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February 8, 2023 (248us) 

Joseph ben Caiaphas known simply as Caiaphas (Matthew 26/57-67, 27/1-2, Mark 14/63-65, 15/1, Luke 22/66-71) did not bring anything original in the world. He continually comes to life again; among all the devastating people in society he is the one that convicts ; he will not disappear as long as the world fails to change (Rev of Arès 28/7).

Caiaphas questioned Jesus saying, "Are you the Christ, the Blessed One's son?" Jesus replied, "I am and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power and coming with the clouds of Heaven." At that Caiaphas tore his garments and cried out, "What further need do we have of witnesses? You have heard the blasphemy!" They all condemned him as deserving to die (Mark 14/61-64).

Those condamners were sincere, and therein lay the dramatic antilogy. As Jews and gardians of heir religion they had long understood that Jesus was going to unfetter it, make faith free provided it would be lived through the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew ch. 5 to 7). We Arès Pilgrims too have Caiaphases, whom penitence constains us to love, forgive, let free to act (Rev of Arès 10/10) until the dawn (xxxv/7) of the Day appears when we will make them find out that love is intelligence (32/5) and that law is just never-ending complacent endless vengeance (27/9).


JésusdevantCaïphe : Albrecht Dürer

Jesus dragged to Caiaphas
by Albrecht Dürer

Our mission urges the world to move from religious dogmata, or rationalistic, philosophic, scientific law, or general incredulity, or together triliterally, to love, so that we have a huge triplice of detractors, many of them incline to make us disappear. There is only a very small trace of unblinking mankind, whom we can persuade to follow us: the ripe wheat ears.
In public debates two sorts of speech always conflict with each other, that of  accusers and that of defendants. Defendants are always minority. The accusers have got the widespread majority "reason" of the law of rats (Rev of Arès xix/24) and they never run short of arguments. So Justice is inevitably sluggish.

How long lasted Adam's sacred Fire before he put on sin (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/6-13) as a candle-snuffer hat and got out of Éden ? Nobody knows, because the ancient biblicists only wrote summaries. The Bible as a whole, however, drives us to guess that Adam was a thinking animal again and his life expectancy drew in and became as short as his lifetime before his spiritual creation, but was given possibility of being redeemed. Ipso facto, the Creation or Spiritualization of man has resumed, although slowly and interspersedly, on the momentum of the initial Power.
The improvement of biological life is slow to the point of being unseen, because biological life has turned too short and humans —with a few exceptions—cannot experience it. Improvement nevertheless has been having an impact on all areas of society ever for millenia, because man, although resistant to the Maker's Design, is the only living being on earth who has never stopped observing himself, being amazed at himself, questioning himself about his future, because he has so far remained his own co-creator unknowingly (Genesis 1/26-27). With a very lazy crawling every micro-aspect of the way man little by little has found (Rev of Arès 24/5) all that ancestor Adam had denied to be.

Khaybar, Arabie Saoudite

Archeological remains of Khaybar (Arabia). Men used to live there
millennia ago, but what fundamental difference with us ? None.
The innocent always struggle to survive their judges.

A short while ago I was pondering over a few pictures of  the archæological remains of Khaybar in Arabia : human beings used to live there millenia ago and I was thinking of the time people need to come back from Adam's fall days. What to God would have been the point of coming down to speak to men before 1974-1977, since men do not listen to Him? There would have been no point, I guess, as long as man sees no point in dealing with anything apart from techniques and philosophies; man will have to have himself made headway. We have to get human beings out of their invariability.
Adam is his old self previous to his spiritual creation again, he has turned unaware of that which links him to the primordial Aeon but through the metaphysical bridge. Man is now the very content of his own reason to exist, his own conscience, his relation to the unknown. For the time being he can just guess things, but metaphysics is not still, it is moving guess, today slow, tomorrow prompt if we succeed in awakening human being's spiritual curiosity. The Father has given us Arès Pilgrims the job of inducing human beings to search the invisible, rising towards Life (Rev of Arès 24/3-5) and feeling Its reality.
Can anyone take an interest in one's divine origins once one has lost all recollection of them or frozen them? Can Caiaphas understand anything about Jesus, from whom a metaphysical gulf separates, as long as he is a commonplace narrow-minded Caiaphas? As spirital as skillful engraver Albrecht Dürer has drawn Caiaphas with a conservative's silly profile, the guards with bully faces, Jesus with an evolutionist's tragic features. Something virtually insuperable could not but make and keep those men parted two millenia ago. What today keeps us parted company with our detractors is still insuperable, though somewhat less, which makes meetings feasible, but we will need much patience all the same.

Religion is shortsighted. Religion promises eternal paradise to all individuals that follow its dogmata and rules. It promises others eternal hell. Religion is unaware of the man's necessary need of expansion in the ever-expanding Universe and therefore teaches no truth but rigid illusion. Religion does not realize that man is naturally expansive.
Spiritual life, that is The Revelation of Arès's topic, is farsighted ; it considers individuals as landmarks ever out of their depths along the very long path (Rev of Arès xii/5) that the race has to travel without stopping. God's Children (13/5) grow, it is their inevitable fate, which no one can stop without risking the loss of their mental stability. It is their whole community during the entire life of their race that we have to unbind until God's Day! Not the ant torturable and subjected to the inexorable criminality of its species through its judges, but the judgeless united ant-hill. Arès Pilgrims' prophetic function has nothing to do with religion. Each one of us holds eight billion human beings.
"O miseras hominum mentes (Unfortunate human spirits), O pectra cæca (o blind heart), qualibus in tenebris vitæ (in what kind of darkness of life), quantisque periclis degitur (and through how many hazards does) hoc ævi quodcumque est (that period of time, whatever, go by) !" (Lucrecius, "De natura rerum", On the nature of things). After Adam's fall life turns into wretchedness, achieves none of undertaking, always ends up in death. The soul is the lifebelt that the loving Father has planned to save penitents, who are not only the men that do good, but likewise who climb the path to transcendence.
The Caiaphases, though they look after the Light whithout finding it ever, struggle and die as do all of those whom they condemn. The ancient leaders said, "Panem et circenses (bread and circuses)!" because they saw the superfluousness of life well, though they were unaware that it was due to sin, which clears human beings of their Edenic genius, a few traces of which fortunately are left, at random, in a few people on earth. Human life goes by between wishes and failures.
There are Caiaphases in a number of forms throughout. Jesus is not the only man to be found guilty by those Caiaphases. They perch the defendants on their own porcupine backs, scold them, then articulate punishments ! Jesus used to speak to any sinner lovingly, "Go and sin no more!" But they never absolve a man that defies their ideas. They sit on the metal grating which shuts the dungeons into which they have pushed down love. But we will make them think things over one by one carefully, then stand up, then lift the grating up, and then throw a rope and pull up love to Earth's surface.
Not only the Arès Pilgrims are going to reinstall love under the sun; all of human beings, Caiaphas included, will do so.

copyright 2023

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