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December 14,  US) 
What shall I say that I have not said yet?

A few months ago I said to brother Jeff and brother Nasser, who had made the video "Un prophète" (A prophet), in either short or extended versions (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FehXU9Yv2Ac&t=1577s), together with other brothers and sisters, that I had something more to teach, and that I might  communicate on camera again. But a few months mean a lot of time when a man is aging. I realize that the twilight of years goes swift once it has begun. I lose a small bit of me every day.
I will be 92 in 2021. I can possibly act in a way other old people cannot act any more, but I may need some frequent breaks, because I get fatigued
now and then unexpectedly. I have to progress gingerly.
So I see to it that I prevent some errors, for I can no more tell myself, "Had I misfired, I could do it again."
This is why I seek advice from my readers this time: What can I say that I have not said yet?


Colère de Dieu par Le Dominiquin

Brother Michel recording "Un Prophète" (a prophet), Paris 2018

What do my brothers and sisters want me to tell about?
Please, don't ask me about modalities! Never mind that one is a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Shintoist, an Agnostic, a Atheist, etc. Never mind that one prays this way or that way. Never mind that God is the Mother or the Father. And so on...
Don't raise queries of mere curiosity, either! Never mind that Adam was white, black or asian. Never mind that God is called Father, Allah, Brahma, Great Spirit, the Eternal. None of those items is vital or important.
Salvation is not granted a man from Heaven, but is it given from  the very man's depths. This is the focus of The Revelation of Arès.
Just one topic is vital: All that is related to the action, which may sometimes be quite an achievement, by which man accomplishes his own salvation. How to create in one's heart and help others create in their hearts
the real body,
which is as light as a pure steam,
and which is not born of the mother's womb,
but which is born to living man that's already born,
and that begets himself as another infinite living one,
whom he builds like a ship to put out into the deep sea
(Revelation of Arès 17/3),
which the Word calls the soul (4/5-8, 17/4, 20/4, etc.) or the ha (xxxix/5-11).
Here we have it all. Each human is the maker of his or her own soul, which he or she creates through penitence (Rev of Arès 30/11). Penitence is neither remorse, nor penalty, nor selfpunishment, but it is outpouring of love, forgiveness, peace, heartfelt intelligence free from all prejudices.
Evading sin and becoming good is that hard, that I am unaware if my penitence (Rev of Arès 30/11) will be completed when I die, albeit I get down to it (35/6) every day zealouly. When I die, I will be saved when I die, I presumably will need the complement of the Love That Life (24/3-5, 25/3, 38/5, etc.) gives out even to His or Her or Its problem Children (Matthew 5/45-46), but I will have aimed at it with my entire being. Only aiming at one's change of life (30/11) is to be considered, because changing one's life is concomitantly contributing towards changing the world (28/7).
The path right up to the changed world is called goat path (Rév of Arès 25/5), because it is craggy and exhausting. The Revelation of Arès substitutes the Heights (25/5) or the Day (31/8) as similarities for the changed world. It will take generations and generations (24/2) for men to get there, so we are on the correct line, mapped out by the Word of Arès, which considers individual salvation as nothing but a link in the long chain on the race's (25/4, xii/5) salvation. We have to to erase Adam's unrighteous choice (2/1-5)The concepts connected with sublimity, which is the wood of the scaffolding put up at the human's real body or soul, have already broken through, no doubt: The Revelation of Arès and my teaching, but they are still far from having grown to the necessary size and reliability essential to complete the task we have been entrusted with. I have cultivated those concepts for slighty fewer than fourty-seven years; I have drawn the Garden (xxviii/21), I have hoed it (xxx/7), re-sown it (5/1, 6/2), the grazing has come up, but my brothers and sisters have to take over the job (xxxvii/12), grow the Garden into beauty (12/3), food (4/10, 12/4, etc.) and  largeness (32/3), until the Victoiry day, whatever time the task may require.
What stands in our way is less the wold's ignorance of Truth than the world's dearth of love. The obstacles to reaching Salvation (Rev of Arès 30/10) and Happiness (36/23, xxvi/12) are merged into the dearth of love, forgiveness peace, heartfelt intelligence, freedom, because salvation is not owed to beliefs, but to Good, when man is capable of achieving it. Goodness has fallen flat and has to inflate and rise to man's surface.
The Revelation of Arès does not call man for orientation to personal spirituality or for nurturing individual tendency towards faith, but it calls for nothing less than a brotherly collective work on changing the world (28/7) through every changemaker's penitence (30/11). Our mission is a very serious matter, which requires each missionary to forget about himself or herself in order to link his or her own efforts to all missionaries' efforts and put the more intelligence possible (32/5) in the task.
Our faith is inseparable from reason. We cannot move forward without using the former as our left foot and the latter as our right foot or, otherwise, we limp; if we limp we grow weaker, we will get nowhere.

This entry is special. It does not ask for comments, but requests. Readers can expresse requests by giving concise summaries (a few lines at most). I will not answer them, almost without exception, but I will think them over.
The question is: What essential topic concerning personal salvation as well as global salvation do you want me to tell about in a video, which I might record next year ?

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