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May 31, 2022 (241 US) 

The belief, whether definite or hazy, in the assumption that man's bodily life is only a transition, and that nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed (Anaxagoras, Lavoisier), and that something else might be in existence after death, is widespread on Earth.  Every religion teaches, according to its specific view, how the passing from earthly life to  the beyond happens.
But what an abundance of religions teach disparate tenets of death passing! Christians forgive their enemies in order to go to Heaven; some Muslims slaughter them while screaming, "Allahou akbar ( ٱللَّٰهُ أَكْبَ )"; Hindus wait for happiness through reincarnation;  Kohelet (9/4-5) says to Jews, "A live dog is better off than a dead lion. The living know that they are to die, but the dead no longer know anything, at all.
What is faith?
Faith is insight! It is not a matter of paradise, hell or purgatory. It is not an esoteric construct. It is not a fairy tale. A man is insightful whenever he makes do with the little he does know.


Prier près de la mer 

I have prayed intensely ever since I was intrusted The Word
of Arès.
Here I am in the wilds in 1994. Actually, I am simply
repeating Jesus and the Father's Words tirelessly, because I have
never met them again since 1974 and 1977, and I know that
nobody has to take my word about The Word  of Arès.
Only faith makes me an apostle.

Faith is the only potentiality of the forward-looking thinking, the only  feasible leap over time and matter, the only way to make the impossible possible and make the unacceptable acceptable, even if the imperceptible, the immeasurable and the invisible cannot be felt, at all.
The Revelation of Arès mentions the post-mortem survival but with metaphors: Mouth of Life (24/3-5), happiness (36/23), Father's  Day (31/8) without more. Why such a lack of enlightenment?  Because telling our brains about the incomprehensible is no help at all.
Modern man's brain is much better than a mouse brain, but it is no more than a mouse brain when compared with the extraordinary ancient powers of Adam's brain before his fall. Sin has made man short-sighted and obtuse. Faith is our white stick.
Thus faith arose as a compensation after Adam's race had  faded out all memories of Eden even more rapidly and widely as they might have not liked it. Only faith has to the present day been conducive to conjure up visions of the invisible and the indiscernible, all that no live human can see and experience any more. Even if faith wanders more or less and often distorts facts, as for me I cannot consider rationalistic materialists as other than cowards who conceal behind a gate, which they claim would be the sole ultimate limit of the existing universe, and who loudly maintain that there is just fiction or dream behind the gate. They do not believe that intuition is memory.
Faith makes do without scientific proofs. It expresses itself in the shadow of absolute Truth, which is future (28/7) in The Revelation of Arès, and which is not within the range of spectacle, microscopes,  manometers, and so on. "Nobody can get total Truth ("We believe, We do not believe", The Revelation of Arès, published in 1995, p. 722), Truth only belongs in spiritual intelligibility and palpability. Therefore, faith is so rich that it is never the same from one individual to another, even among Arès Pilgrims, bccause  it is shaped to fit the myriad forms of intuition.

Lately, we have listened to peremptory rhetorics, which were but declarations of faith actually : Putin declares war on the Ukraine because he has faith in the validity of his own concerns utterly opposite to Ukrainians concerns, and because he has faith in a train of events, which he has surmised, but which occur in completely different ways. Twelve people run for president in France. Their convictions are just declarations of faith in a train of events, which do not happen in the ways they hoped for. Even the elected president cannot know what tomorrow will bring and what he will have to do. In other words, faith is never achieved like a scientifically demonstrated fact, even if the conduct and organization of nations are always based of faith. This implies that the future can never be contemplated, unless with faith.
People make fun of the Arès Pilgrims' faith, though it would be better for them to begin questioning themselve. Believing in God or in better tomorrows, or doubting everything in emitting the opposite conclusion of the desperate people, "They're all rotten!", "Death to the Jews... the Muslims! and so on" reflects badly upon one uncertainty, permanently the same  uncertainty, because everything never stops being built. There will never be an end to building.
That is the great lesson of The Revelation of Arès. Uncertainty is an obstacle which man has to get over, if he wants to grow sacred just as the Maker is sacred (Leviticus 20/27), for faith is the only bow wave of Truth.
Life is noetic, almost fully made of uncertainties that put a serious strain on psyche. What connections are there between the fantastic supernatural apparitions in 1974 and 1977 and the stiff resistance which the Earthlings put up to them?  That question has never given up hounding me for half a century; it revisits my faith nearly every morning. I unsure of everything can only try to assess the psychosocial stakes that result from my testimony, which evidently closes up the path between the events I have lived through and the events the world lives through.
Only faith makes me strong. Only faith makes my Arès Pilgrim brothers and sisters strong. Do we gain any mental balance in the end? Yes, we do, and the balance is invaluable, because faith, when a mere choice, is unsufficient — Adam merely chose to be a sinner and that led him to the fall (Rev of Arès 2/1-5) —; faith makes nobody a prophet or a chosen one (28/1), as none of us, whether a hawk or a hawk fledgling (xLv/14), mignt maintain that he or she is followed by chance companions and none of us the living has already died and might claim that he or she is a satisfactory penitent and has gotten a soul; he or she cannot say where that soul ends up at, either, and our brothers and sisters that have died never come back to tell us what sort of fate they have met in the beyond.
Faith, which has no similarities to dream, enables man to find his extraordinary inventive power, anticipate the indescribable miracle of the Abode (Rev of Arès 2/10, 20/4, 33/18, etc.) close to Life (24/3-5). Faith is the tireless necessary driving force to evolve in every field; the field of earthly undertakings, but particularly in the field of the spiritual exploration. I think that no fundamental discovery or invention, or a major work, or a propitious development has ever been issued by an unassisted man. An invisible assistance or impetus from nowhere — as for me I would say, from Life — is the primary cause or contributes powerfully. A supernatural being, whom I thought was Jesus of Nazareth indefinitely alive, appeared and talked to me in 1974, and then disappeared. Later, a much more impressive Power Who had no physical body but had a ringing Voice talked to me in 1977 eloquently and concisely. The Event is not non-shareable, as I have stated the facts, but it is anionic, hence unbelievable, because it belongs in a sort of experience which is as good as bygone ever since sin began to be rife. As it is unbelievable, only faith can have it left alive. The same is true for a lot of other events which are usually considered as material. Why was Archimedes Archimedes? Mozart Mozart? Einstein Einstein? Why is the caretaker at my tenement house not as good as them? My caretaker's brain is the same as theirs,  but the marvelous gold javelins thrown from Heaven do not run through him, but I cannot understand why, period.s
However, we have to face up to the problem requested by faith when compared to —let's assume—the dominoes game twenty-eight pieces, among which there is just one double-six. Among a number of forms possible faith has just one form of Good. A lot of human beings have faith in their cultures; some of them go so far as to imprison, despoil, cut throats, behead, on behalf of their faith. Faith poses a very acute problem, which the world will be obliged to solve. We know that there is one only remedy: Penitence.
Let's have faith in penitence, that is, in love!

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