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February 22, 2020 (216 US) 
dormition of Good

Moderate and gentle the bans of My Assemblies' great council have been proclaimed;
I am waiting for it (to gather) on the Saint's Mountain (Rev of Arès 25/9).

The Saint—His Peace is planted for long (Rév of Arès xxv/11).
But none of these events have happened yet, because man has been made the co-creating finisher of Earth, which is still waiting for him to complete the creation of it (Genesis 1/28-29). Instead of ending the genesis of Earth so as to make it the criterion of Good, man has settled on a crude way of living his life, enjoying it and stating that a different viewpoint whatever is just insanity. So Good is interminably expected to prevail. Our missionary voices are still too faint to awake men, but they are to hear them sooner or later

At this point of the uncompleted creation you can get a clear grasp of the unfathomable difference between us and religion:
Religion claims that the Creator's Design is completed, so it only remains for Him to say on to man, "Proceed this way, believe that way today and you'll get eternal paradise!" Religion therefore lays down rules and beliefs which are supposed to provide eternal salvation in a supposedly completed Creation. It is untrue. Good is in dormition.
At Arès God tells man in essence, I am out of time, you are in time (Rev of Arès 12/6), but you have used the  time to set up sin (2/1-5). Stop sinning, return to work as a co-creator, set up Good. You have fallen behind My Design so much so that four generations will not be enough to complete the Earth Genesis, but it is stll feasible.

Coquelicots Anzac par Nankai

A white poppy, a still rare thing among the red ones,
a symbol of peace, gentleness and especially hope.
Cenotaphe of 2009 Anzac by Nankai.

Ever since the day when I took a supply of mimeographed flyers and was the first missionary in the streets to proclaim The Revelation of Arès, our mission has never stopped drawing public attention to the need of changing man's life and the world (Rev of Arès 28/7, 30/11).
As the Sermon on the Mount has stayed unfulfilled for two thousand years, our message has not yet brought about any social fulfilment except in the Arès Pilgrims assemblies.

But we are not unheard.
Words and concepts typical of The Revelation of Arès have loomed  large in  political speeches, religious homilies,  philosophical essays, leading articles and talks. This demonstrates that the world's barrier  to the Arès Word is not final contrary to  all that skeptics and unbelievers have been thinking of claiming so far.
We penitents and harvesters have stayed largely unknown to the general public, because the world sure enough has been scandalized from all sides (Rev of Arès 28/3-4), so that it has fallen into skepticism, but also because our way of proceeding is quite different from the ways of all of the (religious, political, economical, etc) public proclaimers, as we do not portray ourselves as owners or licensed installers of Good; we are just humble recallers of it. An humble speaker (xLix/5) is both looted and disclaimed, but supposing that he or she would be impatient and try to avoid being belittled, he or she would stray from the humility of the True, he or she might once more leave mankind to Asoka or the Burmese generals' buddhism, Constantine or President Bush's christianity, Timur or Daesh's islam.
Absolute Good is deemed inviable and for this reason would have disappeared. Disappearance and inviability are cast in the bronze of the statue of Dream, the only imaginary goddess accepted in the center of the world's citadel (Rev of Arès 13/7-8) for no reason but an esthetic one. Any fellow in the street do not even think about it for a second and states that unthinkable are penitence, love of all men, forgiveness of all offences, peace under all circumstances, spiritual intelligence free from all prejudices. At the worst the fellow says they are as unreal as fairies and elves, at the best he considers them as non-restorable.

Now, Good is not unconceivable ; it is sleeping ; the is the Message sent by The Revelation of Arès.

Could the dormition of Good put the Word of Arès in parentheses just as it has already done with the Palestinian Gospel in the past? We have insanely agreed to reply no to this question. Life has given us The Revelation of Arès with a view to  making it preventable that the Father's Child (Rev of Arès 13/8), who has alraedy fallen into embers, might be reduced to ashes in the sin of sins. Evangelizing the world has only just started and is bound to take a very long time, but this is not an impossible task, says the very Life.
Peace, moderation and gentleness, that threesome and reality are great opposites in the brain of the billy goat or the dog (Rev of Arès x/5-12) to which man has come down. Penitence is just a nebulous dream to the billy goat or dog; the dream  shakes the sleeping body, but reality reemerges on waking: a tuft of grass or a bone licking. Only in the ripe ear, the being deep within whom the image and likeness (Genesis 1/26) has not gone completely invisible yet, the recognition of Good and its change power can show even faintly. To a ripe ear Good is the unexplained or the inexplicable which is suddenly explained. An experience turns out to be worth a go to him suddenly: faith.  Faith is a reality as abstruse as romantic love. I make myself clear, If I like French fried, I like all of fried potatoes, the crunchy, the soft, the big, the small, the long, chips, the browned and so on, but why have I romantically loved only my wife for fifty-two years? Because that love falls within the province of the immaterial, it is close to the timeless — away from time (12/6) —, so it enables me to be beyond my animality, to be a man.
Now there is no peace, no moderation, no gentleness on earth, but out apostles are forever reminding Earthmen of their power to lead themselves to Good, normalize love. For the time being Earthmen are deaf, except a few. But we will sooner or later end up finding the people that will change the world (Rev of Arès 28/7); generations of Arès Pilgrims are to look for apostles fit for the small remnant (24/1). The insignificance where we are confined is but an obsession of History. Let's be patient! The Father's Eye opens (xxxvii/7) and men will see It some day.

Nowadays, love, forgiveness, peace, heartfelt intelligence free from prejudices are a usual practice only on small groups. The Arès Pilgrims make one of those groups known or unknown. The world does not believe in the True or Good, which The Revelation of Arès brings to recollection. In the world law substitutes for the True or Good, but the latter is not dead; Good sleeps. It is recognizable by the fact that the Scripture, which the real Word punctuates, though it is as scarce as the white poppy, is forever being interpreted and re-interpreted, as evidenced by any number of the "intellectual guides", books and coteries. But those works have been sleeping on the paper so far, they cannot change life (Rev of Arès 30/11), because the referential basis is decayed (16/12, 35/12), tainted (2/12). The Revelation of Arès and its witness's teaching have built up the basis again.

copyright 2020

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