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March 29, 2020 (217 US) 
A matter of civilisation
Pape absolvant les pécheurs

An announcement on RTL : "March, 2020. Conditionally [if you are a Catholic, but not a Jew, a Muslim or an Arès Pilgrim], the Catholic Church  concedes a plenary indulgence, utter forgiveness of sins to the believers stricken with the new coronavirus Covid-19."

Francis, I know that you watch your words, for through them your curia controls you, but that your thought may be different, if you think of all our human fellows without discrimination.
But you absolve no one, beware ! (Rev d'Arès 30/15).
Only penitence conquers sin, no matter what sinners believe or do not believe in. Whoever loves, forgives, makes peace, reflects good-heartedly and free from all prejudices is saved and helps to change the world into good.
Francis, my brother, along with you top of the heaviest crop (14/3) we can make a start on a new civilisation: The civilisation of Good
(Rev of Arès 12/3, xxxiii/11, xxxviii/3) or Life (24/3-5). Take times to useless religious ways, if you cannot do otherwise, but help us go forward. Even though we Arès Pilgrims are still few, even though the change has been almost unmarked ever since Jesus and Muhamad (I do not says the Bible and the Quran, because The Revelation of Arès does not mention them), who have been unachieved, but ever since Arès's Word things have begun moving, the track of a civilisation capable of crushing the Beast (Rev of Arès 22/14) has loomed up.

We will have to leave the civilisation of the fittest and strongest, of their dogma or law, and restore the civilisation of Good. Penitence (Rev of Arès 30/11) is the hoe (xvi/17, xxx/7, xxxvii/12) on the only land of the renascence of Good.
I know that Good is beyond all that the world of evil, which shrinks the mind and makes man a captive, can grasp today, but man cannot rise to Good either through Mercy, even though there is such a thing as Mercy (4/2, 8/7, 12/11, 16/15), or sacraments (superstitions, 21/1), or prayers, but he can through penitence.
Escaping today's human condition, which is dreadfully trying to a lot of humans, is the subject of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5 to 7) and The Revelation of Arès !
Anybody, whether a believer or a non-believer, can come close to Good by love and the closer to it, the fitter to One (Rev of Arès xxiv/1); Good is One with Life, the Father, God; Good is the Deity whose idea Meister Eckhart was inspired by and other spiritual men had been previously. Good is no otherness, it has no ipseity or selfhood, it is absolute love and peace, it is the human as the Child (13/8) of the Father of the Universe (12/4), the image and likeness of the Creator (Genesis 1/26-27). Good makes man the cocreator of himself. Good is a miracle in man, whenever a miracle happens on Earth or outside Earth, because the soul, which lives after death, is a miracle of course.
The closer man gets to Good, the further he withdraws from the Beast (Rev of Arès 22/14) in the hide of which Adam has dressed (2/1-5, vii/7-16). When man escapes from the systems' enslavement, he regains his own being close to the Being, but he is seldom aware of this capability for the time being. We  brother Francis in Rome and I have to increase the number of the people aware of this capabilirty. Any human comes close to Good, when his I becomes a we or even occasionally a He (God), even though this happens in an irregular and inconsistent way, because the fleshly human is still in time (12/6), that is, in fickleness. So he goes past the first barricade towards what he beforehand thought was out of reach; by love he cuts through the barricade. He finds out then that all he had thought was elusive is reachable; he finds out that the Universe not really out of his reach. Over there I will soon be blown off when my heart stops beating, even if the Day (31/8) when the flesh leaves time is still very distant. The Universe is All and All is bigger than its part, it is Life that is the driving force of All in peace:  chemical elements, gravitation, light, organic life.
I am a finished relative being, who can just feel the infinite and the absolute, but I know that I can escape from such an isolation, as the Call of Arès says so. For the time being I cannot hold whole God, the Immeasurable one, but through love I give Him something of me to be a bit of One with Him. I get close to His absolute Reality, I find out that He is not a Person, but Life. I border on It. Life is infinitely close and at the same time infinitely remote. My penitence makes the distance tolerable.

Brother Francis living at Rome, let's get back to the topic! That's enough metempirics ; metaphysics had better be silent whenever it fishes for the utmost truth, because what it means is beyond the words, just as That which the Father means is beyond the words. But we my poor Francis and I have to draw the cart of the parlance like mules. Francis, with formulated words you send to those in your flock whom the coronavirus kills (why not those whom the cancer, diabetes, coronary thrombosis, suicide, age, and so on kill? let's say no more!) absolution, "Dominus noster Jesus Christus te absolvat et ego auctoritate ipsius te absolvo, etc.," and I too with words though non-formulated try to clothe human fellows with the Thought of Life. You Francis are still in the civilisation of formulas just as politics is (which calls this law). I am already in the civilisation of Live Good.
The dominant civilisation appears to keep people's eyes on immortality; they consider death as error, the sin. We are in the opposite civilisation, that of the mortals who consider sin as the cause of death. Francis, it may be the point where we are shoulder to shoulder against materialism, which has misunderstood man's nature.
The mighty of a few countries including France have gone to war with Covid XIX, virus-king recently crowned. The mighty see their citizens as potential immortal people they have to protect from death considered as a scandalous fatality. The citizens probably thought unfit to die from any other disease are jailed at the back of their apartements or houses just as the feet of the Chinese ladies were formerly squashed in boxes so that they might go more beautiful. Some of the confined people deprived of freedom, that is, life, wonder about such a fate. They used  to think so far that the world was pursuing the irresistible path to progress and improvement of the human condition, they now find out that it pursues the path to fear; and even some of them find out what the masses have not yet understood, that is, to conquer Evil man has to conquer fear of Evil, fear of death first.
Fear of dying to protect fleshly life, which is short in any case, is the mark of the dominant civilisation, which is fading under the burden of its delusions. We note that that sort of fear is relatively new in France; our country has not long lost its national romance, which was one of unruffledness in the face of misfortune, suffering and death.
Courage to die to rejoin Life overlooked by the masses is se mark of the coming civilisation.
Francis, we are foreseeing the turning point between two civilisations. Your Church is still strong and huge and we are very small are weak, but in the struggle against thick materialism quality and specificity will be as good as the size. Sooner or later you will need our help.

To a materialist that which happens between birth and death is all, death is the end, the wall that man cannot live through. The materialist's fear of death is somewhat like fear of void, which he defers as far as possible even if he loses the sense of  infinite and eternity, in which he does not believe anyhow. Some of the people that law confines smell a holistic defect: Irremediably too short life can never materialize the dream of happines on earth. Materialists never realize that nothing idealistic can come true in the sinful world, and that the Truth is elsewhere, and that man is not limited by his brain, skin, bones, but he is in command of something else, Good as the decision-maker of transcendency, of invisible immortality that however flashes within him like the arc, the discharge of light between two poles: Good and Evil, the imperishable universal creative power of the Being, that always heads for Good. Our life of trials and tribulations is just the battlefield where Good and Evil clash.
Rousseau wrote, "I know what a Frenchman or an Englishman is, but I do not know what a universal man might be." We Arès Pilgims know what a universal man is, the Child (Rev of Arès 13/8) of the Father of the Universe (12/4). He is not a  Jew, or a Church Christian, or a Muslim. He is the good man, king of himself, who needs no king black or white to rule him. The good man, whom we call penitent, king of himself, is just dependent of the One, of All, of Life, and this is the only condition under which he restores his whole power against Evil, which ancestor Adam once unleashed.
Francis, catechize and share out sacraments, if you will, but keep in mind that not what you believe in, but what you do saves. Don't you think that we together have a great deal to do in this field?

copyright 2020

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