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february 15, 2006 (0006us)
poor judge! poor justice!
“But it's just a child!” one of them lets out on catching sight of judge Fabrice Burgaud.
The “child” belongs in the law system answerable for dreadful errors in an inquest (the preparation of a case for eventual judgment), which has resulted in a lot of innocent people being jailed for months and their social and family lives being wrecked.
The judge Fabrice BurgaudSizeable were the odds that such dramatic errors might be made by too young a judge both horrified at discovering what sort of sexual abuse paedophiles could inflict on children and almost devoid of experience. Consequently, if the people's representatives were going to summon the responsible for the legal errors to appear, they might as well summon the whole legal system, at least the chief senior judges and even the justice ministers, the ruling one and the former ones, who have put a kid fresh from law school in charge of a case of extensive complexity and gravity. Would have a young engineer fresh from university been put in charge of the engineering and design of the Millau viaduct, or liner “Queen Elisabeth”, or Airbus 380? No, he wouldn't. Anybody putting him in charge of such a task would have been at fault. How could we, therefore, accept the idea of elder judges leaving young judge Burgaud shouldered from beginning to end with a case, which was every day gaining in excessive size? His elders and even, if it was possible, if it had a human face and body, justice itself should be summoned to appear here!
Doesn't every one of us think of The Revelation of Ares, which states that the only judge that show some signs of justice and intelligence (Rev of Ares 32/5) is the judge that eats his own tongue (Rev of Ares XI/7)? In other words, the judge that renounces the law and appeals to his own heart, soul and love, which does not rule out wisdom, quite the contrary!
Judiciary errors are numberless, but exceedingly split up. Rare, therefore worthwhile observing, is a situation of massive judiciary inconsistency like Outreau's case, which has resulted in spectacular damages social, family and even bodily (an innocent committed suicide in prison), because it shows how huge the efforts the men who forgive have to make sometimes. The innocent whose lives have been wrecked by judges have to forgive them indeed.
Forgiving is not paying no heed. No judiciary system or law will ever be reformed enough. It has to disappear. This is one of The Revelation of Ares's major teachings. If the innocent don't forgive the judges, the judiciary system will keep going rife everywhere on earth, because it is love, but not endless vengeance (Rev of Ares 27/9), that will cause the courts of justice to disappear.
Judiciary system is to be replaced. Replaced with something still to be discovered, which love alone is likely to discover, when a small remnant will have put love back into circulation. Evolution is far from over. The world has to change (Rev of Ares 28/7).

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