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February 12, 2019 (205US)
Yellow Vests   
Réseaux Hertziens France

French Terrestrial Network.
Radio France and France Télévision are inaccessible to us,
though they are financed by the taxes we pay.
  For 45 years we have not been granted one minute on air.
Therefore we too are left-out people.

YouGov is an international Internet-based market research and data analytics firm, that gave some results of its surveys in France on November 30, 2018, 83 percent of the French people and on January 11, 2019, 74 percent of them found the Yellow Vests collective action as vindicated. So there are a lot of sympathizers with the Yellow Vests movement, which is a social dissatisfaction movement with many sorts of claim. I see fit to launch our rafts in that current.

The Yellow Vests generally claim a better financial lot, reject politicians as people unable to bring it about, and, as a result, their claims stay political and restricted. This is not a criticism, but we wish they could have less narrow views, cast out the civilisation of systems, strive to change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11), raise humanity above materialism and the eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth principle, make man free again, give him his beneficient creative talents back. We Arès Pilgrims are in a quandary about all that, because we are unpolitical and we listen to  the Sermon on the Mount: You cannot serve God and Materialism (Mammon)... Life is more than food... (Matthew 6/24-25).
However, we as brothers of the Yellow Vests cannot help but act as if we would resort to Mammon,
but in such a way that we could some Day (Rev of Arès 31/8) arrive at the ideal of Good by encouraging society materially to go through the best gate liable to open onto the ideal of Good: Reforming France to make it a lot of small confederated sovereign regions, because putting into practice Good (love, freedom, real democracy) instead of law is especially feasible in small human units where men know each other well.

Ever since the 19th century evolutionary theories have considered all of peoples on earth as being on a sole evolutionary path from individualism to state control, that is, to the obedient mass nation under a sole political authority and its law, a homogenization seen as inevitably global of political institutions, legalism, economical infrastructures and philosophical guidelines. This was stated as being the only general blueprint likely to provid peace and happiness. Not at all! Right now it is obvious that men have remained very different from each other. An unconscious need for dignity, for one's individuality, for freedom, which indeed is an instinctive unformulated need, one which dares not be distinguished from the ideas in fashion, and which puts on a yellow vest, and which started from a protest against the overtaxing of fuel oils and then has grown toward miscellaneous ethic philosophic outcries. No more than it was in bygone days humane "to civilize the colonized with rifles" (Camille Pelletan, member of Parliament 1881 to 1912), it is today humane to set people straight and control them with law enforced on everybody "as a whole" as brother Eric D. has written on a public poster.

Panneau Rachel Flora Lyon

Panneau préparé par soeur Rachel F.
pour la manif des Gilets Jaunes à Lyon.

It is implausible that the elected officials with Jacobine, centralizing, legalistic plans turn alert to the freed word of the Yellow Vests soon. The Yellow Vests are likely to get crumbs to swell their daily bread, which is nice, but they will get tired of it without further delay, because nothing basically human can revive from a social movement which would stay episodic and limited instead of growing lasting and extensive. An exchange of views does not make sense as long as it happens between a mankind "reflexive on itself", said Fenelon, and a naturally inflexible power, even a revolutionary one, unless it slowly gets a facelift and little by little softens a thought stiffened like leather for a long time. The Cartesian "I think therefore I am" has meaning only if the thinking is flexible, lively, creative.
Deafness is the consequence of politics when the elected officials who challenge the Yellow Vests are convinced that they alone make right choices and that Republican usages should always be followed. The serious shortcomings in views and the jingle of politicians, whether stupid or smart, whether imperious or kind, have from time immemorial made their marks on the regulators' speeches. Emmanuel Macron, a young man though, does not realize that his feet are caught in the fossil strata, so he does nothing but  stands up for the job that he has been given by the electoral system; he objurgates the Yellow Vests calling them "forces of the world of old", which has no meaning. World of old may mean defeated outdated world or mean a world very distant past but recoverable. What Emmanuel Macron thinks is evil is good in reality, a noble dignified ancientness, that of the fundamental man wise, free, patient, who resurfaces. It all starts here, the abyss ; no one can say who will ever fill it except well-advised people like the Arès Pilgrims, who are aware that penitence, the slow recovery of Good laid down by The Revelation of Arès, can make the filling. Four generations will not be enough (Rev of Arès 24/2),

The French give their opinions on the ISF (wealth tax), unemployment benefits, secularism, migration policy, and so on, which apparently makes them claim that people's intelligence is better than the technocrats', but these points are just  circumstantial, they are not about the Core. What a lot of them mean but do not tell, because it is inexpressible with administrative words or even scientific words, is happiness. Under their yellow vests they feel the unpronounceable natural commotion, that even poets lack right words about, that which parents and children, husband and wife, lovers feel depp down inside while they hug each other. Oh dear, if you say it to them, they protest, because it is a point of pride to seem rational. But I tell you that intense life is what they are looking for. This is why they bustle about parading, waving placards, even rioting here and there. The Yellow Vest's problem is like that of the politician to whom he or she is opposed, that is inability to find the profound reality of the being. However, unlike the poltician he or she gets restless, shouts, sometimes riots to unearth something buried, that only his or her heart like a pickax can dig out, and that powers and their police cannot or will not see.

Not only, as expected, the government, the major political parties and trade unions, in other words those who fabricate the opinion have already stacked the Yellow Vests with their men and distorted the early complaint of the left-out, but anyway no controversy about the referendum on the IC (socially aware initiative) and no social demands or wage claims will solve the question of happiness. because — as The Revelation of Arès says fundamentally — the solution will never come from a legislative political decision, but it will come from the penitence of every individual concerned. In short, there are a lot of reasons why the French that move forward and want to change their lives (Rev of Arès 30/11) and the French that sit enthroned on law and authority will never agree on that point, as long as it applies to 67 million inhabitants. We have to make France and later the world burst into small confederated sovereignties. In Mr Macron's election speeches there was a promise of "revolution" and most importantly he chose that word as the title of his program book, but he will never go as far as to transform the Republic into a Confederation. The way to reach this aim will be a long one, then. Four generations will not be enough (24/2).
You are to ask me : If the Yellow Vests movement is likely to fall through, what's the point of following it? I answer, Because the Creator, therefore our Assembly, offers the most significant solution to gain happiness, even if it is a straightforward process.  So for the time being mingling with the Yellow Vests helps us to get a little known, as we are great unknown people, and to do our bit in a movement that has sprung up from the depths of the human element. We are going to make a little progress then. We are the engine that will tow the world out of sin and make it leave the tunnel, come to the Light, but the track is very long. We are still in the tunnel darkness and a bit of an advance will be particularly helpful. It is necessary to start providing incentives to love and freedom, and also spreading the idea of making France burst into small sovereignties like the Cantons of the Helvetian Confederation. The time of these ideas will slowly come. Never forget that small societies are the only area where some day popular life of penitence is likely to be lived and happiness likely to be recovered in whole mankind.

copyright 2019

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