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September 8, 2022 (244US) 
The Spread One 

God, Father, the Life, the Eternal, I, the Outspread One spoke to me, but I do not know Who or What He is.
He might be the flux of high energy atomic nuclei and particles, which move about throughout the interstellar space, but which are endowed with Intelligence and communication aid. He might just be the cosmic
Strong Wind (Rev of Arès xxii/1) protons, helium nuclei, antiprotons, electrons, positrons,  gamma rays, neutrinos and neutrons, albeit It is as capable of intelligence, vows and wishes, emotion and word as the mass of human cells of the mankind that He calls His Children (13/5). He too might just be the cosmic radiation, the energy of which: 1020 eV (electronvolts) has never been explained by any identified physics process, a radiation endowed with conscience and reasoning just as my brain is, and so on.
The Life's
(Rev of Arès 24/3-5) unknowable nature makes It a Power (12/4) extensible from the smallness of a nail (ii/21) to infinity, a Strength as spread (ii/4) as the Universe is, but which can go by a human mouth (ii/21).
Anyway, God is not the nearly human King or Judge, who are mere fancies of religions. God is but an inconceivable entity. Believers call Him Lord and believe that He has spoken to some men, which makes Him intelligible, but which does not make him conceivable or supposable.
The Outspread One (Rev of Arès ii/4) — the Creator, the Life, the Father, God, the Being, the Eternal, thee Most High, Allah, Brahma, Rāma, the Great Spirit, and so on — is the Unlimited One as well as the Infinitesimal One.


Galaxie GN-z11

The galaxy GN-z11 is the farthest of the interstellar agglomerates
that are seen from the Earth. It is about 13,4 billion
light-years. It supersedes z8_GND_5296, but about
2 000 000 000 000 (2 trillions) galaxies are supposed actually to fill the
Universe, which might well be unlimited. The Outspread
One (Rev of Arès ii/4)
might well be the Unlimited One, therefore.

All of pictures and descriptions of God are inventions or caricatures. Whenever I am asked : "What is  God in reality?" I reply : "As regards God there is nothing that man calls reality. God is God just as nothing is nothing. But God is neither nonexistent nor fictitious all the same. The most atheistic earthly living detect quirks of fate that cannot happen unless another Life watches and at times helps, even seldom. But that Life is absence of presence." I am eyed scornfully then. I go on, "Just view the chair that you are sitting on! Just imagine it being immeasurable, but benevolently talking though. An immea­surable chair because it is to the extent of both your hindquarters and the Universe, and benevolently talking because some human beings happen to hear it." They scoff at me, "It's nonsense..." I cut the questioner short, "That's the conclusion! It's nonsense, it's God!"
I have mentioned God in the blog already (entry 65, August 6, 2007). I mentioned Him gingerly, though I was convinced of what I am telling now, even then, but I was unaware of the right way to broach the subject from a point of view less widespread than that of the common patterns of speech and thinking. The fairest thing I can tell is that God cannot be subjected to man's concepts ever, and that no thought or writing can convey Him.
Human languages are irremediably poor and inadequate and cannot help but reduce God to an anthropoforming personalizing concept: Zeus, Jupiter, the Self, Brahman, the Eternal, Yahveh, Baal, Seth, Great Spririt, Izanagi, an so on. Man cannot name God as long as he is restricted to human languages.
God is else than anything or anybody, anyway.

God is always a wrong topic simply because
1. He is inside man, even though man fails to detect Him — each and every one of us is His image and likeness (Genesis 1/26-27),
2. He does not match the experience of God I had in 1977, which has ever permitted me to claim, "Ever since God came forward in Arès, I know what He says, but I do not know what or who He is. He is as mysterious as life and the Universe; life is the driving force in the least of my cells and emotions and the Universe spreads up to the infinite."

At Arès (France, Gironde), in 1974, a supernatural being, the Most High's Messenger, who was corporeal and moving, long-haired and bearded, speaking my language, touching me with his hands, dictated the first part of The Revelation of Arès : The Gospel Given in Arès. He was not God, but God's telegraphist, he was Jesus of Nazareth.
But at Arès, in 1977, it was the Power's Voice (Rev of Arès vii/4-5, xxxiii/5, xLii/13-14), which was making me one more Mensenger (26/7). That Voice, God's (37/3), came forward in my attendance in the guise of a light stick or antenna amid a cataclysmic commotion. He dictated to me the second part of The Revelation of Arès: The Book.
I have heard and seen all that. The conclusion is that we are not the center of the Universe; we are not alone.
We are not alone, but what have I seen? Only that which I have depicted and I am convinced that that is practically nothing of all that goes along with the Earthlings throughout the endlessness of the Universe. I have seen and heard no more than what my human potential enables me to see and hear. I can just see a beginning, because the flesh cannot see the end. The end is someplace else.
Nothing is known about God, and nothing is unknown about Him. All about Him is indefinable. Even though we are aware by His very Revelation that The One Who has the Sanctity, Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) is in existence, and that He has created us as free (10/10) beings, and that He lets us free to go astray and destroy ourselves, if we wish, we do not have about Him but blurred inexplicit notions, because those who are unable or refuse to see are blind  — all of men for the time being — and those who are unable or refuse to hear are deaf (Luke 8/13). We believe that another life is potential. It is, but let's not be fooled by mytical or mystical views, which all are anthropomorphic, and which all are kinds of  hagiographies related to fairy tales. Only metaphysics can help us unravel the materiality that usually shuts our dreams of Hereafter, which hides the fact that there is a deep gross uncertainty.
Even a human being who like me is convinced of his perpetuity beyond death is aware that, no matter what he or she does, mankind is not eight billions, but One. Therefore, we have to work to hatch the ripe wheat ears. Our blindness and deafness are such that nothing lasts in the material world, jus as  the Eternal will not last in synagogues, God will not last in Churches, Allah will not last in mosques, and so on, and that for the time being it is very hard to keep aware that there is in existence something else, which for instance we come and get on the Arès Pilgrimage, and which the Father calls the Life (24/3-5) or the Fire (xLi/7) for lack of a suitable human word.
The Revelation of Arès in its full context asserts that mankind needs a revival or a strain to become loving, forgiving, pacifying, smart and free. To change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7), Harvesters (5/2-5, 31/6, 35/1-2, 37/8) are needed to introduce the Aresian hopes. For now so God starts with us. We are God before we know who or what God is in His whole infinite Power, Sanctity and Light (12/4).
Spinoza thought that "people when unable to understand aim at moralizing". It was a right thought. Church Christianism, Mosque Islamism, Synagogue Judaism do not understand that God is indefinable, so as if to compensate for this shortcoming they have developed rigorous moralities, which in the end have taken the place of the development of conscience and cheerful faith. We Arès Pilgrims are perfectly aware that we do not understand who and what God may be, but we accept Him as such and our admission of ignorance has the strength of honesty. We need no harsh morals. We quite naturally have grown into the images and resemblances (Genesis 1/26-27) of the Great Unknown, the Outspread One.

copyright 2022

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