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November 13, 2020 (224US) 

soleil irradiant au-dessus d'ArèsOur sister Christine M.-J. has sent me snaps of the sun taken from the Arès beach on November, 2020, along with the following message:

"Beloved prophet of the Father, I can't help but send you two snaps taken from the Arès beach this November, 2020. I think that they  provide (me at least) with happiness, joy, a glimpse of Heaven, encouragement which I want to share with you. It's my romantic, even somewhat illuminated side, which sometimes comes and plays peek a boo with me. It' just a windfall. But well..."

I fairly seldom get overwhelmed. Whenever one tells me about a miracle, I skeptical growl, "Maybe..." But now I feel hesitant about it. A "windfall" ? The similarity between that  irradiating sun and the stick of Light, that the Father's Voice  spread towards me in 1977, is such that I cannot help but see a Sign; it does not matter whether it is sent to us, or it is just a matter of chance.

The sun looks like it tells us, "You have only just begun. The finiteness is going to be long, as long as the gap between me and you, but love will fill it; it is not the infiniteness far out of reach."

An amazing great spiritual adventure.

Forty-third anniversary of the Theophanies, which took place from October 2 to November 22, 1977. Let's forget about the covid — there has been a vast number of viruses from time immemorial — and all the worries that are currently haunting us. Let's strengthen our certainty that we will emerge as the Victors in the end,  no matter how long. By approaching timeless  Life  (Rév d'Arès 12/6) we break the  shackles which are hung about men's necks just as they were hung about the bulls' necks in the days of old.
That sun is a Sign that finiteness is active;  it is the icon of Life, of the Father, of the "I" in The Revelation of Arès, of Allah, de the Lord, of Brahma, of Tathagata, of the Great Spirit, of Amma, of Nyam(b)y, of the thousands of Names (Rev of Arès 3/6, 39/9, xv/5, xviii/2-4) which my fellows human beings have given Life.The Earth on which the Maker has put his Child (13/5) looks old and even worn-out according to some people as environmentalists, birdbrains that want to stop what the Power has set going.

In fact, the Earth is far from completion.

Soleil à Arès, photo de Christine Minière

Sun above Arès,
snaps by Christine M.-J., November 2020

"Just guard against princes! They are just self-serving, and God knows what they call interests," says a Jewish proverb. Faith in Saintity, Power and Light (Rev of Arès 12/4) cannot be separated from finiteness, which is on the move. We at the very least are aware that we are on the line from the Creation's initial point to the terminal point, but where? We do not know, though we have gotten a certainty: It is to make us well-echoed, to make our call louder and clearer from a distance, that the Father has parted us from the masses lost in the zigzags (when they can see them).
The masses think that each zigzag is the outcome, while we from zigzag to zigzag see nothing but the brief reigns of white or black kings (Rev of Arès xxxvii/14), short times after short times. At this time it all wears off in the world. The Design, towards which an Arès Pilgrim commits himself or herself, remains unachieved. I have watched the movie "Una giornata particolare" (A particular day) : Two pathetic grassroots folks unite in their distinct misfortunes on the day of the triumphal state visit made by Adolf Hitler to Benito Mussolini in Rome, 1938, both heads of state at the peak of their political destinies dreaming of taking over and dominating the world, but were going to undergo relentless defeats and meet ignominious ends. A zigzag In History, which is nothing but a series of short apotheoses which end up in collapses, or in mockery, or in fading memories, just as our current government and the confinement they have ordered us are to end up in a rabbit's fart lost in the space infnity. All of the mighty have thought they were, think they are, will think they will be kings of the finiteness, whereas no thing is finished ever. The Earth has only switched from a fire and stromatolite world to one of ferns, protozoa, then to one of dinosaurs, then to a world of cave men, then to the bronze age and iron age, then to a computing mankind, which will bring about pity smiles in 100 years, and it has still much to do before it returns to the initial test Eden, the Garden (Rev of Arès xxxviii/21), the short time once taken by Adam and Eve to be created and fall, but which may be back eternally, if penitence takes hold.
What sort of knowledge do the haughty human beings with bossy eyes have really ? They look as if science-clad like quill-clad porcupines — notably the Scientific Committee, which read in the covid brain —, which augur well or ill for tomorrow? Their knowledge is so little as to avoid laying one's mind on it. Besides that, the knowledge has forvever gone from a changed to another for millennia. There has been no completed thought on earth, ever.  Man's comprehension is very poor, so much that man is still incapable of knowing what life is and what is man himself, while the Father-Mother's or Life's comprehension is limitless; it IS. The human being relentlessly searches, searches (Rev of Arès i/15). Only an intelligent (32/5) man, who is still uncommon, is aware that he cannot see himself under a microscope, and that he is uncompleted. The Revelation of Arès teaches that being existent is different from being completed. Only relative man has existed so far.

We have to understand that man himself is uncompleted or has willingly regressed, which amounts to the same thing. He is just a thinking beast sinful and mortal, and who almost always unknowingly houses the Father's image and likeness deep down, and who gains some (usually very little) divinity when he or she makes an invisible soul for himself or herself. Once his or her brief flesh is dead, his or her soul will long be wandering in the infinite space (Rev of Arès vi/1-4) waiting for the Day when he or she stand again (31/8-11) in transfigured humanity.
Finiteness only just begins on Earth, but the Universe has remained open to the souls.

copyright 2020

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