getting even with the Israeli, who drove them out of their land and houses half a century ago, and reduced them to poverty and even reduced part of them to begging. Nothing else is at stake in the conflict around Jerusalem.
But it is much more than a political conflict, it is a primal conflict. The Arab and the Jew have either to be born or to be stillborn… unless they agree to be twins, because has not really come into existence yet and Palestine is eager to be reborn. No need to demonstrate the huge difficulty in ending up with such an agreement. They have to end up with it, however. It is unsure if the Hamas really seeks to destroy Israel, let's hope Hames doesn't, but at least it is trying to get back the assets, material and political, the Palestinians have long lost. In other words, it is trying to share the land and the decisions on the land's destiny.
By the end of his prime minister office, Ariel Sharon sounded as if he had definitely realized that the Palestinians would never give up their legitimate claims and even that the claims were well-justified. The word once given Moses by God is not above the word later given Muhammad, an extension of God's word applied to whole mankind, which is upheld by The Revelation of Ares. A short while before a stroke struck him down, Ariel Sharon had come to the very conclusion previously drawn by Beghin and Rabin from the situation.
Those prospects of universality notwithstanding, the concrete reality cannot be ignored. Israel, although it is not recognized by all of the nations quite a few Muslim countries have remained reticent stand as a powerful economic and military state in the face of the weak Palestinians. Love of the neighbour and sense shall take over from weapons. There is much trouble in store for men whom brutal events have not predisposed to mercy.

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