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January 19, 2021 (226US) 

Patience is a superposition of  layers of forbearing efforts.
It means proceeding without moans that it's a long way to results,
putting up with a lot but never rebelling against time,
because the world is locked up in its haughty ideas and
will take a long time to admit that changing into Good requires
man to recreate himself, die to himself and grow into another man.
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"Whenever the fundamental doctrine needs to be modified or renewed, the generations, that the change is applied for, stay essentially foreign to it and even may stay straight adverse to it."
Auguste Comte (Call to Conservatives)

"Modern art :
Atmosphere of peace in the backyard,
Tampered videos about the war in Lebanon
And five Western hunks
are talking humanities"
Michel Houellebecq (poem, 1999)

In the meantime there does not seem to be anything occurring, but we Arès Pilgrims are patiently (Rev of Arès 39/3) preparing the change (30/11, 28/7), no matter if it is to start tomorrow, or the day after, or even later on.


No matter who you are, apostle of The Revelation of Arès, whether male or female, young or old, "be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God, a workman who causes no disgrace, imparting the Word of Truth without deviation, Avoid profane idle talk, for such people will become more and more godless" (Paul of Tarsus, 2Timothy 2/15). Paul of Tarsus' book is just a man's book (Rev of Arès 16/12, 32/12), but it is the book of an apostle, who learned on the mission area that courage and patience are necessary for anybody who works at the Harvest that The Revelation of Arès stipulates.
Real faith is prophetical, because the Father's pure Word, The Revelation of Arès above all else, appeals to apostles' hearts ; it does much more than crossing believers' minds as transient religious episodes on days of church services according to religious calendars. The evangelical school once founded by Jesus, the one crucified and then arisen from the dead, made all men and women disciples or apostles and set up the patient mission for all. Jesus did not found any religion or clergy, because every believer is an apostle, a fragment of God's Heart and Voice on earth. Apostolate is no servility; it is an existence highly and patiently creative of oneself and of the neighbor. Apostolate is no passion either, because every earthly passion has to come to an end, but it is a potentially neverending life, because it goes past death, it goes by in the wake of Life, which is the Name The Revelation of Arès puts to the Creator, Whose Children we are (Rev of Arès 13/5). Apostolical patience is perfectly in accordance with  intelligence (32/5).

Overall, religions, especially televangelists, sell hopes. We do not sell anything. We  preach penitence,which is the effort to  love, forgive, make peace, get spiritual intelligence and grow free from all prejudices, and we are in a position to be aware that preaching an effort that does not get back any immediate reward or does not get to any immediate result requires a great deal of patience. God is the model Grand Patient and we men, God's Images and Likenesses, owe our fellow men a patience as forceful as possible. Should we lack patience, we could not show the Light to men nowadays unable to see the eternal Beacon that never goes dark over the world's husle and busle. The nature of Love is to take risks, so Love has made Its Child, the human being, free (10/10) just as nature is free: the winds which at times turn into cyclones, the volcanoes which at times spit fire, the stellar turbulence. As long as man is impatient, he too is cyclonic, volcanic, turbulent; man wants all right now, but his standing haste can neither disturb, nor break the equlibrium of Life, that spreads out (Rev of Arès ii/4) to infinity following eternal Patience, nor discourage apostolical patience. The coming centuries form the horse we get on; it is going to set off at a gallop much earlier than people, whom we meet on sidewalks, think it will.

Through the thunder of the big leaders, theorists, legalists and condemners, whether political or religious, you can just listen to a synthetic "God", however named he may be: Progress or king of Heaven. Politics and religions cope with that human-made "God" pretty well, but large human masses have given up being gotten caught up in those legends for quite some time; as these masses have been deprived from a pure Source, that they could draw a credible Truth from, they have grown into atheists. This is why the Father came back down in Arès in 1974-1977 and gave men The Revelation of Arès, thanks to which we can rely on unconditional Love and hope for a planet gone happy where even death is to be beaten. One by one people are going to be penitent, one by one they will be on their way to Salvation, Life (Rév d'Arès 24/5), the real God Who is quite different from what they used to call "God".
But you will need much patience to descramble the Core of Cores (Rev of Arès xxxiv/6), for the humans that are still believers still consider God as a king and judge, supposed to live above them like a giraffe which grazes tree tops above boatmen in pirogues on the Zambezi River. A great deal needs to be done in order to make them understand that Life (24/6) is a power pervasive from the least atom deep down within man to the stellar infinite of space. Our lives and Life can be knit together again as well as love and Love can be knit together. In the world where everything has ended up being sold, or bought, or stolen, or settled by law, rewards or punishments, we have the thaumaturgical task of restoring the awareness that deep down inside men gratuitous Love and Good lie, which can be earned with no need of leaders, law, qualification or glory, provided a small remnant (24/1) of patient penitents change their lives (30/11) before the sin of sins (38/2) arises.

copyright 2021

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