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November 2, 2021 (235US) 

Colère de Dieu par Le Dominiquin

Theodore of Amasea (oriental icon) forerunner
of saint Emmanuel of the Developping Républic

Football invigorates the mind, so there might be an urgent need for reopening stadiums. By contrast, the government do not seem in a hurry to leave those to gather together who long to relive the encounter with the Life  (Rev of Arès 24/3-5) and the Embrace (38/6) with the Mother-Father.
Still nothing informs us that we will be allowed  freely (Rev of Arès 10/10) to take the Fire (xLi/7) at Arès in 2022, but as soon as I am informed that all is authorized anew, I will announce it in the blog.


The nanny State, which claims that it is divinely accountable for the lives of the French, who it seemingly thinks are eternal, like a breast-feeding goddess thinks that a flying dragon calling for human sacrifices is swooping down on her nurslings, has shut doors, windows and shutters of nursery France by nailing them up and even nailing down the presumptive martyrs at home. It's no joke! According to the Olympic mathematics between 300,000 and 500,000 human sacrifices to the fierce virus god were supposed to be expected (The newspaper "Le Monde" March 2020).
The casualties, Zeus be praised!, were ten times less (and even less so because of comorbiditie, actually) numerous thanks to saint Emmanuel of the Developing Republic, who faced the hydra. It appears that he probably inspired by ancestor Theodor of Amasea — saint Theodore of Amasea in the Greek Church, who would later become saint George in the Catholic Church — killed the dragon by stabbing it tens of millions times into the deltoids with his spear. Theodore had seen his victory as the sign that God  considered him as ready to face martyrdom, but saint Emmanuel of the Developing Republic is not a superstitious innocent; he has won scientifically! Nevertheless, he is somewhat unsure about his triumph, he persists in keeping the French people gagged and restricted to a lot of sanitary limitations until...
Well, by the way, until when?
Will we have to keep the Arès Pilgrimage shut for the third year in a row? This, to my mind, is more than an infringement of freedom, this is a barrier to the basic function of man, which consists in enriching the mind, creating the soul, binding to the very meaning of life, that is, building destiny, love, faith, extending life to infinity. Certainly none of men needs a pilgrimage for that. All man has to do is love, which is the focus of penitence, and which reunites you with the Creative Love. But vitalizing love in a place like Arès where the Fire of Creative Love has broken out empowers the Will to Be. This is why we are spending a difficult time being unaware of whether opening the House of the Saint Word is to be authorized or unauthorized with total freedom in 2022, and whether we will be allowed to put our hope under the life-giving Water of Life. Saint Emmanuel of the Developping Republic has stopped an activity more important than economic activity, I mean spiritual activity that extends to the eternal outcome.
Says Sister Chantal C. chairwoman of the Pilgrimage of Arès, "The Lourdes pilgrimage has taken place in 2021, but under the iron rule of duties suitable for a religion which revels in laws and rules, and which sees a pilgrimage as devotion on a place where the extraordinary hangs overall: conversion, recovery, healing, miracles, etc. We Arès Pilgrims beg to differ. as we do not go on a Pilgrimage to Arès because the Maker might work Wonders there, since His Wonders (Rev of Arès 33/8) already lie within us (5/1), but we go there only because, just as some landscapes give delight and inspiration, the place makes it easier to understand the Message that Heaven launched in 1974 and 1977 and to determine what to do with your life.
The Pilgrimage to Arès is the haze before the Dawn (Rev of Arès xix/18), the free admission into the Mystery (33/19); freedom is its main feature, because it has been founded for the free (10/10) Children (13/5). We cannot see how wearing a mask, distancing from one another, signs on the ground, tough scrutiny, and so on, could match anything that we expect from the Saint's place. There is a single imperative, which is obvious:  peace, respect for other pilgrims. For the rest, every pilgrim goes anywhere all over the holy place of Theophanies just as his or her soul will do throughout the unlimited Universe, every pilgrim prays or meditates according to his or her own determination, because the Creator Who manifested Himself there in 1977 is the free Creator of all of the free human beings

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