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March 12, 2019 (206US)
Libération par le pardon

Only forgiveness can set free both the forgiver and the forgiven one
and make both of them one humanity

The endless vengeance (Rev of Arès 27/9) cycle has to be stopped,  and the endless love (7/5) cycle has to be started. Forgiveness is the main bridge between both cycles.

People see the death penalty problem from many points of view, but in the movie "Dead Man Walking", which I have watched lately, I saw it from the most retrograde point of view, that of love that refuses to give itself. Love and forgiveness, however, is the key to the human being's change and salvation. The movie features the parents of the young that have been killed by the man under sentence of death. They declare themselves Catholic, but their attitude is clearly one of hatred and revenge.
"Dead Man Walking" is a movie about the failure of Church "Christianity", because forgiving all offences, whatever, is the very Core of love, the heart of real pure Christianity, the base of the Sermon on the Moutain.

Le futur que prépare le pardon
Forgiveness does not alter the past, it alters the future.

Forgiveness of offences is part and parcel of love or Good. Consequently, it is an ingredient of penitence, which is the sole way to happiness and salvation, whether personal (30/11) or global (28/7), says The Revelation of Arès. Therefore, redemption does not depend on obedience to the demands of a religion, but it depends on Good achieved (35/6).

It goes without saying that I mention The Revelation of Arès over and over, but I never mention it like religions mention their own sources, their Scriptures. I do not mention it to disarm my brothers and sisters, make them docile shaking people, I want to make them create their own destinies, follow close on the Father's heels (Rev of Arès 2/12), instead, and thus make them co-creators of the world and even the Universe, because I am the Father's image and likeness (Genesis 1/26), so I have a connection with the Universe. Within this framework, forgiveness is existential in the most active and creative sense of the word.

A pilgrim (12/9) when making his ascent is conscious that he is not confined to earthly life, which sin makes a string of hardships, pains and sometimes follies, but he knows that his life is short and like the rocky path where he walks stumbling from the valley of sin up to the Heights of the Day. While he climbs from life to Life (24/5), every stumbling block he gets over is a prejudice relinquished, a peace made, an offence forgiven. It may be likely that the soul will come up against other stumbling blocks during the time in the hereafter awaiting the Day (31/8) when he will put his flesh back on. On that Day each man will understand that what he had formerly thought was detestable and punishable has been nothing but life of sinful misery.
But the man busy working out his salvation, eternity, may starting now feel earthly misery relative and short. The prospect of salvation is given to all of human beings, even evil-doers, at the low cost of penitence, which makes any pious man light-hearted, and which is lighter than the yoke on the neck of  dominating rich people (Rev of Arès 28/25). So any evil on earth is to be placed in perspective and may be forgiven, because the aim is far beyond. It is not sin that separates us from the Father, which is proved by the fact that Jésus and the Father Himself spoke to me a sinner in 1974 and 1977. We are sinners, but the Light is given back and the paths (25/5) towards the Heights are shown to us.

The polyvocal nature of forgiveness is well known. There is trivial forgiveness: For instance, In the street car I say, "Pardon!" to people I jostle against. There is crative forgiveness. For instance, in days when we as a family used to live isolated in Arès some people full of hatred might plague us at times. If those "dispensers of real faith" had abducted one of our daughters after school, and had threatened us that they were likely to kill her if we refused to claim that The Revelation of Arès was a canard, we Christiane and I has decided to reply, "The Truth won't die if our daughter dies, and she will not die either, because angels will take her in and bring her into Life. We certainly would shout out our affliction, but we will never  fall into the trap of endless vengeance (Rev of Arès 27/9). We will forgive you, because evil never produces anything but woes, and because we hope that you'll find the Light some day."
We have to forgive any offence no matter what kind of offence.
Forgiving is neither forgetting nor giving oneself up to the bad. Forgiving is giving any sinner, whether important or unimportant, enough time to find serenity, which is the eye of the Light. The return of Life on our planet depends on it.

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