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August 23, 2021 (233US) 
Truth and the True

None of absolute Truth is within the reach of sinners.
And it just so happens that all of men have been sinners ever since Adam's days (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/7-16).
Only relative truths are within our reach; in Arès' Word they are called the True (ii/8-9, xxviii/21, xxxiv/1-4).
In The Book, a Revelation on the Father's terms, the True is everywhere the substitute for Truth, which is peculiar to The Gospel delivered in Arès by Jesus.


Ceci n'est pas une pipe, par Magritte

"This is not a pipe"
relativity of men's truth
by René Magritte

What's more, no unquestionable truth is within the reach of any experimental science, because a counterexample just might appear in all fields, in mathematics because the coherence of the terms depends on the selection of axioms, or in astrophysics, or in the ever-changing field of man's thinking and business.
Absolute Truth is inaccessible in metaphysics. Even though we take as granted for being true the Father's Sanctity, Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) or the Life (24/3-5, 25/3, 38/5, xix/26) as the Father's substance and nature; these points of Truth are indefinable, unanalyzable, nebulous.
And even from a material point of view, continents and islands facing onto the sea, death in the face of life, stars facing each other, are just temporary conditional truths, because everything everywhere constantly moves and changes shape and position either quickly or imperceptibly.
The Voice that spoke in Arès in 1974 and 1977 undoubtedly expressed absolute Truth, because It ignores uncertainty, error or the lie, which put a great strain on man's statements, but we are enervated by sin, the dilusions of our self-importance, and unable to detect absolute Truth.

The number one problem in the sinful world is the problem of the truth, which has been ruined by the freedom of confusion emerging from the hubris as substitute for the freedom of Good which had emerged from love. Once love of neighbor was turned down by Adam, the name assigned to the human creature, maybe not that long ago, mankind disintegrated and dominations appeared (Rev of Arès 2/1-5, vii/7-16) religious, political, philosophical, legalistic, scientific; they made up truths, which each domination calls the truth still nowadays. Finally, none of laws in the world's amphigory of numberless laws accepts contestation, so the world is just made of an amphigory of injustices and, worst of all, the complete extinction of the notion of love and forgiveness among judges. Hence the difficult way of life of the biofrail mortal beings the disintegration of the Absolute has made us. The Absolute will not re-appear until the first light of the Day (Rev of Arès 31/8), first from a distance and then drawing near little by little after a multi-millennial night of sin, which only penitence can overcome (30/11).
The Revelation of Arès tells the True instead of Truth, that is overly indefinite today. In the verse: I have led their journey (of the scandalized) to the Truth (28/6), Truth means a direction, but not a goal reached. In the verse: The Truth is the world has to change (28/7), Truth actually means "future sole solution" and has no current meaning. Even in the verse: I have spoken in parables to strengthen your trust and give you the Truth with no ambiguity (38/5), Truth has not an absolute meaning, because parables are just allegories which raise an inapproximable Teaching, which sin hides from sinners.
Is there any word more inadequate than the word truth in man's language?
A bicycle stays upright when running thanks to the gyroscope effect, but this is a True likely to change tomorrow, since the Saint (or Holy one) told me: (When) I say : "The air (was) thin, (but) it is thick (now)," the ship falls like the stag into the  ravine (Rev of Arès xvi/11), in other words: the chemical and physical laws are tentative and might alter. Whatever goes from the bottom up could go from the top down.
Even error may be just considered as falsehood according to the need to tell or hear, for today's light is likely to be the dark tomorrow. There is also the need to summarize, oversimplify or put things into perspective, the erroneous memories, confusion, brain fatigue, which may be blurring the True and be deemed as lies. As to the real lie, which is an intentional deceit, it is often the most harmful sin because it probably is the biggest cause of evil in the current state of knowledge and human relations, but it may happen to turn into tomorrow's True, if it originates from a benevolent imagination or a necessity to anticipate.

Life (Rev of Arès 24/3-5) opens the True and allows a ray of blinding Light of Truth to pass to us through that fanlight in order to trigger a saving change among its Children (13/5). But we are still too sinful to find out how to use that prodigy. From January 15 to April 13, 1974, Jesus came to me and delivered The Gospel Revealed in Arès to me, and from October 2 to November 22, 1977, the Father manifested Himself to me in an extraordinary festival of lights, sounds and the Voice that gave me The Book. I thus testify two tremendous events honestly and carefully. However, I soon discovered that the veracity of a testimony brings about conviction and change of life (30/11) but among very few people. We are still too sinful to grow aware of the proper way to use the True and the foreboding of Truth. Had I given the absolute evidence that the entity that spoke to me in 1974 was Jesus and that the entity that spoke to me in 1977 was God, men however believe only what they want and are able to believe. Amidst sinful masses everything is circumscribed by the focuses, the accepted notions and the prejudices. Therefore, the True and Truth are unconnected with faith and the decision of changing the way of life, which is a very important fact, because it factually means that we have to learn how to match supernatural events with man's mind. The acting belief at this time is just a mental operation, which only a few people achieve more or less according to their spiritual porosity. This is one of the big hurdles that apostolate has to overcome.

How to express Truth? In spiritual matters there is no other means but to bear witness to your belief. However, bearing witness is always a questionable act.
But, all the same, there are probabilities of going from a tiny True to a trifle of Truth in circumstances bigger than other circumstances. When an atheist tells me : "God is a human invention," I reply: "You can say that again. You're crowing about your atheism, but you are God yourself. ." He gazes at me incredulously. I continue: "The Bible says that man has been created in the image and likeness of his Maker (Genesis 1/26-27) ; the human creature and the Creator are virtually one, in fact."
It may be the case that error, which is constantly denounced for the sake of accuracy, which is that important to materialists, is profitable to the great expectations. An acquaintance of mine, who was a highly materialistic atheist, lost his wife and felt devastating grief. At the funeral I told him: "I think you consider her as nothing more now, just some dead flesh as dead as a pile of rocks, as you remarked of your late mother. Mourning for her is senseless, therefore ; replace her just as you replace the pebbles in your garden." He unexpectedly outraged moved back a step. I continued then : "However, you look unsure if the life of your loved one is just a pile of rocks now. You are crying, because your materialism might well be erring. Yet error, even the merest error, is formative, because it alerts your mind; it gives you pause to reflect. Doubt helps one to make progress. As long as a man is overly sure of himself, he stops searching further, so Truth stays beyond him. If you are doubtful, even slightly, you are a man worthy of the tremendous values of the spirit. There are failures which teach us much more than truths did in which we used to believe previously. Pascal said: "Suffering teaches much more than serene happiness can teach." My friend got annoyed with me—he has remained so so far, I think—, but he started believing in afterlife, which might be an initial turnaround into a larger belief, which might be the first steps on the path that leads from the True to Truth.

Truth is not sayable. But I wish I were mute rather than unclear when I speak the True, because I often happen to express myself quickly for lack of time for preparing my statements. Speaking often means struggling, when I have to say what is unsayable like low recalls of events or inaccessible things like the afterlife, the state of the soul after it has got rid of the brain and nerves, after the cells that drive intelligence have rotten away. When you have to speak in a state of transcending the self, you embroider, you rattle on. Sometimes, it is the simplicity of what you are telling which make people nonplussed, because everything has gotten complicated in the world and much of what is too simplistic or oversimplified is just perceived as shade in a thick haze. Yet, the work is much more made by hearers than by authors. The storyteller is less capable of telling stories that the hearer is capable of listening to stories. So legends form. Who knows what is bound to survive or disappear of all that is told? I think that all written works are made by readers as well as writers. What is important is not what is said, only the resulting experience is important. All the rest has no importance.

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