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January 15, 2019 (204US)
Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles

Today 45th anniversary of Jesus's Appearance at Arès and Sister Christiane's 74th birthday. Alleluia!
Having said this,

The Father makes Himself clear  like
Hop-o'-My-Thumb marks out his trail with small pebbles. Who sees them?
We think that Jesus has only to appear and speak, then the Father has only to make Himself clear, and out with all the old bees in bonnets!
"Of course not, of course not!"
This age's eyes are billions of ogres' eyes which can't see
Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles. Ideas have stayed stuck to clichés just as one is fated to get lost in a deep forest.
"We do not have any dogma or leader, or law, or compulsory prayer, each of us loves, forgives, is free from all prejudices, so we don't belong in a religion," you tell the chance fellow, and that is true. Now, the fellow replies, "But don't you believe in God ? You do. You are religious." You answer as a triumphant man, "No, we aren't compelled to believe in God (Rev of Arès 28/12)." Never mind! You  bright people! It will happen some day when the chance fellow asks us something like, "How has The Revelation of Arès arisen?" and we will have to reply, "In a supernatural event." So the fellow will tell you aloud, "That's it ! You belong in a religion!"

Can the cat see the snapshooter?
No, he only just thinks, "Hullo, a biped!"

The True and Life are like Hop-o'-My-Thumb's small pebbles imperceptible to common people.
Our expectations are shortened to a religion, because we deny that the Invisible be empty, the Infinite be narrow, love of the neighbor be forgotten, and we bring about replies to metaphysical nihilism, and because all that has stayed hopelessly thick religious ideas to the common street people.
We as apostles will speak of changing from evil to good through love, forgiveness, peace, intelligence kindheartened and free from all prejudices, but the listeners sooner or later feel us telling something from some nonmaterialistic Spirit or Breath, so our goose is cooked like meat in the old nice casserole where religion like the same boiled beef in onion sauve has simmered ever since the olden days. How can we at the time explain thet someone can believe but not be religious, pray but not be sanctimonious, be linked with the Maker but not be mystical, assure of life after death but not be a religious nut? This is not possible now, but time will come when it is. For the time being we are virtually rejected like pigs by our Jewish or Muslim brethen.

And yet we no longer want religion and the behaviors that are modelled on it. Because religion, whatever, is a system of dogma(ta), law(s), contraints(s), habit(s), prejudices, culture, sometimes hierarchy; it breaks off the continuous creation and progress of oneself, which are peculiar to human beings, who are the Creator's images and likenesses (Genesis 1/26). From these fetters The Revelation of Arès sets us free. To us praying is as natural as thinking, loving our neighbors as natural as loving sun's warmth or light, dying as natural as going to Life.
The brief earthly existence is the springboard, which is short : a few decades of flesh, towards Life (Rev of Arès 24/5). The flesh is just a stage of birth. Each human being is born a caterpillar in the mother's womb, and then turns into a cocoon — his or her earthly life — in which God or the Father-Mother, or Life, or the Whole, sets one of Its Atoms maturing. He or she as an ethereal monarch will fly away to Life, the Infinite, through the gate, which people commonly call  death and we call passage, release.
None of religion, but Life, that's all.

The world is a narrow shell, where language vocabulary is stunted, very poor, man's horizon is minute, the idea register ridiculously small, the heaven is seen in cramped conditions by man's eye and given a capital H to make it sacred. A wretched illusion. The Mother-Father actually is as natural as grass in fields. How can man forego the restriction due to poor Adam's concepts?
Possibly, for instance, by transcending religion, saying, "Religion? We are much more than religion. The small pebbles that the Father by revealing The Revelation of Arès has slipped into out pockets to mark out our paths lead us much farther, to Life, because Life has never begun and will never end, so we are just a short blood development of that Life.
Possibly by replying, "Religion? No. It's outdated. We do not see God on one hand and human beings on another hand. To us God and human beings are as one. We spread Jesus' teaching, which was that the world should turn into the homeland of love combined with Love, That binds all that is in It together. A man exists in his heart and head, but not in registers, on papers, diplomas, titles, tombstones."
We are in no doubts as to other means to make love prevail over religion.

The Revelation ofArès, the Voice from Heaven, tells us to recover Life (24/5), but not religion.

copyright 2019

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