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December 30, 2022 (247US)
faint Life or Earthling's torpidity
HansLufft-Bible de Luther

Luther's Bible, Hans Lufft, Teaching God (1534).
Such was God on the eldest engravings: An old bearded one, a kind
of relentless Santa Claus.
By naming himself Life God
deletes that silly physicality.

I have seen and heard Life (24/3-5, 25/3, 38/5, xix/26) in 1974 and 1977, whereas I was not even trying to retrieve It, so that It has ended up coming into me, and yet I have not deserved It more than any other human being. Now It lies inside me for Love and It whispers there unremittingly.
When I awake in the morning Life tells me,
"I am inside you, so you  have to make men realize that I am inside them." However, I am no more than a dull-whitted rhinoceros with a flat low forehead, which Truth cannot make higher or domed, because Truth remains out of Earth that I Adam's son (Rev of Arès vii/8/16) have chased it from.  I get out of bed and from then until the night I attend to that task, which has become very laborious, because it has for long grown unnatural.
What am I? An human animal and what is more an old man in a bad way.  Where is my soul?
Life has just put Its Foot (Rev of Arès i/19, xxii/10, xLii/22) in my flesh tower. It will take more than four generations (24/2) so that Its Leg, Its Knee, and then Its Chest, Its Arms, and then Its Head move into It. In the world unchanged what might be known (Rev of Arès 28/7) is lost in questions still unanswered. I know and frequently forget about what I know. It is the grief suffered by antilogy. And yet I can change the world (28/7)!


Incarnation du Tout

Every being is an embodiment of  the Great Whole,
but this concept is too powerful and can only generate a great weakness
(Rev of Arès 36/5)
in the present-day generation and more torpidity
than clarity
. More than four generations is needed  (24/2),
but we have total confidence. We will climb that path in darknessx
until we reach the bright Heights (25/4).

The very great hardship the Child (Rev of Arès 13/5) suffers to come back to the Father (12/4) lies in the langage. God speaks, but what sort of lnguage? Our poor human word. His Word is either abbreviation or disconcerting synonymy. — life and Life, and I am but a stammerer due to lack of the right words and adequate spiritual intelligence (Rev of Arès 32/5).
I am not God, yet I am God's embodiment like any human being on earth. This antithesis stupefies me as a rhinoceros. God is alive everywhere, although indistinctly alive, and pursues an Intention, which The Revelation of Arès proves, and which is utterly different from all that I had believed before 1974 was God's truths and  designs. However, even a long time after 1974 my life is still diverging from Life, because I am a stupid minute animal boxed in its hide whereas Life is capitally spread out, subtle and studded with stars very much farther than what I think is an infinite boundary. Our freedoms are equal on scientific scales, but they are discordant on angels' assay balance, which gets me into stupor. Real freedoms, but not on the same reference system.
Being no God while being incarnate God is the dilemma inside which human beings have been floundering for millennia, from which only penitence within the meaning of The Revelation of Arès can get them out.
The Christianity-system has instituted Jesus as God incarnate wrapped up in Trinity along with tha Holy Spirit and Father. That is an abridgement catechist­ically fit for attracting pagans and keep basic Christians silent, but that is a heavy iron gate hardly half-opened which leaves the main part of the Light out.
In point of fact, The Revelation of Arès says that God made Jesus a God (Rev of Arès 2/13, 32/2) meaning that Jesus is the pattern of penitents, whoever, whether lone or countless, who get back the image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) of Life. Not the numbers make humanity but the being makes it, whether one (xxiv/1) or eight billion (human population on November 14, 2022). Each accomplished penitent (35/6) gets back to the state of Being or else life as the texture of Life.
A penitent strives to be a human being as sinless as possible, practice love of the neighbor, forgiveness of offenses, peace, spiritual intelligence free from all prejudices. The Word of Arès calls it climbing the path to the Heights considering the Heights constitute the state of penitence under the Light (Rev of Arès 2/13).
Any human being, whoever, potentially is God or Life incarnate. This is never a state of brilliant consciousness among physical earthlings. This for the time being is is just a state of happy torpidity, but a state of trust, which makes the soul sprout.

By being penitent you find other ways of taking on Life, unexpected and sometimes impervious to consciousness. A penitent should be aware of it. His or her penitence or ascension yields a ripple effect which like the Wind may fell harmful poisonous trees unknowingly. For want of adequate words I call that ripple effect grace. I personally think that grace is caused equally by penitents and by... God and even rather than God. For instance Tamerlan or Adolf Hitler might have been touched by the Wind of Jesus, Muhamad or Francis of Assisi, so that those tyrants unwillingly are One with us. Hence it is obvious that we have to love and forget even our enemies (Matthiew 5/44).
There are vile deeds, renouncements, horrors, to which we are averse, but which we share, because they are human. Let's not forget that suffering or being victimized does not cancel the fact of sharing. Life shares out sins as well, since It laments over them like a widow shares the death of the man whose burial she attends. Evil once created by Adam is a problem, as it is made of the common burning of the great variety of woods, those on Earth and those in the Universe. So the fundamental lesson The Revelation of Arès gives men is the most beautiful Fire ever seen.
God and man are not Light and dark. The dark is where specters end up, but even though all of men do not end up as specters, they all go through torpidity.

copyright 2022

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