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August 5, 2022 (243us) 
Fleeing the beast inside me 

The master technoscientific, ideational, political, religious and so on has made the world a field to graze nags meant to be hitched up to their cyclic destiny, a loop flow of their thoughts, their boredom and plays like nags hitched to carts.
The whip of life tans human hides and w
e are seeking ways to rustle the Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) louder than the cracking whip.
The mind has forgotten that it had been the ultimate refuge place of great expectations. Love of the neighbor and the world's change (Rev of Arès 28/7) worry only a handful of clumsy crippled people, that is, us who cannot become an apostolic power before many generations pass.  But aren't we beginning the mission? Yes, we are. We will never stop.
Technosciences have emptied and cleaned out man's psyche like a well, but we are bringing back the Water into the world drop by drop.




In Arès the Father spoke to me. He did not do so because I might have been better than others, but because He was probably looking for a human voice, a whinnying nag chosen at random to remind the world that men have not only already suffered and died because of sin, but that they are making their way towards the worst: the sin of sins (Rev of Arès 38/2).
The Revelation of Arès reminds (7/5, 16/15, 21/3, etc.) man that he has been born of a Design (28/27. 36/8). Man can freely (10/10) forget about that Design, but he is going to turn into a thick web of pains and go downhill unabated back to animality, if he persists in forgetfulness and fails in changing (28/7) for the Better. The Revelation of Arès encourages men to master Good simply by being penitent and practicing love (35/6).
Let's change the world, but not by means of law, police, courts, school, prison, but by means of goodness. By means of penitence, by abiding by The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew ch. 5 to 7) each human being can be the Good one (Rev of Arès i/5-9, ii/ 3-19, viii/3, xiii/4-17, etc.) or christ (32/2) again. Changing one's life (30/11), that is, loving, forgetting, making peace, being intelligent and free of all prejudices, means recovering Life (24/5).
Some people hurls to me, "Stop repeating yourself!" I reply, "I will repeat myself until I breathe my last and even beyond. Not only this insistence does not animalize me, but even it humanizes me exactingly in the sense that it deifies me  (Genesis 1/26). Deify yourselves likewise! Don't allow yourselves to be stuffed and mounted by the the technosciences, which take over from while trying to set up transhuma­nisme, artificial intelligence and so on. Whenever I am echoing the Father's Call (Rev of Arès 23/2, 28/11, ii/19), "Change your lives!", I mean : "Be the living!"

Our mind is not an engine acting on the pilot's moves as a nag acts on the coachman's moves. A mind is an infinitely rich, creative, liberating, living flow. No mind among eight billion minds on earth is self-sufficient or can do without the other 7.999.999.999 on earth. As a matter of fact, we human beings are One all together (Rev of Arès xxiv/1).
Filippo Lippi : Virgin of SpoletoA thought is not necessarily a nag's snort among the gig of all nags' snorts. Any thought, when returned to normal, therefore good, joins the unique yarn in the unique huge human fabric. This is why one life that changes and gains love produces an effect much more considerable than it thought it could produce on the whole human fabric. When Filippo Lippi painted the wonderful  "Virgin" in the cathedral of Spoleto, for us just a subjective or symbolic image of the motherly phase of the invisible Mother-Father, he was just the outcome of a masterpiece by the whole human race considered as the Father's Child (Rev of Arès 13/5), because he was incapable of realizing such a beauty by himself, that is, without the notional contribution of all the generations before him, or contemporary of him, or after him.

For the time being the world is not in human action. It is in hustle and bustle. Hustle and bustle brings about dismantling.  A soundless dismantling, for it is slow and it apparently worries no one. Man has the daily round of an animal, which he describes as normal. Whenever the missionaries of the current generation come up against disinterest, apathy and silence, they come up against the apathy which underlies the hustle and bustle. Nevertheless, apathetic broken people, whom the apostle meets, feel free and even sometimes say they are satisfactorily free. They erroneously call the conceptual shackles which  trap them freedom; they are unaware of their collars, harness, bits like plow horses. This is what I call it narcosis of suffering.

Suffering is not action. Our apostles have been experiencing the quite insensitive unconcious refusals by the people they meet, gentlemen and ladies on the street, to heed their calls to the inner revolution that could make them have innovating souls, makers of a new world. We have to awaken the mortals' consciences, so that they realize that they are no simple egos, because isolating oneself in one's ego is making oneself unable to do anything contrary to received wisdom; man can recover his absolute ability only by understanding that his ego is the Maker and that all human beings, his brothers and sisters, are the Maker's component parts, and that creative Power, Sanctity and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) are based on Love, which is the single entity through which Life reappears. It is easy to grasp that four generations will be unsufficient (24/2)  to take the world out of the horse stables where it is confined in order to make it aware of its destiny.
The man whose ego is produced by his personal gratification is a nag. He stays by himself between stretchers in his poor egocentricity with his hooves clattering on the pavement. However, should an ego understand that it can become the Creator's Hand, if he joined all of egos of the huge Universe, it would the root of lucky undertakings. The good ego of a man is all of men's ego. Even when they gather together, all the nags on Earth cannot feel it. Only human beings can discover the unlimited multiplication of the Self.

copyright 2022

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