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November 20th, 2022 (246US) 
God and/or the space-time

There are a lot of atheists in many ways; most of them experience acute sickness of evidence—no evidence of God, therefore no God— or they chase away the idea of God that disturbs them like flies from their noses. There are a lot of believers as well, who are androids that consider God as the Superandroid that reigns, orders, judges, listens to, speaks, loves, loathes, rescues, rewards or punishes
But God is completely different. He is a boundless interlace of Rivers (Rev of Arès 35/2-3) the Water (18/5, 20/1-7, 23/5, i/13-14, etc.) of which streams throughout everything : the immeasurable infinite as well as infinitesimal cells.
"The world seems to be hardly any older than the art of creating a different world," Paul Valéry wrote about cosmogony. Valéry realized that men were still unaware of almost all... and God then!
Human masses have no sense of Wholeness  Wholeness, the key of which a few scholars now usually overlooked have foreseen in the 20th century, that is, the expansion of the Universe, that very Universe the Father of which has made himself known (Rev of Arès 12/4). The Univers is much more than the Existent Whole : stars, galaxies, black holes, planets, matter, light, rays, nature, the living, and so on. The Universe is made of all that is created and at the same time of all that creates (xxii/12). If you remove a galaxy from the Universe, you can see that the elimination of it does not make the Universe narrower. The Universe keeps its integrity, said Einstein, because the Universe is not the whole of the physical things it holds together and the phenomena that come up there. The Universe is the space-time well thought-out.
The Father of the Universe is the Father or the Reason of the space-time.



So the Universe, the Father of which is our Father, the Cause ou Reason of everything, is malleable, flexible, dynamic, therefore always built-up again (Rev of Arès 12/4). The space-time is a container which  continuously forges and forms its contents, the appearances, disappearances, motions and experi­ences of which it responds nonstop.
Moreover, Einstein within the scope of general relativity has worked out that the Universe is the space-time, a kind of infinite, outlineless, bottomless  bag permanently reformed. The space-time has its own history, which is much more than the history of  stars, galaxies, black holes, planets history.
Whenever a man falls free he does not feel his own weight. This fact led Einstein to understand gravitation in a way different from Newton's way. As Galileo had well seen that all bodies whatever, whether heavy or light, fall at a same speed, Einstein understood that gravitation cancels gravitation in a way and decreed equivalence principle, which establishes that acceleration and gravitation are equivalent — that is  indistinguishable locally —. Hence Einstein's famous equation, which describes gravitation :
équation d'EinsteinYou do not have to be rocket mathematician to understand by looking quickly at the picture above, that everything is curved in the space-time, and that there are constants like G, the gravity (medium value of gravity acceleration at a given point), or the cosmologic constant (a kind of antigravity), and that there is dynamic expansion finally. The space-time is evolving, but the cosmologic constant acts as antigravity and is therefore compensatory, so that it permits the space-time, God therefore (I'll come back to that in a moment), to be indefinitely stable.
According to Einstein again, the space-time does not move; only its contents move inside it. According to Russian mathematician Friedmann and Belgian mathematician Lemaître the space-time is expanding, the space-time has got dynamics of its own.  American scholars have shown that through a Doppler effect—coloured blue when they come near but coloured red when they withdraw — it seems that the galaxies go away from us, and they have called that seeming movement away "the flight of galaxies". Lemaître, who worked out in staying based on Einstein's general relativity, said, "Wrong!  Galaxies are not on the run; they are motionless, but the space is swelling, expanding. This is Universe expansion." The redness does not originate from a removal, but from a swelling; the space-time is dynamic.
In other words, God is dynamic. Life is coincidental to speace-time and, as a result, it remains unknown whether the space-time is God or God is the space-time, and whether they constitute a composite unanalyzable or not, because of man's sinful weak intellect. This mystery jackets The Book  (second part of The Revelation of Arès) tangibly; The One That talks is not a Person, He is a Power. That Power is Sanctity (12/4) too, so It can do nothing but beget Good and Love. Out of Love the Father gives His Child (13/5) freedom, but man will use freedom to reject the Father's Design and create his own life system, which unfortunately is as unfair and lethal as fair and vitalizing, which is a terrible disjunctive situation, that the Father, Life, God, the Eternal, whatever you call Him, through The Revelation of Arès and probably previous unpublished or erased Calls has suggested human beings to forego.
If man will retrieve his Genesitic vocation, he has to start expanding again like the Universe. His expansion is an exponential increase of unrestricted love of the neighbor.

A short time ago, while seated in a nice bar,  I opened my heart to my spouse Christiane about the content of this entry. Christiane was quite unconcerned about the space-time, got flint-faced and in a mineral flat voice replied to me  : "This adds nothing beyond what I already believed in." I usually listen to my spouse, even when she is as cold as the granite "saint" on a Breton calvary (I would rather see her smile, but she happens to be different and I note her message as well). I between two sips of beer thought that her impassiveness was proof that she had succeeded in the new challenges that the Word of Arès had encouraged humanity in, while I personnally have not totally carried them out yet. I still have difficulties in making the Child (Rev of Arès 13/5) live along with the Father or Reason, who is not a Superandroid, at all, notwithstanding. I still have difficulties in completely turning my back on the numberless androlatrous believers. God hidden behind clouds is not listening to me compassionately. I have to be self-sufficient, because I am aware that the Father's Ear (xxiv/6) is none other than my own conscience. The Father has created me just as He has created the uncountable stars of the galaxy GN-z11 which is 13,4 billion light-years away from Earth. An equivalent rating of modesty is imperative. My dear wife's impassive reply has reminded me beneficially that it is of the utmost importance to get into one's head that the space-time and my conscience are about the same thing. Likewise, the space-time is the Universe's conscience. And thus it is impossible to get an objective image of God. Our intelligence is no more than rags, through the rips and holes of which we cannot see—at the very least I cannot see—much as yet.

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