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January 17, 2020 (215US) 
Here and now

You are an Arès P(p)ilgrim here and now.
Here limitlessly, now forever.
You basically are nothing but a point on the long line of spirituality history, even though it seems slow to young people, but you have borne eternity within you from the day you entered into penitence.
The point, that you are on the
line of spirituality history ever since Adam's days, is tremendously important.
You are here and now preparing the way back to Life, eternal Life, undoubtedly for you and perhaps for the world, if a small remnant (Rev of Arès 24/1) of penitents ever grow strong enough to change it (28/7) before the sin of sins (38/2) befalls.



An increasing number of sandglasses can't optimize
time or virtue.
The world population has increased
from 80 millions in Jesus' time to 7,500 millions
nowadays, but man has remained a fallen Adam,
the Beast's (22/14) offspring. This demonstrates that
the spiritual root does not feed on time, but it feeds
on timeless (12/6) space, where the eternal
Fire (xxx/19) is forever burning .

I am 90 years old. My physical heart is not to beat long, as it is, and I am day by day becoming more aware that my blood and oxygen life has been short. And that is the tragedy of sinners' lives; they are too short to get fully achieved. Many generations have to make up for the shortness and that is the danger of severance and breaking up of the initially conceived ideal. Hence the importance of a small remnant (Rev of Arès 24/1, 26/1) that will stay forever faithful.

I still remember my childhood and youth vividly as if they are yesterday's.
Millennia are short too. Did Jesus live 2,000 years ago? But if I divide 2,000 by 90 (my age), I get 22. Jesus was live only 22 life times like mine ago. When did Jesus of Nazareth live? The day before yesterday. We modern people have a sort of funny little way of mistaking technical progress for human progress, which has been almost trivial.

Judith II par Gustav Klimt

(Judith by Gustav Klimt)
Judith's story is hyperbolic.
Holofernes beheaded is Evil,
that is, yesterday and today.
Judith is Beauty (12/3)
that is, tomorrow and the Day (31/8).

I am 90 years old, but if I am a penitent (Rev of Arès 9/1, 10/6, 33/32) without stopping
here and now,
there will be no end to my life. In the eternal Light (33/32) it will wait for the Day (31/8), that is to break, if the small remnant that I am  gathering (24/1) never lose their patience in carrying out the mission I have set.
Man's moral excellence has not evolved ever since de days of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhamad.
The Father gave out His Word forty-six years ago in Arès, France, just as He had done in a lot of places before. This time, however, I assert that His Word has been published without any distortion, or caesuras. The Revelation of Arès is the pure Word. It is important that no one should read other versions of It different from that that I have scrupulously published. Life does not found a religion, whatever, it does not edict any law different from the Law that is to be (28/7-8), that is nothing but the natural form of eternal Life itself, this,  Love.

I am 90 years old. Although I have made tremendous efforts, I have not gathered much of a small remnant and the mission I have set up is not much spread yet.
Death is here and now too, but it may be drawing near, it will open onto salvation and shall never be considered as discontinuity.
As the Father has made me as a man of flesh and blood a prophet sent out to a world of flesh and blood, death is to be the end of my flesh, so it is only what I will have made and my fellows in faith will have made here and now, while they are of flesh,  and blood, that is to fix what the future men of flesh and blood will make so as to get the Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) to break.
I ask those bound to live after me to stay ever conscious just as I am conscious that the world will change (Rev of Arès 28/7) only through actions, teachings and creations of men of flesh and blood generation by generation (24/2) until the Father's Day comes out, and that even the Father's miracles and angels and saints' legions's supernatural help (31/6, 37/7) will not apply but to the flesh because of its great weakness (36/5).
A generation in Jesus' revelation (Rev of Arès 24/2) is not what demographers call generation, wich is the cycle of renewal of an adult population capable of reproducing, that is to say about 25 years. Generation as Jesus dictated is different; it points clearly to all of the individuals united by The Revelation of Arès irrespective of their ages. In other words, we all together Arès P(p)ilgrims alive are one generation. So we can see that a generation value is relative or parametrical and that the time up to the Day is to be long as well as indeterminable. No wonder we will have to be patient and courageous.
Let's be regardless of the time (Rev of Arès 12/6). If we fail to put up with the length of  time, we are going to get impatient and willing to speed up the Salvation process  by making the same mistakes as those once committed by the people who have founded religions or churches, and who actually have shrunk besides. The path by which we can reach the Hights is penitence. A here-and-now which is perpetual from now on. We will never come to a stop. Exerting love, forgiveness, peace, warmhearted intelligence free from all prejudices is complete, as it is, it does not require any substitute. The way we live up to our faith, our descendants will live up to theirs in the simple way.
Through penitence we are going to achieve a dual purpose: We will beat sin (Rev of Arès 28/12) and recover Life (24/5). This simplicity is the Father's hallmark. Culture, language, food and behavior have nothing to do with it and which is more are provisional, because on the Father's Day, the Day when Life gets back to life, the Day when the One (xxiv/1) reappears, we are to live in a way different from the way we are currently surviving for a few miserable decades nowadays. But we in good intent have to go ahead of that Day considering that the Father is within us even now, because we are His Images and Likenesses (Genesis 1/26), and because we are aware that His Presence is not linked to the temple, to prayer, to sacraments, which are superstitions (21/1), to religious law, etc., since we naturally bring the germ of Life. The religious baptism is no life-saving of the soul, it is just the water with which John (the Baptist) used to baptize (20/3); the Baptism is a private commitment to penitence (20/7-9) possibly made by whoever is in need of this private ceremonial in order to convince himself or herself that he or she is going the right way to certainty. Likewise Calling the Sacrifice in Remembrance (10/4) is just a ceremonial for people in need of it to convince themselves that they have to make the sacrifice of their animal life to achieve their love life.
As for me, I know that only penitence will do for me here and now.
Here universally and now eternally.

copyright 2020

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