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October 15, 2022 (245US) 
Unfinished Genesis : Adam is still ruling

Adam (Rev of Arès 2/1, vii/1) still lies in the grave, he is scrubby and dessicated in a disproportionate sleep. He is me, he is you, he is anyone dead, alive or yet unborn. Everywhere in the world man is Adam's death (vii/13) even now.
But this also is why one may be an Arès Pilgrim although he or she is neither aware of The Revelation d'Arès, nor Michel Potay, nor the small remnant's
(Rev of Arès 24/1) mission, the nor prophetic background : Noah, Abraham, Jesus, and so on. All over Earth numberless b'hers (wells, xxvi/7) are found in which quantity of human beings swim unawares, who are big potential reserves of activatable love. We call them ripe or ripened spikes: the flesh having waited for respiritualization ever since Genenis 3/23.
We can only get a diagrammatic notion of man's respiritualized flesh
, that is, man's flesh activated by love like the gander's (Francis of Assisi, Rev of Arès xxxvi/3), or under respiritualization development, that is, able to make love his or her only reason for being. Turning man's gaze to that possibility is the Arès Pilgrims'  prophetic task.


Escalade de la pureté

Climbing purity : Spiritual life can ascend to upper Good even though
the ascent is arduous.

An Arès Pilgrim as an animal respiritualized or in respiritualization development is well aware that he or she will not return to Life (Rev of Arès 24/3-5, 25/3, 38/5, xix/26) by his or her belief, whatever, but he or she will return to Life by his or her ability to love. So he or she will be saved: This is the key message of the Word of Arès, the corridor that leads back to Life, considering that practically everything on Erath still is incompleteness and indecisiveness, doomed to disappear when the sin of sins (38/2) lets its lid fall back.
Dogmatic gestalt psychology is the way to make oneself a believer in a religion, but it is not the right way to make oneself an Arès Pilgrim. One makes oneself an Arès Pilgrim through spiritual evaporation within the complex room of one's complete being: flesh, mind and soul  (Rev of Arès 17/7), so that an Arès Pilgrim searches after new targets for himself or herself impulsively, once he or she has exceeded some standard of practiced love; then deification starts and the completion of Genesis grows possible.
An Arès Pilgrim is conscious that he or she is the heavy going combination of animal (see #243) Adam  (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/1-16) and Life's (24/3-5, xix/26) influx, so he or she is giving his or her love more strength and all that ensues from it — forgiveness, peace, freesom, intelligence —,  a form which is not equal to the Love, but inductive of the Love of the Father, whose image he or she remains (Genesis 1/26). In that strong way an Arès Pilgrim is revived in a particular typical form and can spread his or her capacity for changing and getting to know a lot of things far away and drawing on the simple pure divinity he or she conceals. This is the Way (24/3, 33/15) back or to the achievement (35/6), the feasible completion of Genesis in which all of men have stagnated so far.
Huge areas of religion, politics, ethics, philosophy and science, in short of the way of life that Adam had once chosen, have developed on delusions and mistakes, because Adam and his offspring have blinded themselves to the Light and have lit their ways with peepers of their own creation, notably that which they have called rationale. A great majority of mankind have long lost the capability of thinking and talking the right way (Rev of Arès ii/8-9, xx/2, xxxiii/9) Master of wisdom Antisthnes in ancien times (about -400 before Jesus Christ)) used to teach that unlearning evil is the most difficult human action —. A spirital human being is able to get out of that swarm (iii/2) of mistakes. While living in it, that man can escape from the world where masses of human have tried to harm and oust each other, because all on Earth is rivalry, competition and unfair trading — May the best man win! Yes, but who is the best man? Evil has a lot of replies to the question apart from the right reply: the Good one (Jesus, Rev of Arès i/2-*, ii/3-19, xiii/4-17, etc).
I can strive to love somehow or other, forgive and make peace as I can, to free myself from the world's cumbersomenesses and prejudices, so I will end up gaining a soul and salvation. But I am capable of better, the best I can do to speed up the completion of Genesis, provided I can strongly overcome my weakness (Rev of Arès 27/8, 36/5, etc.), more and more fight down my organism's resistance, particularly that of my nervous system, fear, languidness, my dreams. I have to make the abilities of my willpower utmost in setting new targets for myself. To do so I need not find an imaginary comforter or perform amazing mental or psychotic feats, because my willpower alone will do — so that we can do your Will (12/4).
What is going to complete Genesis? Good once it has reappeared! What holds up Good? Man, his socio-culture, his selfishness, his atony, his fear. Then I should be intended to seek all of possible challenge go in the reght directions in performing Good, even though I am not confident of whatever I contemplate doing.
However, men will necessarily complete and leave Genesis with slowness and progressiveness. It is impossible to leave the cave (cf Plato) to which Adam once chained himself up but by proceeding by trial and error. Among the deep warpings of living conditions which man has inflicted on himself time is conspicuous (Rév d'Arès 12/6). Time has considerably slowed down anything that changes and made nothing true and effective easy to think up. Man gropes about and stumbles as long as he makes the very difficult ascent of Good. Good  has no summit, because it is always unattainable; it is always Life, the Father, the Saint. It is inaccessible Good, as it has never ceased to go up, extend and broaden, spread out (ii/4), and it has never reached a climax, because it has no climax. Good on Earth is never on sale wherever and whenever, it never is the result of law, of manners of living, it never is a gift from religion, or politics, or ethics. Good is an innate need that humans have everywhere just as they have an innate need of their Father. It is unlimited immeasurable Good that causes God, Who is the continuous Reactor of Good, to be the Eternal Fugitive and Eternal Life.
An exponential spiritual man is the one that wills to excel himself in the domain of love, which is creative, just as a cultured man is the one that has liking and time to cultivate his mind. We are no longer in the kind of Good for internal use, which is that of a minimally loving one,  but we are in the kind of Good for external use of the maximally loving one.
An Arès P(p)ilgrim is an active being, a co-creator. Intellectually he or she is a kind of agnostic being.

"An agnostic says, 'Creation may be assumed to be the insertion of duration into the chaos... Even the Bible may be assumed to be so, because it calls it up in coded language: The earth was shapeless and empty, the darkness used to fly over the abyss (chaos of matter) and God's Spirit used to fly over waters (a duration that brought the order) [Genesis 1/2]. The beginning was possible only because there was a night and then a morning, on the first day [Genesis 1/4]. The day after was a second day; the second day after was a third day and so on. And so on is God, because to create is make things follow one another."
Emmanuel in "So as to comment Genesis".

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