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August 1, 2020 (221 US) 
goat paths

The  Revelation of Arès emphasizes that believing in what needs to be done is sufficient.
The way towards man's change (Rev of Arès 30/11) and the world change (28/7) is neither religious, nor political, nor moral. It is factual. This is why The Revelation of Arès calls it goat path. You have to climb the penitence paths, that is, love, forgive, make peace, get heart intelligence, be freed from all prejudices, all while harvesting other penitents; you have nothing else to do.
When reading
The Revelation of Arès, transcend the words and the style, the buffer of the language where  man's ear, eye, intellect, curiosity, approval or disapproval stop!
Man recovers Life (Rev of Arès 24/5) only by following the
clear fibre that cuts through the darkness of his entrails, which only love can light like Heaven (8/8, 17/5, etc.). This is the path to the Core (xLiii/14) where the Maker's image and likeness lies like a wounded eagle (28/8). Love is the goat path (20/4, 25/5) hard to travel, through which man leaves himself,  precedes his death, flees from his own flesh and is a God again (2/13).
The way the ascent goes is neither upwards nor downwards; the ascent is self-transcendence.
The Revelation of Arès sets you free. It connects the speakers (Rev of Arès xLix/5),
whom it makes us as penitents (8/4, 13/4, 27/7, etc.) to the ultimate Speaker Who is All All Over, in my foot nail  (xxxiv/8) as well as in infinite life (17/3).
However, to retie the knots long undone, which once linked us to Life, you have to change the Father's Message into a spiritualizing action on coarse Earth. This will not be the least hard task on the rocky ground of the paths (Rev of Arès 25/5).


Climbing to the Heights

The way of the spiritual ascent is neither upwards
nor downwards.
The ascent is selfchanging into Good.
The goat paths are difficult to travel,
but we have to climb them.

In the world whether religious or political, the leaders make their "truth" the single truth, they set forth what they deem allowed and what they deem prohibited, what they deem worthwhile and what they deem worth nothing, what may be discussed and what may not, in short they decide whether something is good or evil according to their law, but not according to Life. What a big problem! They use the same words as Life's in ways whether different or opposite. Hence one of the difficulties our mission faces: the bewilderment of the people that listen to us.
The Revelation of Arès comes up and moves us Arès Pilgrims to the edge (Rev of Arès 5/2-6, 13/7, 38/2-6) between the world and the Design of which the world had been born before it turned into its shoddy weak derivative.
The Arès Word says, "Change into Good! Harvest people who together with you are going to change the world into Good, that is, a world of love, forgiveness, peace, spiritual intelligence and absolute freedom. No chance! Here and there I start to doubt  (Rev of Arès 37/9), I see my very teaching as a paronomasia. Religion, politics, philosophy and so on use the same words with different meanings. We are aware that finding the way out of that kind of confusion will be very difficult. Language is so poor as to come in moral philosophies whether very various or very opposite; these are the rocky ground that graze our feet (25/5).
As Arès's Word is at odds with the world's processes, we as penitents are. But love and wisdom demand that we avoid unending revenge (Rev of Arès 27/9), and that we hold back from settling scores, informing cases against people whom we give credit for having ideas and doing things we do not share. We know that men have turned into their current state, because they had been scandalized (28/4), because their forefathers were hanged from the ropes of the kings (xxix/7-8, xxx/3, etc.), but we have to seek ways to reassure them, give them a glimpse of awareness that all is not lost, because they can change the world (28/7). This is the purpose.
Why have some human beings turned into clergy that excommunicate or judges that sentence the humans that do not think like them? Why have people born good humans gone evil? We want to find and show them a noticeable obvious way back. We strive to be penitents as well as understand why the world has turned into what it is today. Not only the Father wants us to change our lives (30/11), but also He sends us out to smell the things of time, because it is impossible to change climate without detecting and weighing the winds.
Dominators declare all the ideas they dislike wrong, all plans which do not suit dominators are turned down. And yet, we have something common with condemners, naysayers, deniers who rule over us with the help of their media.. They are people like us. For all our dissimilarity to them, we share a good many human features. Hence the need for love. Kafka has written something like this, "Even though you struggle against the world, you can't do less than contribute to the world." Just as no one can dispose of an idea by moving away from it,  one will never dispose of the Arès Pilgrims. Romans thought they could dispose of Christianity by condemning Christians to death in arenas. Their plan fell through. What we preach is a one way, which men cannot avert, unless they want to disappear like dinosaurs. Ce que nous prêchons est un passage obligé du monde. Life opens the goat paths in front of mankind; men will take to those paths some day. For the time being we as Arès Pilgrims form the vanguard and slowly, though inexorably have begun ascending the paths towards the Heights. We have already grazed our feet on the goat paths (Rev of Arès 25/5), but this has not been in vain.
With very little means and great difficulties we strive to awake spiritual energy, which a strong cold politico-intellectual current has for about fourty years seized up. Religion thought decades ago, that it had to be the partner of our rationalistic enemies and so has combated us and contributed to stifle us through defamation and  silence. I  have every reason to believe that it regrets it now.

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