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february 9, 2006 (0004us)
a penitent or miracle maker
Every morning I ask myself:
Will you today be better than yesterday? In other words, have you got ahead with your penitence? Which does not mean that penitence is a forbidding, austere, sad action. Quite the contrary!
The Revelation of Ares has not reversed the fundamental sense of penitence, which will forever remain a path to good, but this Word has reminded us of theBrother Michel_2004 dynamic joyful prospects of selftransformation from a mediocre sinful state into a selfrecreated, reborn man or woman gradually filling, day after day, during his or her lifetime, with grace, strength against evil inner or outer.
The effort you every day make to grow better, more loving, more forgiving, more peaceful, more intelligent and freer (in a spiritual sense) makes you recover part of the image and likeness of the Maker (Genesis 1/27), that is the image and likeness of grace, that is, the image and likeness of a miraclemaker. A miraclemaker not as powerful as the Father, but a man or woman imperceptibly growing into a strong self-redeemed soul that's regaining its divine origin.
Whenever I'm asked: "Pray for me or for Mrs So-and-So," I reply, "Just do penitence, that is, become better, don't tell lies, be charitable, love even your enemies, don't judge anybody, refrain from being angry, so you'll get much more favor for you or Mrs So-and-So from penitence than from prayer. You might even work a miracle!"

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